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3/25/13 7:47 A

Use to be ,but the Tech world is changing so fast, it's almost a full time job now. I can't even figure out how to enable my new wireless router. can't figure out where to go help.

ARTSYGIRLV2 Posts: 1,232
3/25/13 7:31 A

Age is not an excuse for not being tech savvy. I'm 65 and am a professional digital artist, writer, and I live with my iPhone in hand, use it for everything. We are good at what we love.

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3/22/13 10:55 P

Afraid I am, have a smartphone,ipod nano,tablet, netbook and computer. emoticon

NSPIXIE SparkPoints: (44,966)
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3/22/13 9:14 P

yes - when people ask what languages I know I have unexpected answers...

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3/22/13 8:53 P

No, not really. I've never used a smartphone. My cellphone is just one step above a flip phone. Just started texting last year and still don't like it or do it often.

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3/22/13 8:49 P

Just enough to get by with the software I use on a daily basis. Not to good with the set up behind the scene.

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3/22/13 6:36 P

A mentor spent hours and hours teaching me so thoroughly 14 years ago that I have find it easy to stay up to date and learn new devices etc. Yes, thankfully I am tech savvy!

MKMMARTY Posts: 6,687
3/22/13 6:23 P

no way - blinking vcrs and what not.

MADYANKEE Posts: 531
3/22/13 6:13 P

I had the good fortune to get interested back when computers were reel to reel and cards. I have computers, video games etc. love it when my grandkids come to me for help with their video games. They are getting to old (teenagers and above) so are getting away from it a little. As an engineer needed all this stuff and used it to my advantage.

KLAD_COCKERS SparkPoints: (144,945)
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3/22/13 6:08 P

Yes, very much so. In fact, I'm the unofficial tech support at work!

3/22/13 5:58 P


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3/21/13 8:45 A


RUKIDDINGME123 SparkPoints: (39,606)
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3/21/13 7:54 A

No not at all. My cell phone is so old I'm embarrassed to pull it out in front of'm afraid to get a new one.

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
3/21/13 6:15 A

what do you mean by "Tech Savvy" need a definition or explanation

THROOPER62 Posts: 34,231
3/21/13 5:26 A


3/21/13 5:22 A


BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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3/21/13 4:57 A

With computers in my home yes but you are asking someone who doesn't have a cell phone. My two soup cans are working just fine for me.

KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
3/20/13 8:25 P

It doesn't come naturally for me--I can usually get it if I read instructions or play around with it for awhile.

J2740LOU SparkPoints: (317,348)
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3/20/13 8:22 P

For what I need to do, I am, but certainly not as savvy as some are.

SLENDERELLA61 Posts: 10,174
3/20/13 6:53 P

I'm going to be 64 this year. I would not call me tech savy, unless I was comparing me to my 85 year old mother. My Christmas digital camera has been a challenge, although I've taken, retrieved, posted, cropped, and printed pictures. But I just kind of have to mess around until I get it. I enjoy my MP3 player, but have troubles trying to create a playlist. My new Garmin Forerunner10 has been surprisingly easy to use. My cell phone has been a bit of challenge, too, primarily because it was given to me with no book and I don't find it intuitive.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,618
3/20/13 6:44 P


GERARLAUR Posts: 341
3/20/13 6:36 P

Considering my age, I believe more than some.

TENNESSEAN SparkPoints: (0)
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3/20/13 6:33 P

Enough to be dangerous~

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3/20/13 4:11 P


YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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3/20/13 3:55 P

I'm 30, and I'm good on the operations side of things, and very good with like, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel Power Point etc). I can figure out devices pretty well. My boss is totally clueless so that's why he has me. I also type 100wpm and can move very quickly when navigating a computer/websites. We got our first computer when I was 8, my grandpa built it for us, and my mom and 2 of her siblings all work in scientific/tech industries. So I guess it runs in the genes. I don't care about having the latest gadgets. I do have an ipod but it's maybe 6 years old... works fine so no need to upgrade it, and I just got an iphone in December, and it's not the newest model.

