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Are weekends hard for you?

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SparkPoints: (11,568)
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Posts: 187
4/29/12 2:38 P

Sometimes yes, generally no.

SparkPoints: (4,333)
Fitness Minutes: (5,461)
Posts: 102
4/29/12 2:34 P

Not anymore

SparkPoints: (34,128)
Fitness Minutes: (21,002)
Posts: 1,102
4/29/12 2:26 P

No. I have more time and energy to exercise, and I am with my husband so there is more accountability

Posts: 1,276
4/29/12 2:11 P

They weren't but are starting to be

Posts: 136
4/29/12 2:09 P

They're somewhat difficult, but it's getting better. On weekdays it's easy to not eat too much while I'm on my own, then still have room for the kind of meal my husband likes at the end of the day. On the weekend I eat all meals with him and it's harder.

Posts: 1,008
4/29/12 12:25 P

It just depends. Sometimes, we go out on Friday or Saturday nights. I try to make better choices on Sundays. Gets me prepared for the Mon-Fri routine that keeps me sane.

SparkPoints: (26,713)
Fitness Minutes: (9,743)
Posts: 1,028
4/29/12 12:21 P

Sometimes, if we go out to eat. But by look at the nutrition info ahead (if possible), I can make better choices.

SparkPoints: (220,695)
Fitness Minutes: (97,763)
Posts: 10,208
4/29/12 12:09 P


SparkPoints: (26,701)
Fitness Minutes: (13,097)
Posts: 890
4/29/12 12:04 P

Not really. I plan meals for weekends that we can have throughout the week as leftovers. The only thing is I don't exercise like I do during the weekdays.

Posts: 5,747
4/29/12 11:52 A

No, my husband helps to keep me accountable

SparkPoints: (5,193)
Fitness Minutes: (1,865)
Posts: 289
4/29/12 11:48 A

Weekends are usually easier since my boyfriend spends weekends with me. And, I have all the chores to do that when he goes back home on Sunday afternoon, I am busy with house work. Weekday nights are my toughtest time.

Posts: 139
4/29/12 11:09 A

I think they can be pretty rough at times. This is when you are more likely to have social eating situations which can make it harder to plan or sometimes just having extra time on your hands can be overwhelming. Or for some of us, weekends can become the time we "reward" ourselves for being "good" all week.

I like the idea of having certain things built into your weekend routine and sticking to the things you do during the week that help keep you on track.

I like this question -- it makes all of us think about what might throw us off track on the weekend and how we can work to improve our behaviors!

SparkPoints: (5,426)
Fitness Minutes: (3,704)
Posts: 385
4/29/12 9:48 A

I tend to get mote workout time in . My calories are.higher but I still stay in range.

Posts: 980
4/29/12 9:46 A


SparkPoints: (45,085)
Fitness Minutes: (26,860)
Posts: 780
4/29/12 9:38 A


SparkPoints: (1,527)
Fitness Minutes: (1,100)
Posts: 62
4/29/12 9:38 A

Easier. I get outside and do some hiking or walking.

SparkPoints: (4,588)
Fitness Minutes: (3,391)
Posts: 497
4/29/12 9:24 A

just like any other day

Posts: 3,676
4/29/12 9:16 A

no...i use wknds to indulge in the stuff i like because during the week i do not get the change to eat much...only on-the-go salads and soups

Posts: 600
4/29/12 9:16 A

yes, I feel like rewarding myself for being good all week

Posts: 2,926
4/29/12 8:38 A


Posts: 2,819
4/29/12 8:08 A


SparkPoints: (24,902)
Fitness Minutes: (21,721)
Posts: 1,228
4/29/12 8:07 A

When you are retired, every day is Saturday. So I know it is easier to exercise on a regular basis now that I can choose the timing and I don't have to try to work out only on weekends.

Posts: 2,667
4/29/12 7:31 A

If you have a routine M-F, then weekends seem disruptive.
Try to create a routine and stick with it - even if it means writing it down.

That is not to say you cannot cook extra (and package it up so you have "go to" meals prepared for the week, if you take lunches).

Change up the exercise routine, and grab another family member for a walk, a bike ride, or whatever.

Yes, it takes planning and goal setting, but so does the rest of this healthy lifestyle

Posts: 1,474
4/29/12 7:25 A


Posts: 3,831
4/29/12 7:15 A

yes - having DH at home can throw my routine off.

Posts: 3,164
4/29/12 7:07 A

everyday is a struggle

Posts: 7,634
4/29/12 7:05 A

Not really!

SparkPoints: (15,970)
Fitness Minutes: (16,889)
Posts: 477
4/29/12 6:56 A


Posts: 9,770
4/29/12 6:47 A

No, It is not.

Posts: 3,026
4/29/12 6:37 A


Posts: 18
4/29/12 4:16 A

I work every weekend 7am til 3pm and i have lunch at half 11- far too early to have it- i normaly wait til 1pm to have lunch as i have dinner alot later.

