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4/16/13 10:35 A

It is not your friend.
Do what you need to do everyday to have a healthy active life and the wt WILL come off.
Instead, be very good friends with your other trackers, and your measuring cups.
Remember, often when the scale isn't moving, the inches are.
Focus on non-scale victories- and write them down!
Did you cross your legs more comfortably today? Did you actually look forward to that walk? Did you go up the stairs and realize you didn't huff and puff?
Did you try a new activity like a class, or hiking, or ...?
I am 120# down and have maintained for a year. I get this.

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ARUN4ONE Posts: 510
4/16/13 8:09 A

I tell ya sometimes these message boards bring tears to my eyes; people like you just make me so stinkin' happy, lol :D

I so greatly appreciate the advice, and the time frames. I do have a tendency to be hasty (ask my husband); so yes, I want perfect results for my seemingly perfect effort. This I am finding is not how my body works!

Just as a reference if this helps anyone add more feedback, I am 5'8" at 230 pounds for the last two weeks, eat 1750 calories and exercise every day between 12 minutes to a walking DVD to 40 minutes jogging/walking 2 miles oh, I do that maybe twice a week. My fitbit tracks my steps and gives me ranges, but I think it's a pretty, little liar. Maybe not. Yet I'm certainly not convinced yet.

Thanks everyone, I feel like I can relax a little now! I am in this for the long haul, sure I don't like that my body is not cooperating, but I am more determined than ever to just keeping on because even if it takes three to five years I too believe it will be soooo worth it!

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4/15/13 11:53 P

are plateau's necessary?

Well heck yes! How else could our bodies scheme to totally drive us crazy????

LOL sorry. It's just that when you are really working hard, it's so frustrating to not see the scale reflect that.

Of course everyone's body works a little differently, but for MY body, apparently yes, the plateau is part of the process. I tend to loose 4 or 5 lbs, bounce up and down 1 or 2, settle back down and sit there then start all over.

Take heart as long as the overall trend is downward. Often times I'm losing and no one says much to me: then when I plateau I get a BUNCH of people asking me if I lost weight or comments that I look good. SO even if the scale doesn't reflect it SOMETHING is happening.

Try reinforcing yourself in other ways. Like the tape measure, or how your clothes fit, how much better your cardio is, or how much more weight you can lift. Even better shopping habits, or new healthy recipes are reason to rejoice while you are waiting for the blasted scale to catch up.

I also visualize my body as a factory. When everything is going along: it's bussines as usual, but when we add something, the workers scramble around trying to reassign schedules and pack more activity into the same spaces. No one is allowed to take vacation and nothing gets thrown out until they are sure they won't need it. Once the workers adjust to the new routine, things get efficient again and everything goes back to clockwork

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4/15/13 11:00 P

Congratulations on the impressive weight loss so far.

Sounds to me like you're doing really well, but simply running out of patience.

If you're consistently losing 1-3 pounds each week, you are on track.

You say you've increased exercise intensity and decreased calories, but it's hard to know how to respond here without a context.

It could be that you're actually eating too little for the amount of energy you're exerting.

It could also be that compared to others, you aren't really burning that much extra energy even though it feels like you are.

When I first got fit years ago, I remember how HARD it seemed that every small step seemed to take an enormous effort...but the results took a long time to eventuate.

I think it took me about 3 years to even remotely enjoy exercise and at least 5 to see really good results...

All I can say is KEEP CAN DO IT...and you will not regret the difference being fit and slim makes to your whole changes EVERYTHING!

All the best....

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/15/13 9:02 A

It appears that you are still losing. You say 1-3 pounds a week. That is not a plateau. A plateau is not losing losing or gaining over months.
Everytime you change your routine, your body needs to adjust. That adjustment does take time.

ARUN4ONE Posts: 510
4/15/13 8:38 A

I know that I have not really plateaued because I've read all the material and since I lost .8 pounds last week, I'm assuming it can't be so, BUT I worked really, really hard, changed my exercise routine up (as many sites suggest), decreased my caloric intake over a week now by more than 300 a day, and still no luck.

Is it possible that my body just needs a break? I've lost over 40 pounds since the tail end of December. I've had steady losses each week around 1 to 3 pounds. I have oh, about 80 pounds more to lose to get in a healthy range. I guess I'm wondering if someone who has been where I am experienced something similar. Like a time period when your body called it quits, even though you were doing everything you knew to do.

If that's you, please share with me how you kept yourself motivated, what you did different, and the success or lack of success you had by trying your methods. I am really looking for a length of time on this problem. If someone offered concrete examples there, I'd be so happy!

Thanks a million ;)

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