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DEBWA1WOK Posts: 347
8/10/09 4:54 P

Quantity is the biggest factor in raisins. 1 cup of goldens are 498 calories, 1 g fat, and 131 carbs.
Also 7g. fiber, 98 g. sugar and 6 g. protein.

regular seeded are down a little, they are only 488 cal. per cup and 129 carbs.

1 oz. gives you 83 cal,22 carbs and 12 on glycemic index.

This info can be verified at

Hope this helps

8/10/09 4:23 P

Love them and use golden raisins in my coleslaw along with almonds to make a superfood.

8/10/09 4:18 P

Trail mix ... Raisins and nuts. 1/4 cup. No problem. The amount most of us would like to eat? Huge problem calorie wise.

You really have to watch it with these "healthy" snacks. While it is still far better than eat potato chips or a Snicker's bar in some ways, it can still be a downfall to overall diet.

Moderation. Wish there were "diet" raisins personally. At least then I could satisfy my mastication needs. :)

NATHELESS Posts: 5,761
8/10/08 3:29 A

I think it's all about the quantity. Dried fruit makes a great snack, but you just have to watch your portion size, because it can be easy to eat a large amount otherwise.

I especially love to mix dried fruit and nuts for a snack, and eat that almost daily - but I weigh out the portion I want, or I'd probably go overboard daily, too!


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8/10/08 3:11 A

tasty, good for you, but be careful about servings sizes. It would be easy to overdo on raisins and not realize

8/10/08 3:03 A

I normally don't snack on raisins as I'd rather use the calories on something more enjoyable to me. But I've read recently that raisins are as good or better than some of the sports gels products that endurance athletes use for energy. They provide the same energy but have more nutritional value overall.

I have to tell you, yesterday I had my first box of raisins in I don't know how long, and they were just what I needed at the time. They were part of a goodie bag I received at a cycling event I participated in and I inhaled them when my ride was over. They've never tasted better!

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8/9/08 2:01 P

Sounds like everyone has the same info. I agree that rasins are definately a healthy snack but in moderation. However, they are high in sugar so if you're a diabetic or have a sugar restricted diet you should ask your doc. Rasins are also a good source of fiber.

8/9/08 1:57 P

Too much of anything can be bad. Raisins are dried up grapes, grapes are fruit. I use them in replacement for candy. A regular size box of raisins is a whole lot better than a small bag of M&M's.

MAUIGIRL99 Posts: 778
8/9/08 1:43 P

great snack with nuts, good in other foods as well, like everyone says, moderation and portion control is key

SUZUKIGIRL1000R Posts: 734
8/9/08 1:39 P

I get those small boxes of raisins, but they are so sweet that a package of 6 boxes lasts me a month. I can't eat that many sweets. But when I do, it helps me drink more water.

AMARANTHA Posts: 7,053
8/9/08 12:45 P

Raisins are not considered a good snack by themselves if, like me, one is following a low glycemic diet, but I eat them in moderation with some protein so to me, they are an excellent snack. They have a lot of iron and satisfy my desire for sweets, but I limit how many I eat at one time.

8/9/08 12:33 P

I think they are a good snack. Like others said you have to watch the serving size. I like the tiny little boxes that are 1 serving. I like to add mine to oatmeal.

8/9/08 12:33 P

Raisins are GREAT! The key is 'moderation'-1/4 cup is one serving-they ARE calorie dense, so don't go overboard-measure them out.

The good side--raisins are 70% fructose which IS sugar, but is a natural sugar which gets broken down quickly for a quick energy boost-which makes them a great snack for before a workout. Raisins are also excellent sources of fiber, antioxidants, iron, and potassium.

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JENNACLAIRE520 Posts: 998
8/9/08 12:21 P

I believe they are, but since they are incredibly calorie dense, watch your portions. Measure out how much or buy the packs that are already portion-determined.

STARLINA Posts: 1,105
8/9/08 12:19 P

i think they are good in moderation, they are very high in sugar. i think 1/4 of a cup has about 30g of sugar. they definitely add a lot of flavor to muffins and coleslaw!

SWTRED65 Posts: 347
8/9/08 12:15 P

I've gotten conflicting reports and I'd like to know since I love them so much...are raisins not exactly healthy for intake? Or does it depend on the quantity that's consumed? Your input is appreciated.

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