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12/3/12 1:00 P

ETHELMERZ, you've raised an interesting point. If it were me, I would be questioning what's in the meds - I don't trust pharmaceutical products, especially when doctors prescribe them for an indefinite period.

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12/1/12 7:21 A

They are not necessarily "necessary," but they are beneficial. I take them (almost) every day - I do sometimes forget. They are especially helpful if your good bacteria/yeast ratio of off. Getting more good bacteria in your system can ward off an unplesant infection and help maintain regular digestive health

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11/30/12 9:29 P

If you keep "hearing" that you should "take" probiotics, instead of eating that, is it from companies that want to sell you their stuff?
Be aware, if you take certain meds or have certain auto immune issues, probiotics will negate any good the meds are supposed to be doing for you. My diabetic husband is not allowed to take probiotics, nor eat any yogurt, period, because of this. And don't listen to any celebs that promote this and other things, they are paid.

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11/30/12 8:56 P

Probiotics are bacteria that are actually beneficial to the human system.Probiotics help in assisting with digestion, stimulating the immune system and keeping other harmful bacteria at bay. They also help block cholesterol and can cut triglyceride levels( Fat in the Blood)

Probiotics appear to strengthen the immune system, and with the consumption of probiotics it is a new therapeutic strategy in preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes and may well help with reducing hypertension too!

Greek 0% Plain Fage Yogurt is a probiotic which has the least amount of sugar.
Kefir is a probiotic & helps weight loss
Fermented foods such as sauerkraut also contain probiotics
Probiotics also come in pill form...I take an acidophilus pill everyday and you can save on Acidophilus Supplements at Walmart.

Diabetics’ cells are actually being starved from nutrition and this helps me. Anyone taking an antibiotic should take probiotic since antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria but good bacteria...a probiotic replaces healhty bacteria for optimal health.

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11/30/12 11:43 A

A healthy immune system starts with a healthy digestive tract, so yes they are necessary but you don't necessarily need to go out of your way to get them. Any fermented food will have some probiotics in them and you should try to get them from a variety of sources.

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11/30/12 10:04 A

I only take them after being forced to need antibiotics or having gastric flu.

otherwise they are not necessary.

Incidentally, our good tummy bugs LOVE banana, so regularly having those will make them happy!

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11/30/12 7:53 A

I live in Greece, land of Greek yogurt, so I get so much of this stuff in food form that I've never thought to take it in pill form. I don't even know if it's available here like that. It seems like it would be better to get it from food -- isn't that usually the case? Plus you'd get some calcium and protein too?

11/29/12 7:01 P

This SP article may give you some good insight:

SP Dietitian Becky

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11/29/12 6:22 P

I never had any "tummy issues" but decided to take some probiotics anyway. I didn't notice any change, so I stopped taking them.

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11/29/12 6:17 P

I take some, I have to, I have gastropareisis and esophageal problems and stomach problems so I have to take some.

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11/29/12 5:54 P

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

You might need probiotics IF there's a problem with your own internal bacteria. If you have digestive problems, if you've taken strong antibiotics, if you've done "colon cleansing," then it's worth asking your doctor what s/he thinks. If you're healthy, though, there's really no point. Bacteria aren't like nutrients that you might use up; they're living things that go on living just fine if you haven't done anything to mess them up. There's no point in buying more when you've already got plenty. It's kind of like getting blood transfusions-- they can save your life if you've lost some of your own blood, but if you're healthy they're not going to do anything.

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11/29/12 5:39 P

I keep hearing that everyone should take a probiotic but I'm not exactly sure why? I eat greek yoghurt a few times a week, so perhaps in that case, I don't even need to supplement?

Pills are also hard on my tummy so I've resorted to taking my multivitamins in gummy form...and I found probiotics in gummy form just last week. I did buy a bottle, they are actually kinda tasty, but do I need to continue to buy probiotics in the future? Does anyone else here do so?

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