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JEFFGIRL Posts: 11,239
3/8/13 2:40 P

I got most free. Some apps for my iPad I paid for but nominal price. All the books I have on my iPad were transferred over from my Nook.

PEORIAPOLE SparkPoints: (61,169)
Fitness Minutes: (128,232)
Posts: 732
3/8/13 11:43 A

Yes, I support the developers. I don't spend tons, but between my daughter and I, we purchase a couple a month, mostly games.

I won't pay for podcast one is that interesting.


DELRIO1 Posts: 6,486
3/8/13 9:00 A

nope, it's annoying

LUV2SURFCHIC Posts: 2,507
3/8/13 8:46 A

Haven't yet

MLAN613 Posts: 18,598
3/8/13 8:44 A

I have paid for a few apps including the SP one and a couple of fitness ones. Otherwise, all free.

I do purchase music online at iTunes and have bought books for my Kindle because not every book I want to read is free. And I can read the books on my Kindle or iPhone with the free Kindle app.

DLDROST Posts: 8,082
3/8/13 8:21 A


BERRY4 SparkPoints: (264,806)
Fitness Minutes: (109,542)
Posts: 14,012
3/8/13 2:53 A

tablet? what tablet? No pay for apps that don't work on my "antique" cell phone. emoticon

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/8/13 12:17 A

I too get free aps....not willing for fork out$$$ for an ap.

DACHI9 SparkPoints: (7,051)
Fitness Minutes: (1,081)
Posts: 386
3/7/13 3:53 P

No. I don't have time for all that stuff. I want to keep it simple.

VATRUCKER SparkPoints: (20,629)
Fitness Minutes: (36,922)
Posts: 526
3/7/13 3:49 P

I think free is good, and tech dum anyway. This galaxy three phone has proven to be a pain in my a--. However, I am going to assume that I will appreciate it a little more when I learn to operate the blooming thing, I am on page one of the 204 page operators manual emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

PAMLICO-DAZE SparkPoints: (46,810)
Fitness Minutes: (34,007)
Posts: 1,215
3/7/13 3:37 P


ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,109)
Fitness Minutes: (294,298)
Posts: 27,072
3/7/13 3:25 P

I have an ipod touch. As others mentioned, there are tons of free apps out there. I will pay $.99 for an APP. I figure, it's a dollar and if I use the app on a regular basis, I haven't wasted my money. Some APPs are outrageously priced. So, you do have know what you are buying.

Do you have an ipad ? If you're using an Apple Ipad, you don't have to use a credit card to buy songs, books, tv episodes or APPs. Apple has gift cards you can purchase. That's what I use. I buy a $15-$25 card and load it into my account. Whenever I buy something, the amount is deducted from the total amount.

In the US, many retailers have gift cards. has gift cards. Lots of places here use them. I don't know if they are available in Malaysia or not, but you should check. It's a way to buy stuff without using your credit card.

However, I will say that I have used my credit card to purchase things online. Can your information be stolen ? Unfortunately, yes, that is something that could happen to any of us. Does it happen all the time ? No. In general, it really is very safe and secure to shop online with a credit card.

You just make sure you shop from reputable websites. Why not ask your friends what websites they use ? You may feel much safer if you get a recommendation from a friend who shops online.

KARENCRANER Posts: 3,425
3/7/13 1:55 P


CARTOON3 SparkPoints: (36,232)
Fitness Minutes: (14,372)
Posts: 2,677
3/7/13 1:48 P


RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
3/7/13 1:44 P

No, I try to keep my tech life pretty simple.

3/7/13 1:13 P

Most of my APPs on my iPod were free except for my Classic Star Trek communicator, it cost me $.99

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
3/7/13 1:05 P

Nope. If it ain't free, it ain't for me!

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
3/7/13 11:30 A

The only thing I paid for, app wise, was the Sparkpeople app. Otherwise I don't see a point in paying for an app. There's nothing, other than the SP app, that I feel I can't live without... then again I didn't get an iphone until December so I lived without for a long time before that :)

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,267
3/7/13 11:26 A

I always look for the freebies. But I'm cheap by nature anyway; I don't want to shell out even 1.99, if I can get something similar for free. The only time I've bought any apps was when I was given a gift card to Barnes & Noble (I have a Nook). Got some cheap books -- they have a ton of stuff for less than 2 bucks-- and 2 cheap game apps. Only apps on my phone are free ones.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/7/13 11:09 A

tablet? what tablet?

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
3/7/13 10:20 A

I go for the free stuff but I have been known to buy a few apps that are 1.99 or less.
What really bothers me are apps that are "free" but after a few days, I am told that I need to upgrade for a nominal fee. That is when I dump the causing app.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,180
3/7/13 9:08 A

I generally go for free stuff too.

But if an app is integral to my daily life (haven't found one yet), I might be willing to pay for it.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/7/13 8:53 A

It depends. Since there are plenty of free sites, I use and abuse those. But if the app is super and I really like it, I may pay for it.

PSCHIAVONE2 SparkPoints: (20,650)
Fitness Minutes: (13,280)
Posts: 785
3/7/13 8:39 A

I do not mind paying for things online. I buy all my music and sometimes when I find an app that really works well I pay for the upgrade.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
3/7/13 7:59 A

tablet? Firstly, I don't have a credit card. Secondly, when you keep buying things online, it adds up very fast. Thirdly, I'm not willing to fork out money for every single little thing, so I always look for freebies. What about you?

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