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FRAN0426 Posts: 20,729
10/31/09 2:33 P

no, I don't believe in weighing in many times a day.

10/27/09 4:47 P

i only weigh on fridays

RUTHIP SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,760)
Posts: 860
10/27/09 4:07 P

I'm so compulsive about weighing myself (at least 3-4 times per day) that I finally got rid of my scale at home. Now, I weigh-in once a week, using a WW scale at work.

MICHOU83 SparkPoints: (10,424)
Fitness Minutes: (2,098)
Posts: 530
10/27/09 1:28 P

I really just ignore my scale, until the once a week weigh in. I have the kind of personality that will let me get obsessed very quickly if I let it, so I just don't let myself do it. I'd also rather see marked improvement than little increments here and there.

LITTLEBILLY1 SparkPoints: (61,499)
Fitness Minutes: (55,697)
Posts: 2,171
10/27/09 1:04 P

Noway. Once a week on Friday. I do not want to depress myself. I want to feel good about what I am doing - I am changing my life style - exercising, eating right and enjoying life. Way to go - LittleBilly1 !


BETHANY6 Posts: 469
10/27/09 12:34 P

Kim, why do you have 3 scales? No wonder you weigh yourself 7 times a day! Probably once for every time you see one... I don't know how you're coping. when you weigh yourself so frequently the numbers really seem to freeze up and refuse to budge...

I stopped keeping a scale - I was also weighing myself 7 - 10 times a day. Decided I couldn't be trusted with it. Now I weigh myself when I visit a friend/family member who keeps a scale out.. About twice a month. This may drive you nuts at first, but might be better for the headspace over time.

Either way, good luck w/ the journey!

WALKER82 Posts: 226
10/20/09 11:07 P

YES, every morning.

STARTOVR123 SparkPoints: (11,013)
Fitness Minutes: (4,949)
Posts: 287
10/20/09 9:40 P

Every morning and sometimes at night. It keeps me on track - no surprises.

10/19/09 12:31 A

I ususally weigh once a day

10/18/09 11:53 P

i weigh myself maybe once a week. i generally go by the way i look and feel rather than by the scale. i feel if i concentrate too much on the scale, i will feel disappointed and discouraged that i don't weigh as much less as i think i should.

COOLBREEZE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,694)
Posts: 60
10/18/09 10:50 P

Every Morning, Sometimes in the evening if I think I have eaten to much. Just to keep myself on the correct path. To moderation.

GRANDKATZ SparkPoints: (42,356)
Fitness Minutes: (19,582)
Posts: 1,399
10/18/09 10:12 P

Me too Dawnwins, right after shower, before coffee, water or anything else

DAWNWINS Posts: 778
10/16/09 6:47 P

Straight to the scale right out of the shower

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,651
10/16/09 5:28 P

No, I never like weighing myself. I just judge my progress by my clothes. I prefer to weigh once a month and measure.

10/15/09 9:50 P

First thing every morning.

RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
Fitness Minutes: (139,273)
Posts: 4,405
10/14/09 5:31 P

naw, my scale is broken & stuck at 280 for 5 months now. I KNOW what it's going to show before I even get on it. So, yeah, not so much anymore.

CREAGER2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,236)
Posts: 304
10/13/09 12:20 P

yes, i get on every morning (even though i know you aren't supposed to!!)

AMAS92568 SparkPoints: (378,152)
Fitness Minutes: (47,355)
Posts: 28,307
10/13/09 9:45 A

not so much lately -- have been avoiding the scales

DAKERONE Posts: 4,990
10/4/09 11:33 P

every morning

CALIDREAMER76 SparkPoints: (241,784)
Fitness Minutes: (200,884)
Posts: 7,490
10/4/09 9:55 P

Once a week - today - 2 pounds over last week - but now I have to focus and be a good girl!

10/4/09 9:38 A

i hate to say it but yes i am i weigh myself everymorning after i got to the bathroom. but i only log my weight on monday

CALIDREAMER76 SparkPoints: (241,784)
Fitness Minutes: (200,884)
Posts: 7,490
10/2/09 10:15 P

I went from weighing once a week to twice a week to daily. I was obsessing.
I now weigh in once a week I'm at a stage in which I am trying to live my life, and judge not by a number - but how I feel. I still have a number goal, but it's not realistic to obsess - that is part of the diet mentality.

STEPHANIE0904 Posts: 2,572
9/26/09 8:52 P

I weigh myself almost everyday just to keep myself in check. If I see my weight creeping up I can do something about it before it gets out of hand.

RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
Fitness Minutes: (139,273)
Posts: 4,405
9/25/09 3:05 P

I don't bother, my scale is broken & stuck on 280lbs. Been broken for over 4 months & I'm too cheap to replace it. My clothes are fitting better the more i work out but that scale just won't go below 279-280. Sheesh! ! !

9/23/09 3:55 P

I weigh myself every morning after I get up. It motivates me! emoticon

9/23/09 11:53 A

I am emoticon I weigh in the morning right when I wake up and anytime I use that bathroom. Which is in my bedroom...which means I am up there when I change go to bed have to run and get something. All the time. Sometimes I weigh twice a day other times it is ALOT more. To make it worse I am a stay at home mom, so I am home more than the normal person. I have asked my husband to hide the scale from me and take it out only on fridays. He hasn't done that yet.

