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6/14/13 12:54 P

when talking about Archie Bunker types we have to remember how the character came to be. Norman Lear is and was a very left wing political activist. In Archie he devised a stereotype of the worst of any person on the political right. I don't think Archie existed in any great degree even then. Today sadly as then we have people on right and left who are self convinced of their own views and don't let a little knowledge get in the way of them. That is what I see when I see Archie. Norman Lear did not very often let us see the similar people on the left in his shows but the existed then as well as now. Where Mr. Lear was brilliant is that he made Archie lovable despite his flaws. Unfortunately many of these types left and right aren't terribly lovable

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5/22/13 10:17 A

It was a great show and he was a great character

5/19/13 10:09 P

I don't know guys. I kind of enjoyed the character of "Archie Bunker". He said what alot of what people were thinking in that time. We live in such a "safe world" now that the character of "Archie Bunker" could never exist on a major network, maybe even cable television. If you remember that era, it was such a time of turmoil and chaos coming off of the exit of Nixon and the end of the Vietnam war. I was only a young youth growing up with the show but have grown up respecting the "Archie" types that I stumble upon. In the end, Archie always made the right choice and had a heart of gold. You just had to get through the thick skin that he protected himself with. How many people have you come across with similar traits or characteristics?

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5/19/13 1:31 A

If there are still any around they are only allowed out while accompanied by the PC Police and must only ever be themselves while alone in their homes after a complete bug sweep so as to not be arrested by the Thought Police...and they must never ever mutter anything, ANYTHING, out loud as even the slightest sigh will elicit a public outcry and cause the locals to gather pitch forks and tourches, etc...

I kinda miss the days of Archie Bunker...not the racism or biogtry but the ability to speak out loud without the fear of your words offending least he created a there's nothing but finger wagging and legal threats for trying to start a conversation.

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5/17/13 4:56 P

If you are talking about the type of guys who just sit around and complain about everything and call other people names, then yes...the internet is full of

5/16/13 3:15 P

Are these kind of guys still around?

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