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12/29/12 6:03 P

The exercise 'goal' is factored into your calorie intake range suggestion.

Here is how Spark works it out:

You DO need to do the exercise if you want to achieve the goals, otherwise you won't get as much weight loss. If you find yourself more comfortable doing more (or less) exercise, that is also fine, but manually update the 'goal' so that it is more accurate, as the goal is used to calculate intake needs, not your tracked exercise amounts.

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12/28/12 12:46 P

If you set up your goals properly and told SP how many calories you burn on average each week, or if you let SP come up with an amount you should burn, your nutrition tracker reflects that. So if you burn 400 calories working out, you shouldn't add 400 calories on top of your maximum caloric intake. Yes, the more exercise, the more you need to eat, but you don't necessarily "eat back" the amount you burned. If you find yourself exercising more and burning more calories than what your fitness tracker recommends, you can go into fitness setup and manually enter the amount of calories you want to burn each week. Then the amount you need to eat will increase.

I hope I answered your question haha.

Also, weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness, so you could technically eat healthy, stay within your ranges and not exercise and still lose weight, but exercise has a number of benefits and can really help you reach your goal quicker.

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MEGZ529 Posts: 2
12/28/12 12:23 P

thanks, thats what i was thinking, i have been working out and want to use the calories i burned to eat more if i am hungry...i was doing weight watchers where you can earn activity points, so was used to being able to eat more when working out if needed...i just don't see a feature on this site where you can cash in those extra calories, so when i use those extra calories burned to eat more and enter that, it looks like i went over my calorie allowance...

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
12/28/12 12:15 P

I think it is more of a recommendation than it is a suggestion. There are a bunch of great articles about why it is important to get enough calories for the amount of cardio that you're doing, and vice versa. It's the whole "car needs fuel" thing...You know...People need fuel like cars need gasoline. If you let a car run on fumes, it's not going to run very well or very long. Same goes with people.

MEGZ529 Posts: 2
12/28/12 11:54 A

I am new to this site and was just wondering if anyone knows if the goal you are given each week as to how many calories to burn through working out are factored into your weight loss goal. I entered in that I wanted to lose 1.5# per week on average and wasn't sure if in order to reach this goal I need to burn this many calories per week or if just following how many calories to eat per day is enough to meet the weight loss goal and the exercise is just a suggestion?

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