9/20/09 11:22 P

ya i basically weigh myself every day on 2 different scales, one digital one not......and i use the digital scale as my "true" weight. And i try not to let what i see get to me until sunday which is my true weigh-in day.

BEINGHAPPY1 Posts: 361
9/20/09 7:43 P

Not a problem for me I only weigh once a week! Otherwise I get to annoyed.

DONNATELLA9 Posts: 6,708
9/20/09 3:49 P

I'm right there with you. I always weigh in the AM after urinating and before eating/drinking anything. Then I find it interesting to see the before and after for workouts, eating, sleeping--just for my info--I know it's mostly water/food weight when the before/after weights are so differet, but it helps me to understand what's going on when I put something in my mouth and how much water I'm losing and should be drinking when I work out.

7/19/09 6:20 P

I thought I was compulsive weighing myself once a day but now I realized I am not that bad. I do think it is fine to weight yourself daily because it keeps you motivated!

DETERMINED1009 Posts: 6
7/19/09 4:44 P

I'm starting to be. I used to NEVER get on the scale, but now that I'm passionate about my weight loss I no longer fear the scale.

The other night I even weighed myself at night which is something I NEVER do. LoL

DEBBIER9 SparkPoints: (96,103)
Fitness Minutes: (110,736)
Posts: 7,059
7/18/09 4:37 P

I weigh am and pm works for me

CONNEALS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (27,674)
Posts: 1,160
7/15/09 3:13 P

I step on the scale daily, but I only record the Monday morning weigh in. It helps me stay accountable during the week!

7/14/09 10:48 P

I am and I'm working on it. I have finally gotten down to every two or three days instead of two or three times a day.

7/14/09 9:37 P

I weigh myself every morning and get really upset if the number doesn't keep going down...

MARI7167 Posts: 2,448
7/14/09 2:14 P

I don't weigh myself any more than once a week. I find it too frustrating.

LYNDA202 Posts: 527
7/14/09 1:55 P

I guess I could say I'm compulsive with the scale. I weigh-in every morning. I actually have a routine that I follow. I make sure the scale is in the exact same spot on the bathroom floor before I step on it. And that isn't until I've had one cup of coffee and I've used the bathroom. It's usually the same time - 6 A.M. too.

DAFYDUC Posts: 901
7/13/09 5:03 P

every day

YICHE12 Posts: 39,262
7/12/09 12:34 P

I weigh in every day just to make sure that I am going in the right direction but I only record the result once a week. I try not to be too impressed by the daily results as they can be deceiving.

MURMER11 Posts: 57
7/11/09 2:14 P

I wasn't in fact I use to avoid scales now that I have actually been losing pounds I weigh daily afraid they are going to be back I guess. How do you break this fear? I have yo yo-d for years and I don't want to go back this time.

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
7/10/09 10:32 A

The easiest way to avoid compulsive weighing is to make it more inconvenient. And whenever you feel like weighing, take a walk! (It's the same concept as over-eating!)

MITECU Posts: 9,050
7/9/09 7:02 P

I try to stick to once a week weigh ins, but I am so tempted to just "peek" everyday before I take my shower. I need to move the scale to the OTHER bathroom.

SMYLEERED Posts: 8,358
7/9/09 12:08 A

phew it's tough for me to stop weighing myself every day but I try to do it only once a week. If you can weigh yourself each day and not be affected by a loss or gain, then go ahead and do it.

7/8/09 10:10 P

don't know if it is compulsive but i weigh myself every morning and before i go tobe.

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
7/8/09 4:17 P

I weigh myself (on the same scale) every morning and it's no problem at all because I'm using the moving average trend line plotted at

As long as my weight is under the blue trend line, I know I'm moving in the right direction. This helps tremendously with little blips and plateaus.

7/8/09 3:29 P

I guess I'm a compulsive weigher too and I try not to do it, but I do and everytime I do it and have gained back any weight, I get discouraged.

HILARY777 Posts: 2,366
7/8/09 3:15 P

Me too - used to be 2 to 3 times per day. Now sometimes I actually don't weigh myself on a day.

7/8/09 2:40 P

I too am a compulsive weigher! I get on the scale every morning! I would like to say that I don't let it bother me when I have either not lost or gained, but it's kind of frustrating. I am a results person and if I don't see the results, I tend to give up!

CURLY_COLI_88 Posts: 105
7/7/09 3:23 P

I haven't been that bad, but yes, I used to weigh myself at least 2x/ I am down to 2-3/week...getting better slowly...LOL but hey, at least you admit. that's the biggest step of all.


KIM122278 Posts: 1,128
7/5/09 11:37 P

Hi! My name is Kimberly(Kim), and they say the first step to helping yourself through a problem is to admit that you have one. I'm no longer in denial..I am a compulsive weigher.

Ok, I have 3 different scales in my house. I have my "real" scale which will give you a "point 1" reading if it has to. It tells, weight, body fat, bone density, water %, and BMI..everything..This is the scale I record all my weights by.

Not only do I have 3 different scales, I weigh myself like 7 times a day! My real weight that I record on my "real scale," is the one I take when I wake up before I've eaten anything. So, it is an accurate measurement, I just drive myself insane weighing afterwards. And DON'T let it be a week where I've GAINED weight. All HELL breaks loose! I have to weigh myself before I eat, after I eat, before I workout, after I workout..It's ridiculous, really, but it's the truth.

So, if you are like I am, please feel free to join my team, Scale Junkies! We're just getting started, and your ideas, support and motivated are GREATLY needed!

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