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6/15/12 9:13 A

Studies have shown that for weight loss purposes, breaking your workout up into 10 minute segments can be just as effective as one longer workout.

Coach Jen

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6/15/12 8:54 A

I always think that it takes about 7 minutes to warm up completely. When I'm running I find the first mile is the hardest, after that my body is loose and it gets a lot easier. So if you are splitting things up into 10 minute increments, and your body is warm by minute 7 that gives you 3 more minutes of good loose exercise. To me it's a waste of time.

Also I don't want to be showering and changing clothes 3 times a day.

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6/15/12 8:27 A

But if you are thinking mixing it with strength training, like 10 min cardio - 10 ST - 10 cardio... It should be as good as 30 min session, as long as you keep ST pace.

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6/15/12 8:18 A

No. Cardio does not work that way. You need to push your heart rate to fat burning zone, and keep it certain amount of time. Generally speaking, it takes 5 to 10 min to reach that level (depends on your training level though). So 3 session x 10 min, better than nothing but not effective as 30 min continuous cardio.

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6/15/12 8:06 A

Absolutely! 3 10 minute sessions are just as good as 1 30 minute. It all adds up in the end!

KOMTRIA Posts: 1,063
6/15/12 8:03 A

I am thinking (don't know for sure) that part of the goal is getting the heart rate up for a sustained time period and that may not happen with 3 10 minute sessions. Though if it is that or nothing I am sure it is worth doing. I figure as long as I am exercising I am away from the fridge:)

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6/15/12 7:52 A

Is it just as good to do 3 10 minute sessions of exercise in a day as it is to do 1 30 minute session of exercise on the elliptical?

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