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WEEZIE30 SparkPoints: (84,607)
Fitness Minutes: (27,669)
Posts: 7,510
2/20/10 10:04 A

Pickles are a fine snack but they are high in sodium. Maybe you're not getting enough salt.

SHERRIE59 SparkPoints: (54,049)
Fitness Minutes: (47,353)
Posts: 7,527
2/20/10 9:44 A

Are you pregnant perhaps why you are having such cravings??? emoticon

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
2/20/10 9:42 A

Calorie wish they are good, sodium wish they are terrible. Maybe you're low on sodium, maybe you're pregnant!!!!

DELRIO1 Posts: 6,486
2/20/10 9:39 A

You might be low on sodium. I eat them or drink pickly juice when I get leg cramps.. Takes them right away!

KHEINZ905 Posts: 2,529
2/20/10 9:38 A

they are good but high in sodium. that is the only concern.

2/20/10 9:38 A

I love pickles. Baby dills.

MARSHA48 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (448)
Posts: 6,778
2/20/10 9:36 A

For reasons of the salt it has, NO.
For reasons of the veggie, Yes.
You can get them without sugar too. I have a jar in my frig now.

TIMKIM2010 Posts: 427
2/20/10 8:44 A

they are a good salty snack

BILL60 Posts: 944,136
2/20/10 8:42 A

Great snacks. Pregnant?

2/20/10 8:27 A

hmmm.. usually steer clear of pickles due to high sodium

THINKINNOW Posts: 1,330
2/20/10 8:25 A

Love them too - but watch out for the salt intake.

MRE1956 Posts: 9,360
2/20/10 7:56 A

I don't find myself near them often, but recently I had a few dills and found them to be quite useful in helping me avoid cravings for sweets, particularly chocolate.....

TIBURONA SparkPoints: (145,538)
Fitness Minutes: (74,456)
Posts: 8,315
2/20/10 12:53 A

I say go for them. The vinegar in them is one of those magic foods. We buy the big jar at Sams and I have them with my turkey on wheat lunches.

ODIE244184 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,476)
Posts: 1,601
2/9/10 10:05 A

I like them too and so does my grandson who calls them pick picks.

2/9/10 10:03 A

I love baby dills.

LOSEIT1977 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (38,225)
Posts: 778
2/9/10 10:00 A


BLUE82 Posts: 451
2/9/10 9:56 A

I used to be a pickle-holic, but not anymore. Too salty. Still eat them though, on occasion

BILL60 Posts: 944,136
2/9/10 7:13 A

I like them very much.

GABSTER26 Posts: 22,561
2/9/10 5:48 A

I love pickles too but because of the salt I don't buy them often.....when I do though I thoroughly enjoy them

TENACIOUSTRISH SparkPoints: (185,165)
Fitness Minutes: (175,191)
Posts: 5,316
2/9/10 4:22 A

yes and because you deserve it!

BNAILS50 Posts: 895
2/9/10 2:21 A

Pregnant? JK, I love them as well, I hear they are good for you.

SUNNYDJ1971 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,696)
Posts: 891
2/9/10 2:10 A

I love Dill Pickles! I make my own every year. So I can control the amount of salt that goes in them. I usually only add about half the salt they ask for. Even then they can be to salty! I like to add lots of garlic and onions to mine. My husband likes them in his Bloody Marys! I just like to eat them!

SHERRYCG Posts: 502
2/9/10 1:10 A

I love dill pickles. I crave salt. Are you exercising a-lot? Maybe you are perspiring a bunch and your body needs salt.

MONTY68 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (131,684)
Posts: 62,929
2/9/10 1:01 A

Dill pickles are good low calories However there is so much sodium that I can't eat very many. I do track them.

2/9/10 12:42 A

I think it is a good snack IF you don't overdo it. I guess that is the deal with all snacks,lol. But go ahead and enjoy a pickle. Just don't down 4 of them every night.

2/9/10 12:39 A

well ty I felt like I was being silly for some reason ever since I realized it was time to take my weight seriously. I have craved pickles lemons anything sour. but yes the sodium was a concern ty again

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
2/9/10 12:37 A

dill pickles are not my go to snack; too much sodium for me.
eat what you enjoy, if you account for them in your food tracker by all means eat them!

2/9/10 12:34 A

I think for a dill pickle its about 12 calories...that's good...but the sodium content...that's not good. Enjoy the pickle!'s a veggie...

2/9/10 12:32 A


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