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I live in a condo and use DVD's for exercise. Most DVD's do not involve jumping or stomping that it would bother the people in apartments around you. They're easy, cheap, and you can do them in complete privacy.

There are hundreds of exercise DVD's to choose from. Find a couple that suit your personal preferences. You can preview DVD's before buying them on some websites, such as . Many public libraries also have exercise DVD's to check out for a couple of weeks for free.

Finally, SparkPeople has online routines you can use ... There are U-Tubes ... and their are cable TV channels that have routines to work out with. All free and available for use in the privacy of the apartment.

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9/21/13 3:12 P


Why not check out the local gyms ? You don't have to sign up for a year. Many gyms offer one day or even one week trial offers. Depending on how long you're staying with the BF, you could sign up at a local gym for a month or so. While many gyms would prefer you sign up for a year, most won't refuse your money. Many no frills gyms will let you sign up for as month months as you want.

Is there a school track near by ? If you don't want to run in the neighborhood, run on a school track.

Do you have a jump rope ? As I told another member, jump rope is fabulous cardiovascular exercise. you can jump rope for 10-15 minutes. Believe me, 30 minutes of jumping rope would be a fantastic workout. Yes, you'd have to do this outside. but jumping rope in the front or back yard would be safer than running on the streets if it's not a safe neighborhood.

Get some resistance bands and do some strength training workouts in the apartment. resistance bands are quiet. ;)

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9/21/13 12:43 P

I am staying with my bf for a few months out of state to help him move back home with me :3 The only issue is that it's really messing with my workout schedule. At home i have a treadmill, elliptical, and an ab glider... Here he has nothing but a tiny apartment in the city with cranky neighbors. I would go for a swim in the pool or a walk/jog but this isn't the best neighborhood and I'm sure I'll get lost or be around ppl I would want to avoid... (Plus I'm more of an exercise in private kind of person)

So, I was wondering if there were any good exercises that you can do that don't need a lot of space and that are fairly quiet. The last thing I need is to get him in trouble with the apartment manager right before he is about to break his lease x.x...

Thanks in advanced :3

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