But, I don't know anything about programming etc. My SO does, he makes very good money building/programming server systems for large corporations and all kinds of other stuff I know nothing about. But yet, he needed me to help him print something to PDF and he has very little clue about how to use Excel :) So we are a good match... he knows the technical stuff, I know the practical stuff.

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SHANSDOINIT79 SparkPoints: (7,003)
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3/20/13 3:48 P


Also.. It used to be VERY important to me to stay on top of the latest technology and have the newest gadgets. I somewhat stay in the loop but its not as important to have the newest things on the market.

SUITABLE Posts: 5,959
3/20/13 3:37 P

I am ,,, (how can I put an emoticon here)

RONIGH Posts: 631
3/20/13 2:25 P

I would say average.

3/20/13 2:22 P

I am absolutely the 'tech support' for my wife and kids.

LOSTLIME SparkPoints: (0)
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3/20/13 1:15 P

no I have to rely on my grandson to help me out.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
3/20/13 10:15 A

Absolutely not. My computer did an update which took 20 minutes the day before yesterday. I have a new class which I started yesterday, and I couldn't sign in from my computer. I could from my mother's-but not mine. The website kept eating my password and not directing me to the student homepage. I followed the steps given me by tech support, but to no avail. One of my tech savvy nerd friends told me to install google chrome-and now, I am logged in.

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
3/20/13 10:08 A

yes, I've been "playing" with stuff for years!!!!

TENTHUMBS SparkPoints: (0)
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3/20/13 10:02 A

not at all

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GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
3/19/13 12:18 P

I am 52 and not so tech savy. I use a computer extensively at work and can get around the internet pretty well but I know that there is so much that I do not know. Software I can figure out. It is the hardware that is a mystery to me. However, I so know a good computer guy that will show up when he makes an appointment.

ARCHIMEDESII - The first computer class I took was with punch cards. I did not have a PC class until my third year of college.

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
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3/19/13 11:19 A

Yes, I am tech savvy. I am almost 54 years old. I have a Ph.D. in Education: Technology Management. I teach online to make my living. Most of my hobbies involve using computer technology (software and hardware). I love taking and editing videos on my computer. I also teach programming and other computer applications, as well as math.

My husband is not all that tech savvy but he can use the computer for what he needs to. I made the mistake of getting him his own laptop in 2005, and set up wi-fi in our home. He has become just about an online shopaholic, quite familiar with Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, and every other online retail site under the sun.

I have always liked electronic gadgets that "do something." For example as a little girl, I wanted a doll that would talk, rather than one that did nothing. Even now my husband understands I want electronics that "do something" instead of something like flowers or candy. (We all know what candy does...not good!)

But to get into my tech history, my x husband bought a used computer in 1989 for about $800. I was not thrilled as we did not have extra money, and of course he did not discuss it with me first. Not many others had computers in those days. This one was an IBM with double 5'1/4" floppy drives (no hard drive). It ran off from DOS which had to be on one the floppy disk inserted at the time of start-up. He played around with it some, but that was when I started college. I quickly found the benefit of having a Word Processor and now I just don't know how anybody could survive college without a word processor. I ended up using the PC far more than he did. After we split, my interest in all the available applications just grew and grew.

In spite of my love for technology, some newer technology is based more on marketing than actual improvements. I get as annoyed as anybody with some of these buggy "upgrades" that actually slow us down and offer few advantages over older versions and models.

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I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
3/19/13 10:14 A

My husband is a technology nerd, he knows it all. He builds computers from scratch and can tinker with anything electronic to make it work, to fix it, to salvage parts etc. I wouldn't know zip if it wasn't for him teaching me. I met my husband in 1987 when he had an Apple II e. He was the only person I knew that had a computer and he was always saying computers were the future, he presaw the games coming and everything. What he talked about many years ago is here today. Always talking technology about computers and phones and it is just like he said it would be, I remember the game called " Little People That Live Inside Your Computer" it has this character named Duncan that you told him what to do...My husband just told me his first computer he built was an 80286 AT class computer. It had 1 meg of memory, and two 5 1/4" floppy drives, and an amber monitor. And boy is he lit up telling me about it right now before he heads off to work lol.

