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ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
4/29/13 12:40 P

No pill or supplement is going to make you lose weight faster. If you want it done fast, use all these shakes that people are talking about and go on a liquid diet and you'll drop weight, but the second you put real food in your mouth, you gain it all back and then some.

You need to LEARN how to eat a balanced diet without the aid of drugs. Plain and simple, and the slower you lose weight, the longer it will stay off.

PENAM87 Posts: 46
4/29/13 12:41 A

With the money you probably spent on these "diet pills" you probably could've hired a personal trainer and seen much better results!
I've always found diet pills off putting, especially when there are pills with chemicals I can't even pronounce, why risk putting that in my body?! Also, a majority of diet pills are not FDA approved which should throw up another red flag.
In my opinion, I think people who use diet pills are being somewhat lazy and looking for a quick fix, I'm not claiming you are by the way but most people tend to be that way.
Something that jumped out at me from your post is that you said you worked out 4-5/week plus WW and only manage to lose 10lbs a year. I think that's something that you may need to evaluate because the would suggest that you are losing less than 1/2 pound a week. Also troubling is the fact that you're concerned about developing diabetes but not at all about the risks with these so called pills...
I know you're not here looking for a lecture but you are looking for advice and I'm pretty sure everyone is going to tell you the same thing: diet pills are a waste of $$, ineffective and unsafe, the only thing that works is a good diet and regular exercise.

HERE_ONCE_AGAIN SparkPoints: (792)
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4/29/13 12:06 A

I am avoiding packaged foods. I am doing all my cooking and controlling salt and sugar intake, even coffee is not my stimulant as it used to be.

I am not hungry like that famished, empty, gurgling feeling. I do believe whole foods from its most natural resource does curb appetite. Also, whole grains, White flour products increase hunger.

did you ever eat Chinese take out and an hour later you are starving, WHY is that?

also a great appetite suppressant is understanding glucose in the body, how it reacts to food

example: when having a starchy vegetable, dont mix with another starchy vegetable

peas and carrots, corn and potatoe, macaroni and bread, rice and potatoes

best to eat starchy vegetable with a non starchy vegtable and or a complexed carb

ie: Beans and rice, Macaroni and broccoli rabb, escarole and canelli beans, lentils and stone ground pita.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (223,884)
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4/28/13 9:18 P

My Metabolism was very slow (Dietitian diagnosed). I had taken some printouts from the SP Nutrition Tracker. I faithfully weigh EVERYTHING that I eat, and record it. AND I nearly always eat a very healthy diet, but I was slowly gaining. When she saw my nutrition reports, she cottoned on to the problem, and set about rectifying it. (She told me that what I had been eating is what they normally recommend someone to eat to lose weight.) the weight started to come off straight away. It took 16 months to lose 50lb, and I happily sat there for a year, before deciding to move on down again. I have now been at my goal for over 2 years and am maintaining well. I STILL weigh all of my food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker to ensure that is where I stay!

My suggestion is that if you don't have a Dietitian, make an appointment with your Dr and ask for a referral to one - this is THEIR specialist area, not that of a Dr.

Good luck,

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JAMINURSE Posts: 3,776
4/28/13 8:01 P

Please re-read your original post. You have already stated that those pills did not help you. Why no track for a month? What have you got to lose? Give it a shot.

4/28/13 7:46 P

Thanks for all the advice. I have been working out 5 days a week burning 300 calories each time on cardio machines. I have not lost any weight and have stopped the pills. In 2008 I was at 190 lbs and now I am at 155. Something I have been doing has worked. I was on and off of weight watchers, cycling diet pills, and working out. I guess I will just keep trying. I have not been not losing any more weight from weight watchers, I only lose weight in the first 4 weeks, after that it has remained the same even though I cut down the amount of points allowance.

ANARIE Posts: 13,116
4/20/13 3:27 P

By the way, the reason you won't find much support for "diet pills" here is that everyone's experience is pretty much the same as yours has been. They just don't work long-term. If you look around in these forums, you will find a LOT of discussions of all sorts of diet pills. They follow a pretty predictable pattern-- someone says, "I'm taking XYZ and it's GREAT! I love, love, love it! I'll keep you all posted on how it goes!"

