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FITMOMMY18 Posts: 384
5/8/11 11:03 P

I have the same problem even though I live in a house. My kids are usually asleep when I can work out, but I have the option of working out in the basement. The thing that's hardest to do quietly is cardio. I have no answers, just wanted to add my two cents. LOL

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5/8/11 10:37 P

Just make sure you lift really heavy weight and smash it down on the floor when you're done. That way, even if the noise is annoying to your neighbors, they are too afraid of you to say something.

In all seriousness, exercises that don't require a lot of moving around are going to be your best bet. Pushups, squats, overhead presses... a lot of weight lifting exercises like that. If it's cardio, then you might have to stick with things like mountain climbers, or find another place to exercise... like the park.

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
5/8/11 9:46 P

Squats, push ups, lunges, if you can do them pull ups are all the best. And quiet!

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5/8/11 9:08 P

I've just moved into an apartment building and I'm on the top floor. Are there any good exercises to do that wont make too much noise for the people below me?

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