ADAPTOR Posts: 1,831
3/19/13 8:49 A

no not really

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/19/13 8:47 A

I get around my computer and the web fairly well but that's it. I don't have or want a smart phone, my old standard flip phone works fine and it only cost me 10 bucks. I don't text. I can't stand when you go out to dinner with someone and they are on their smart phone texting all night. I think I'm smart enough to figure out all those other devices but I don't want them.

STARLIGHTSHADOW SparkPoints: (10,750)
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3/18/13 12:13 P

Depends on what you'd call tech-savvy. I'm not so good with hardware, but pretty handy on the software side, all self-taught. I'm thirty, so I grew up with the internet from the ground up- dial-up connection, I don't miss thee! I used to play virus wars... but I just don't have the time anymore to keep up with programming, not to mention all the new languages I'd need to learn. So, it's just being your average user with a few tricks up her sleeve now.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (244,886)
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Posts: 14,850
3/18/13 12:12 P

@Sheryl - it's called a man-purse (or murse)

DH wanted to take computer programming when he went to college, but it wasn't offered

I know enough to get by. Seeing DH & I attempt to download an app to my phone was pretty humorous.

at one time I was pretty savvy with word processing & spread sheet stuff. But I haven't used any of that in over 10 years, so what knowledge I had is long forgotten or outdated

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/18/13 12:08 P

I am a proud member from the School of the Mechanically and Technically declined.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (196,884)
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Posts: 27,054
3/18/13 12:04 P

I learned to program computers on a MAINFRAME ! That's also where I played my first Star Trek game. LOL !!

Someone once asked me what "dead languages" I knew. Feeling a little mischievous that day, I replied Basic, Fortran, Assembly and Pascal. ;) and my first version of Windows was 3.11.


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SHERYLDS Posts: 17,361
3/18/13 12:01 P

30+ years in IT.....
but I still don't get the need for all the devices one person needs.
A smartphone, a tablet, a kindle, a bluetooth, a laptop, ipod.

I have a question....women can schlep a big handbag around with all the tech toys,
but how are guys coping with it?
Do they find themselves schlepping backpacks to carry their stuff?

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
3/18/13 11:28 A

Yes, being 25 I grew up with computers and went to a 4 year college that was very technology-centered. Also my husband is a computer technician. I have had fun teaching my parents how to use a computer :)

MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (190,535)
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Posts: 30,457
3/18/13 11:22 A

I'm pretty good with my computer, but when I got my MP3 player I had to have a friend show me how to download music to it. This same friend also set up shortcuts for me to make it easy to download books to my Kindle, I don't have Wi-Fi so I have to download my books via the USB cord that came with the Kindle.

I feel my desk top computer is enough of a connection to the cyber world for me, I'm not interested in staying connected to it away from home. I don't own a lap top or a tablet, and I'm not interested in those. I also have a basic cell phone I am happy with; I just use it to make and receive calls, I don't even know how to text. I just hope if the time ever comes where I need to replace my phone, they will still be making simple phones, because I actually do not want a smartphone.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/18/13 10:53 A

I use computers in my daily work, so that keeps me up to date. I also play around with web design a little bit, taught myself HTML back in the day, and more recently have become somewhat adept with Wordpress for website design.

Though, I don't even OWN a cell phone lol.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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Posts: 3,116
3/18/13 10:50 A

Some years ago I became a care giver for my mom who had alzheimers. During that time I taught myself (with the help of my brother) all about the computer. After my mom died I was able to take a job that had as one requirement: computer skills.

3/18/13 10:07 A

I work with computers but still had to have my 14 year old show me how to answer my phone when I got a new one. emoticon

3/18/13 9:52 A

I am going to be 51 years old this year and I know that shouldn't be an excuse to be I.T. challenged, but it is, hahahahaha....

I had to get my 14 year old to help me TURN ON my iPod when I got it for Christmas, for cryin out.

I somewhat a little more tech savvy on the internet but still learning.


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