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I always carry a bottle of the water enhancer with me. It makes water so much easier to drink. In addition, I get a medium diet coke with lots of ice (when I get fountain soda) and then refill with water all day.

Persistence pays off.

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When I'm out and about doing errands shopping etc. I've had a habit of stopping at a drive in McDonalds for a drink. Well before I go out I fill up my 1 liter water bottle and sit along the way. Since I have the H2O right with me I am less likely to stop at my local McDee. Not only is is a healthier choice, I am also saving money. Yeah

I have my face like flint focused on the goal of losing weight and being healthy. I believe God led me to Spark People and with His strength and the mentoring of this website I will reach my goal.
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