And then generally they're never heard from again, OR about 6 months later they dig up their thread and say, "Well, it was great for two weeks, but now I'm 15 pounds heavier than when I started. Any other ideas?"

You don't really need anybody else's opinions or experience. You've got your own, and you weren't happy with what you experienced. You've tried most of the drugs that are out there, and they didn't work. Continuing to try more probably won't help, so try the drug-free, safer, less expensive way for a while.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,780)
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4/20/13 2:06 P

"Increasing" the process isn't a good thing. The faster you lose, the greater the side effects and risks.

You should not be talking to vegan friends about the things you put in your body for good health, you should be talking to medical professionals who have nothing to gain from selling you pills and drugs.

Raspberry ketones are another shill supplement that do not do what they're claimed to do. They're just a Dr. Oz pill of the week.

What happens when you stop taking the pills? The same thing that happens to everyone else. You gain the weight back. Why? Because you never addressed the cause of your issue. If your metabolism is truly slow (And honestly, rate of weight loss in a year has nothing to do with that) then you need to be treated by a medical professional. Not self-diagnosed and google-treated.

Your experience is right along with what we know: These things aren't going to solve your problem. If they were, why are you still overweight after three solid years?

NOTANINJA SparkPoints: (18,863)
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Posts: 572
4/20/13 12:39 P

My philosphy is that it took me awhile to gain all this weight. It is going to take me awhile to get it off. If there was a "miracle" pill this site would not exsist. Everyone would be thin and working on other issues. I love this site because it helps me to be accountable, get support and also realize that I am not alone. A magic pill will not do any of those things for me.

ANARIE Posts: 13,116
4/20/13 12:38 P

The danger sign is that you're calling these things "supplements." They are not. They're drugs-- strong stimulants, to be exact. Most of them act like amphetamines. There are two major problems with them. One is the one you're already aware of-- they're dangerous and can cause stroke, high blood pressure, etc (the exact things you're trying to avoid; stroke and other circulatory problems are what actually kill most diabetics.)

The other major issue is that the body builds tolerance to stimulants VERY quickly. For example, prescription phentermine only works for about 12 weeks before you get to the point where you would need a near-fatal dose to have any effect. (Notice that your prescriptions were for 3 months-- and I bet they didn't work as well at the end as they did at the beginning, right?) If you've had 2 courses of phentermine and one of fake phentermine, you have probably played out that one. The SlimQuick and OxyElite have run up your tolerance to caffeine. Basically, stimulants aren't going to work for you any more.

I've been where you are. I'm 5'1", was overweight my whole life, and always believed I had a "slow metabolism." Weight Watchers didn't work very well for me, even though I did the old, pre-commercial version when it was almost a non-profit and based very soundly on science (and a lot stricter than it is now.) On top of it, I was over 35.

Then I finally decided to do a serious calorie-counting program. I got some software for tracking and a digital scale for portion control, and I gave it 8 weeks of serious, hard-core, careful tracking. And you know what? My metabolism wasn't slow. It was perfectly normal for my height and weight. When I controlled my calories, I lost weight pretty much the way the numbers predicted.

The fact that you're short but you can lose some weight on Weight Watchers actually suggests that your metabolism is normal, too. The points system is less precise than calories; they're giving you the amount that would be appropriate for an average woman your age. If you're shorter than average, the WW amount will be a tiny bit too much.

Get yourself a digital food scale if you don't already have one, and use the tracker here or another calorie-counting software program to get a precise calorie recommendation for your size. Test it by following it religiously for as long as you did the phentermine. I will bet you that you'll do very nearly as well on that as you did on the drugs, with far less risk. It's free and there's no increased danger of stroke, so what do you have to lose?

And so what if you "only" lose 10 pounds a year? At that rate, you'll be at a healthy weight in three years and in four or five years, you'll be at goal. That might not be as fast as you want, but it's faster than you'll get there if you lose it three times faster but gain it all right back.

