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3/1/13 2:00 P

PKTRUCKDRIVER, what matters at the end of the day is two things, when it comes to healthy living and weight loss.

1) Most of your calories come from healthy sources. This is important for all aspects of your health and life. A calorie is a calorie, yes, but not all calories are created equally. That DOES NOT mean you can't have things labeled as "unhealthy." Enjoy your gravy! I sure do. Denying yourself the things you love is a recipe for disaster. It's not about dieting to lose weight, but creating habits that result in healthy living for life.

2) Being at a calorie deficit. This deficit can indeed include unhealthy foods. Look at my ticker! I've had pizza, fast food burgers, even candy and junk food. The difference now is that I make more healthy choices than unhealthy one, and make room for the junky stuff now and again. I'm eating less as time goes on (it's less appetizing than the stuff I make myself) but you do NOT have to be perfect.

Big changes help, but allow yourself imperfections. Know that you want always be perfect, and it's okay. One imperfect meal now and again isn't going to sabotage your progress!

3/1/13 1:55 P

If it is just number, sure.

If you care about their nutritional value, then, no!

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3/1/13 1:06 P

thank you all

I make biscuits and gravy, yes, but not always, most of the time 2 poached eggs

Or 1 cup of cereal, Kashi or chex, with my almond silk milk

still doing my coffee, with french vanilla creamer, i get cranky when I stop using it

as for veggies, I am trying to add them, but they make me physically sick when eaten, but not all of them, I have made progress towards asparagus and broccoli

a balance in calories is my goal, but starting anew, I know losing 80+lbs is great, but now I need a new approach as I been stuck too long here at this weight, so a drastic change is needed for me both mentally and physically, and this is my choice, and I hope it works

any advice or comment will be appreciated

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3/1/13 12:53 P

From a weight loss perspective, a calorie is a calorie. But from an overall health perspective, they aren't equal. Different foods are going to provide you with different vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your body needs for good health. You might lose weight eating just Twinkies, but your health will suffer because of it.

I think it's important to have a balance- leaving room in your program for the foods you love (in moderation), but generally making healthy choices. Tracking all of the food you're eating will help you see if you're falling short in certain areas or need to make other changes.

Coach Jen

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3/1/13 12:05 P

I have always believed a calorie is a calorie. It is how your body responds to the type of food that calorie is. As you said, it would be ridiculous to eat 2000 calories worth of banana pudding. I also eat plenty of great tasting snacks, I just do it without the refined sugar. I use honey, fruits, and stevia to sweeten my tasties.

personally, i don't count calories. i determined it is a waste of my time since i eat mainly veggies and some fruit.

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3/1/13 11:40 A

sounds great to me. I believe the key to weight loss is to make 80% of your diet healthy, and 20% just eat what you crave. As long as you don't go over your calorie limit, you will lose weight. I did. Also, google the twinkie diet. This guy lost weight and still ate twinkies.
Nobody wants to live the rest of their life not enjoying goodies. I for one don't.

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3/1/13 11:20 A

I always wondered if all calories are created equal?

If I wanted to try to do a 2000 or under diet, can I just keep track of any calories going in and be okay?

Are there bad calories, like bad carb's etc...?

I am not meaning eat 2000 calories of Banana Pudding, then stop for the day, this is ridiculous, but something like this

2 biscuits with 1/2 cup gravy

tuna fish with lite mayo on a sandwich thin


chicken breast/hamburger/fish

beans or rice 1-2 cups

coffee with creamer

lots of water,

somewhere along these lines, BBQ sauce or ketchup, yet mustard is better?

thi is the info I am looking for , please


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