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JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
11/18/12 12:27 P

I agree with gwennie, pass on the tanning. I tanned for about 2 months at a tanning salon. I still have rough patches of skin. emoticon

As far as the gym goes, sounds like you found a great deal. Good thing you waited!

I signed up at gold's gym. I already lost 5 pounds! I also signed up for personal trainer sessions. Very happy with my gym.


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GWENNIE_55 Posts: 27
11/17/12 5:41 P

It sounds like you find your gym and the start of a beautiful relationship. But as someone managing skin cancers, please don't use the tanning! No such thing as a safe tan. As an alternative, the spray-on tans look good.

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11/17/12 11:30 A

Thank you guys for your help! I actually went in this morning for a "consult." Here is how this went: To initially sign up there is a $75 new member fee. Then, it is $29.99 a month. But, your first session you have to have a team member show you how to work the machines, which is mandatory, and that is $40. This only includes all the basic stuff. If I wanted to add on the lockers it's another $5 a month! There was just so much MORE that they wanted to add on. So, as if by fate, when I got home there was a flyer for Club 24 fitness. If you sign a year contract with them the price is $14.99 a month right now! This includes babysitting! Then, if I add on tanning it's only $10 more a month! When I looked at this club they have not only Parisi Speed School for kids, but a huge daycare center for them, a kid's karate center, a tanning place, a restaurant, and a hair salon all in this one gym. They also have a men's only and women's only seperate gym as welll as suanas and a pool! Needless to say, they have just gained a new member! I go Monday for my first weigh in! I can't wait!

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MSFAVRED Posts: 982
11/16/12 10:02 A

In california it was 39.99 month to month with 39.99 set up

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DROPCONE Posts: 1,581
11/16/12 8:52 A

I like BubbleJ1's suggestion about how to get them to tell you over the phone what their rates are. My other suggestion would be to go ahead & meet them, having schooled yourself to sign NO paperwork & make NO commitments with them until a day after the meeting, but that may be harder to do face to face than over the phone.

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11/16/12 2:54 A

When I was a member, everything (classes) was extra. The monthly charge ($33 after $99 for "set-up"/ key card) got me in the door for cardio machines and weights. That was about 5 yrs ago.

I have had a far better experience w/ 24-Hr. Fitness. I have 2 clubs I can access and the cost is $14.60 per month (all inclusive: pool, gym, classes, cardio, dumbbells, ST tools, machines, etc.) The only charge is for child care which I don't need!

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BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,980
11/15/12 11:27 P

"If you can't give me basic information over the phone, that tells me that you will probably be a tough gym to deal with, and I will take my business elsewhere"

Bet ya $5 they will change their tune!


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11/15/12 9:50 P

Hi guys. I am looking into joining a gym and have came down to Anytime Fitness as the best fit for me. The only problem is they don't advertise prices and when I call they want me to come in. I was wondering if anyone had an idea of how much their membership is a month? Thanks in advance!

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