By the way, you say you know the risks, but do you know all of them? Did you know that rauwolfia, the alleged main ingredient in OxyElitePro, is suspected to increase your chance of breast cancer by as much as 300%? You're probably okay because the product probably doesn't really have rauwolfia in it (it's an expensive, rare plant, and this product is sold as a supplement so it isn't subject to truth-in-labeling laws), but it's a good reminder that just because a product is "herbal," that doesn't mean it's safe.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (80,736)
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Posts: 2,489
4/20/13 12:12 P


Sorry, diet pills are a dangerous band-aid solution. I prefer learning to eat healthy so I am satiated. Building lean muscle to boost my metabolism naturally and not doing extreme calorie deficits for weight loss to prevent my metabolism from slowing down.

If you've been dieting a long time, your BMR has likely lowered as your body adapts to a low calorie intake. You have to eat at maintenance for awhile to kick start it again. Calorie cycling always busted me through weight loss slouches.

You won't get much support for diet pills on this website, it's pretty much the exact opposite of what Spark's is about; helping people to achieve a healthy weight through lifestyles changes by learning long lasting nutrition and fitness habits to maintain long term success.

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AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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4/20/13 12:09 P

Wow, BUNNY you gave me shivers!!!

Every time my feet start walking towards the diet pill isle, I hear my therapist say "disconnect.....disconnect" and then I get flashbacks. Thankfully, the diet pill isle is next to the make-up isle and I can distract myself there.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/20/13 11:53 A

Well, you've undoubtedly spent a lot of $$ on these things over the last 3 years... and you're reporting regained weight and still being 40 to 50 pounds over your goal. Are you SURE these assorted supplements are a "positive experience" that are "increasing the process" for you?

I'm not about to lecture, other than to point out a disconnect between your statements "I know already about the risks of heart attack, stroke... I have outweighed the risks" and "essential to my health to lose this extra weight" with the reality that these products have not enabled you to lose the extra weight. So you are taking the (known) risks but not reaping the expected rewards... hrmmm wait this IS starting to sound like a lecture, so I'll leave it there.

4/20/13 11:36 A

Hello everyone. I know that there is no "magic" pill or there would be no fat people in the world. However, I believe in taking supplements to increase the process. My metabolism has always been slow. I work out about 4-5 days a week and I do Weight Watchers and I usually can lose about 10 pounds per year. That would be fine for someone just a little bit over weight however I need to lose 40-50 pounds. I am a shortie so I look chunkier than I am due to my height disadvantage. Anyways I'm getting off topic here.
"diet" pills I've tried:
Phentermine (with rx) in 2010 -worked great, barely ate, lost 15 pounds in about 3 months
Phentermine (with rx) in 2012 -worked not so great. Lost 10 pounds in 3 months, gained back by end of year
SlimQuick- 2012 Lost about 2 pounds, felt shaky, had diarrhea at not good times lol
Phentramin-d:Works similar to phentermine, but without a rx. IT works a little slower. Lost about 7 pounds in 2 months.
OxyElitePro- Worked great for the first 2-3 weeks. Lost about 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks. Now I am on week 5 and it's slowed down. I started taking 1 pill a day, where before I was taking 2 per day. I am starting back on 2 per day now.
Vitamins- I also take B12, B6, and a multivitamin per day. (I don't eat much meat, so this was recommended to me form my vegan friend)

I was wondering if anyone else had had a positive experience with any supplements? I heard that "Black Widow" is effective (it had ephedra) in it and also Raspberry Ketones. I do not know which Raspberry Ketones to buy, there are like a thousand different brands.
Please don't reply with lectures about the health problems with taking diet pills, I know already about the risks of heart attack, stroke, palpitations, etc. I have outweighed the risks and don't have heart problems or stroke in my family. I find it essential to my health to lose this extra weight before I become diabetic!
So yeah, consider this a "safe place" to write about your experiences with supplements.

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