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BECCABUNNY11 Posts: 141
1/5/11 5:01 P

I joined the YMCA yesterday with my Mom and super happy there.

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1/4/11 11:46 P

well i go to the y and i love it. its super cheap for high schoolers, at least mine is ($180 a year, breaks down to $15 a month) and it has everything. I never have to wait to use a machine and I can take any classes I want for free. I practice my tennis in the racquetball courts and when I feel like switching it up, i can go swimming. Anytime would be nice because I could go after I get off work or whatever, but honestly, i have time to workout during the day. its hard on sundays because its only open 11-4 and I always have to work all day, but i'm pretty sure even if it were open, i wouldn't go workout after working for 10 hours. i'd rather sleep. haha. one other thing, i know my anytime fitness you have to be 18, and i'm only 17, so thats not even an option for me.

1/4/11 8:08 P

i am so jealous! I wish i had the choice :( we don't have the money for me to join a gym. so i just do it alllll at home

BECCABUNNY11 Posts: 141
12/30/10 11:59 P

i love zumba

12/30/10 9:47 A

Yoga, Zumba, Conditioning, just abs, Step Aerobics, Kickboxing, Functional training...that's only a sample of the ones at my Anytime (:

BECCABUNNY11 Posts: 141
12/29/10 11:38 P

what classes are there?

12/29/10 10:00 P

I'm thinking about joining anytime! I feel like it has plenty of classes as well, at least the one near me.

BECCABUNNY11 Posts: 141
12/27/10 3:11 P

Which gym is better?
The Y has so many included classes but it closes so early.
Anytime will let me go ANYTIME!

any thoughts?

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