I tend to pick at food during weekend as I'm so tired, sometimes i pig out of fruit which is lush!! but i do at times eat 'junk' food- crisps chocolate etc- like today...... :(
Only ever drink water...... which is a plus for weekends as its when im most at thirst :)

But when i have holidays from work it ruins the 'routine' soooo all in all its ok....


Posts: 7,804
4/29/12 4:03 A


Online Now
SparkPoints: (219,843)
Fitness Minutes: (196,120)
Posts: 6,866
4/29/12 3:35 A

Not really

Posts: 5,122
4/29/12 1:54 A


Posts: 5,602
4/29/12 1:13 A

Not bad I treat them as normal M-F

SparkPoints: (325,339)
Fitness Minutes: (301,117)
Posts: 68,606
4/29/12 12:57 A


SparkPoints: (99,670)
Fitness Minutes: (102,003)
Posts: 21,004
4/29/12 12:32 A

No...I stay at home all the time so it is normal for me!

SparkPoints: (142,280)
Fitness Minutes: (131,902)
Posts: 8,771
4/29/12 12:30 A

In the beginning it was until I decided that I wanted to lose this weight I kept it going on the weekends.

Online Now
SparkPoints: (219,843)
Fitness Minutes: (196,120)
Posts: 6,866
4/29/12 12:18 A

Not really.

Posts: 9,703
4/28/12 10:21 P


Posts: 10,730
4/28/12 8:29 P

Yes, only because I don't get as much exercise in as I do during the week.

Posts: 8,082
4/28/12 8:27 P


SparkPoints: (97,381)
Fitness Minutes: (71,133)
Posts: 5,373
4/28/12 7:16 P

I don't find weekends to be more difficult - actually, I think they are easier! During the week when I am busy I find it harder to make healthy choices because of the time crunch. During the weekend I can relax, and spend time cooking healthier meals and planning for the days ahead. I also do my long run training on the weekend, so having that goal each weekend keeps me motivated and on track!

Posts: 772
4/28/12 7:15 P

Yes, my husband is home and expects more cooking. I love to cook, but then I eat too much.

SparkPoints: (46,011)
Fitness Minutes: (17,718)
Posts: 4,675
4/28/12 7:07 P

very busy weekend, with not a lot of social functions, so this one should be a good one!!

Posts: 1,170
4/28/12 7:02 P

YES! The freedom in the day can be very distracting. I try to increase my water to counteract it.

Posts: 8,873
4/28/12 6:54 P

Believe me, I DO know just what you mean. My husband best explained this to me before ............. Any time you are reaching for a goal w/ a prize waiting ........ There WILL most assuredly be obstacles .......... We are all on an obstacle course and daily there will be those obstacles (or distractions-temptations) that can easily offset us! (Not nice) ......... I think maybe in realizing it will probably be greater on the weekend for most ............ when we are tired, want to relax AND are just more vulnerable.

This is what I do/ have done to stay on course: Last Sat. my hubby wanted to go play, yada yada .............. I had prepared prior to the weekend and I said, "Sounds good, but before we go anywhere, i want to do my Zumba workout. (45 min) ............ All was good and nothing lost. Even when I don't feel like it, I get right into my Food tracker ....... first thing, just like I do week days. I make a budget: concept no different than when you make a deposit into your checking acct. You have XX amt to spend, and I use the same strategy w/ my caloric budget. As for the movies, I learned how 'dangerous' the popcorn there is and it can set you back BIG time ............... so I take little goodies in my purse that are munchable during the movie ........... and skip the pop: it creates APPETITE ............. Hope this helps ............ Jb

Edited by: 2BDYNAMIC at: 4/28/2012 (18:56)

SparkPoints: (2,980)
Fitness Minutes: (2,895)
Posts: 99
4/28/12 6:44 P


Posts: 1,035
4/28/12 6:38 P

More distractions to deal with, and dining out with my wife. Weekends always seem to be harder to stay on track, with both eating and exercising.

Posts: 102
4/28/12 6:17 P

The should be just like any other day of the week~~right? But for me, it's always harder to eat right and exercise on the weekend. Seems like there's always a dinner party, a night at a friend's house, a movie, or some other tempting event (which usually = lots of tempting food!!). I do not subscribe to the "take a day off" or "take the weekend off" WOE (way of eating) b/c I want to find a way to continue to eat right 7 days a week!! I guess you have to pick and choose. Today, I chose a dessert. It was my one treat, I had planned for it, and I enjoyed it. I don't feel so great now, so maybe it was too much. Next time this situation comes up~~I think I'll enjoy 1/2 of a dessert. I can do that. It's a process--right? For now, I'm working to identify my areas of need (weekends right now!!) and do something to improve. Conscious consumption I guess you could call it. Any suggestions for how you handle the weekends??


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