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10/9/13 8:06 P

It sounds like you are just beginning into the world of veganism, so taking a supplement is a good idea. As your knowledge increases and your variety of meals increases you may determine that it is not necessary later on.

I imagine your multivitamin-mineral supplement is enough. If you look at the label it will have a long list of vitamins and minerals. Most will probably be listed as 100%. I am sure you will see B-vitamins listed. You will probably see B-12, zinc, iron, and some calcium. There is probably no need to then take the individual supplements too. Check the label.

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10/9/13 5:53 P

Also, I would add that you need to be careful with supplements and would suggest consulting your doctor and as you're vegan, possibly a nutritionist to ensure you're on the right track. Good luck!

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Hi there,
I am only speaking from personal experience but I would resoundingly say yes!!! Especially if you are a vegan. Many vitamins and minerals such as iron are found in both plant and animal sources. However, iron from plant sources is it readily absorbed by your body. It's very challenging to get enough iron even if you eat meat. Other minerals like magnesium and potassium are also very difficult o get naturally. Vitamins should always supplement a healthy diet, to my way of thinking, rather then trying yo compensate for a bad one.

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10/9/13 5:05 P

Currently, I take one multi-vitamin per day, plus a Vitamin B and B-12 supplement. I started taking the B supplements as I have switched over to a primarily vegan diet and I read that vegans need to take B supplements. Is this true? Should I continue with the B supplments, and are multi-vitamins really doing me any good either, or is it a waste of money?

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