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12/3/13 3:15 A

I think what is important is how well you are losing on the 1740 calories. If you are losing at the right pace, then stay there, and just adjust the numbers on your tracker. Maybe 1600-1900. There is a range because some days you will eat 1700, and others 1830, and you want your average to be around 1740, if that is working for you.

Then just adjust your ranges, if you want to stick with SP guidelines. So If carbs are 50 %, multiply 45% ( .45 X 1740) for the bottom of your range, and 55 % for the top of the range, and divide the calories by 4 ( number of calories in 1 gram of carbohydrate ). You would come up with 195-239 grams of carbohydrates. Do the same with fat ( 25-35 % ), and protein ( 15-25 % ). Fat is divided by 9, protein is also 4 calories per gram.

It isn't perfect, but if you are doing well on 1740 calories a day, and your only issue is the amount of calories, these few simple changes will fix your tracker, and you can still get all the other benefits of Sparkpeople, that you enjoy. Make adjustments as needed.

When I started Sparkpeople I ate a low carb diet already, but had no idea how many calories I should be eating. I used the range they gave me for calories, and reset all the macronutrient ranges to fit my diet. That is why Sparkpeople recommends these ranges. For those of us who have no clue what we should be eating. It is to help us, a guideline. Most times it is pretty close. Whatever is working for you, keep doing. In areas where you are not so sure, you can try SP guidelines, and see if they work. I didn't need the ranges for my macronutrients, since I was on a different diet, but I did need caloric advice, since up to then, I hadn't counted any calories. I just ate till I was full. Anything I would have come up with, would have just been a guess, so I used this part of SP's advice, and it has served me well. I still eat around 1850-2200 calories.

12/2/13 7:07 P

I am not going to bore you with "why" the numbers may be slightly different.
It could be based on the specific program you selected to use at Sparkpeople--we have 2 options.

Anyway...the key is to find out at what range you lose weight and feel your best---energized, not hungry, able to dedicate intensity to your workout, etc.

So experiment a little: start with about 1750-1900 and see how you do, how you feel. You can always adjust up or down slightly as needed.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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12/2/13 12:54 P

Kylar- If you read the OP's post, you'll see that activity level was brought into account.

So, on both MFP and Sparkpeople, the age, weight, height, and activity level (say "lightly active") are identical. Both websites are given the exact same numbers.

According to your MFP goal, your Sparkpeople ranges should be around 1,490 to 1,840 calories per day. That seems a lot more reasonable than what Sparkpeople says, but it also depends on exactly how active you are. Are you sure you aren't underestimating your activity level. I am inclined to believe that Sparkpeople overestimates (seeing as they want me to eat more calories than I burned in the entire day when I hook my Fitbit to the website), but the flip side is that MyFitnessPal might UNDERESTIMATE.

My advice? Do you have a body fat analyzer? Ignore both websites and look up "Most Accurate BMR Calculator." (or click this link:
Fill out all of the information in the first section (ignore the calorie reduction line- you don't need it). Under the optional section, select "Katch-Mcardle" as your research model and enter your body fat percentage.

Then, at the bottom of the page, it'll give you 3 numbers: your BMR, TDEE (the number of calories you burn in a day), and the calories you need if you follow the default 20% calorie reduction. Take the TDEE number and subtract 1,000 from it. That is your MyFitnessPal number. Or you can take that number and subtract 250 calories from it to get the bottom of your Sparkpeople range. Add 100 calories to get the top. This will probably be the most accurate number you can get as far as figuring out your true BMR without seeing a doctor. It might put your mind at ease if you try it.

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12/2/13 12:39 P

It could be because spark alots 1.2 times basic metabolic rate for daily normal actvities. Where you including that in from adding it in with myfitnesspal and then includiing those calrories as well here, basically coutnig them twice? Sounds like about the 300-400 to bring it back to even

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12/2/13 12:37 P

I think Spark tends to err on the higher side just to make sure no one gets the wrong idea about extreme calorie restriction.

When I tie my exercise to my calorie goals, I know that the range stated would not allow me to lose weight. I've tried it! I maintained for 4 years there! emoticon

I just re-set my own to the level I'm comfortable with, 1300-1700, in "change nutrition goals." Everything is customizable. If you feel you have enough energy to work out at a lower calorie range, shoot for it.

12/2/13 12:06 P

I am interested in tracking on Spark again, I had given it a break to try out Myfitnesspal. While I do like the tracking aspects of MFP, I feel like the community and support system is lacking there. However, I am concerned about the numbers Spark has given me for my ranges. On MFP I am given 1740 calories daily to lose 2 pounds a week based on my specifications and activity level. When I plug in the same information on Spark I am given a range that is 1760-2100 in order to lose 2 pounds per week. The bottom number of my range on Spark is HIGHER than my total calorie allotment on MFP. I know that each website uses different methods for determining these number, but I am concerned that this increase in calories Spark has given me will slow down my progress. I want to come back to Spark but this issue with my ranges is holding me back. I'm interested if anyone may have some insight into this and if anyone has advice for me. Thanks!

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