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Are you motivated to walk because of your dog?

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Posts: 30
2/13/13 11:57 A

Wish I had a dog =( so badly want one. Or two.

SparkPoints: (66,455)
Fitness Minutes: (104,451)
Posts: 2,685
2/13/13 11:10 A


Posts: 2,667
2/13/13 11:09 A

there are times that my dog provides me with a nice long walk; other times not so much.
She's getting older, and less able to do what she used to do.

However, I'm sure that she gets me out the door way more frequently than I would do so otherwise (alone).

Posts: 2,667
2/13/13 11:00 A

there are times that my dog provides me with a nice long walk; other times not so much.
She's getting older, and less able to do what she used to do.

However, I'm sure that she gets me out the door way more frequently than I would do so otherwise (alone).

Posts: 1,264
2/13/13 6:03 A

No. We have 2 dogs that I take out on leashes 2-3 times per day but neither is a good exercise walking partner.

SparkPoints: (13,183)
Fitness Minutes: (14,082)
Posts: 816
2/13/13 12:51 A

Yes! Bailey makes sure we get our walk in everyday.

SparkPoints: (50,851)
Fitness Minutes: (60,662)
Posts: 712
2/13/13 12:09 A

Yes. I bought the dog as an exercise partner. He is a bundle of energy and is game any time of day or night. Which is pretty much what we do. Best piece of fitness equipment I could have bought.

Posts: 954
2/12/13 11:38 P

No, don't have a dog. But thinking about getting one.

SparkPoints: (130,507)
Fitness Minutes: (107,021)
Posts: 15,303
2/12/13 11:15 P

Yes. I have 4 who keep me going.

Posts: 13,646
2/12/13 10:57 P

Yes they get outside and walk me. My three little bundles of energy

Posts: 6,700
2/12/13 9:56 P

Nope, but probably because I don't have one.

SparkPoints: (34,863)
Fitness Minutes: (20,365)
Posts: 3,736
2/12/13 9:48 P


Posts: 8,138
2/12/13 8:44 P

Yes...I feel bad that they are cooped up all day long.

SparkPoints: (155,524)
Fitness Minutes: (154,471)
Posts: 10,164
2/12/13 8:43 P

Nope. We have 2 lazy Pugs. They are lap dogs.

Posts: 5,602
2/12/13 7:44 P

No, but I do have a dog. I leave that up to my wife. My motivation is to hit the gym and burn as many calories as I can in the shortest amount of time.

Posts: 595
2/12/13 7:42 P

Absolutely!! I have a one year old Pit-Mix you is absolutely a bundle of energy and if he doesn't get out he is crazy in the house. He walks very fast so I try to take him someplace where I can let him off the leash and he can run around. He's been leaping through the 2' of snow we have now like a Gazelle and that really tires him out ( so at least there's one good thing about the snow) emoticon

Posts: 1,648
2/12/13 3:02 P

emoticon Yes! I have two little guys (toy poodle-12 yrs, yorkie-5 yrs) & they get so excited to go walking. I don't always take them when the weather is bad. Some days when I am feeling tired, I look at them and just can't refuse them a walk! emoticon

SparkPoints: (200,880)
Fitness Minutes: (171,169)
Posts: 18,692
2/12/13 2:53 P

no, don't have a dog, just like to walk.

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SparkPoints: (155,584)
Fitness Minutes: (115,532)
Posts: 8,044
2/12/13 2:51 P

No. My hubby walks the dog. When we took her to obedience she was learning, but hubby just lets her chase squirrels and drag him down the street, so I can't control her now.

Posts: 1,121
2/12/13 2:47 P

yes,i have a weimaraner and she needs lots of walks :)

SparkPoints: (129,515)
Fitness Minutes: (68,075)
Posts: 12,065
2/12/13 2:23 P

THey walk me.

SparkPoints: (15,605)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
2/12/13 2:23 P

I have a basset hound, so he's not exactly a fast mover or very active at all LOL But, if I ever get home from work early enough so it's still light out (and it's warm enough), I like to take him for walks around the park in our neighborhood. He loves it and I always feel good after getting out and moving around even if it's just for 15-20 minutes. Plus the neighborhood kids get all excited when they see him, "that's a long dog!". Cracks me up.

Posts: 5,854
2/12/13 1:59 P

my dog would be the worst to go walking with haha she stops all the time for someone to pet her

SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
2/12/13 1:27 P

Help! I need a dog!!!

Posts: 9,310
2/12/13 1:09 P

No do not have one lol

Posts: 4,945
2/12/13 1:09 P


Posts: 1,254
2/12/13 1:06 P

Yes - no matter what he makes me get my butt out the door for a walk

SparkPoints: (9,882)
Fitness Minutes: (2,875)
Posts: 439
2/12/13 12:46 P

My almost 11 mo. old Assie, Annie, is a huge motivator for me. Are you committed to walking your best friend every day?


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