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I think he was something of a sore loser... but he makes valid points. It's not right for a fresh horse who hasn't been through the grueling Triple Crown campaign to waltz in and upset those who have been in it from the outset. OTOH, that's one of those things I hardly expect to see change. I think it's just as wrong that we're putting these babies (3-yr-olds) through the races we do. Their bodies aren't ready for it. But that's not likely to change, either.

I just feel it was inappropriate for the owner to air his displeasure on national TV. It denigrates the sport.

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Do you think CC's owner was a sore loser with his after the race comments?

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6/8/14 2:08 A

Saw it

6/8/14 1:24 A

Had a feeling that CC would not be able to pull it off...just not another Triple Crown feeling. They were sure slow at the quarter so wonder if they were all tired or just not the quality of horses that have run it in the past!

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I just watched it for a little while.

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Now being reported that CC grabbed a quarter in the starting gate...hopefully he is back in racing form for the Travers, etc. or latest for the Breeders Cup in the fall....

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6/7/14 8:27 P

They really are Joyce. emoticon

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This is the first time I have ever missed one of these races. I had forgotten about it. I love to watch these rl.aces. The animals are beautiful.

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6/7/14 7:38 P

Know what? He knew ( as a horseman) that fresh horses come into the Belmont.

If he had a problem with it, he should have kept his horse in California.

He wasn't complaining about it before he yeah, no sympathy whatsoever.

Tapit, as a sire, is on fire this year, with Untapable's commanding win of the Oaks.

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6/7/14 7:36 P

My husband.

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Congrats to Tonalist! I'm disappointed for CC & crew... but the sour grapes/poor sportsmanship shown by one of the owners in the post-race interview was a bit embarrassing. I agree with what he says - it's not fair that fresh horses should come into the fray amid the ones who've been through a grueling campaign... but I don't think that opinion needed a strong airing at the race.

A good race, nevertheless, and a fine effort from California Chrome. They should all be proud. These are the best horses in play for the day. I'm sorry to not have a Triple Crown winner, but congrats and kudos to all those even good enough to finish the race. The Belmont is a killer, even for fresh horses.

I still stand by my previous awe for Secretariat, who took the field by 31 lengths, with ever-DECREASING (faster) quarters. Truly a miracle. Gods rest him in the finest heaven.

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6/7/14 11:32 A

Am I watching the Belmont? lol...I woke up at 5 a.m. today....

NYRA has put together a phenomenal race card today - all the races running at Belmont today are fantastic.

@ 1:16 you've got the Jaipur Invitational with the lovely Ben's Cat (he is just a great horse).

@ 1:45 you've got the Woody Stephens with Social Inclusion, Coup de Grace, Bayern, Kobe's Back, etc.

@ 2:34 you've go the Acorn with Fashion Plate, My Miss Sophia, Fiftyshadesofgold, etc.

@ 3:14 There is the Ogden Phipps - with the powerhouse fillies Princess of Sylmar, Close Hatches, and Beholder, etc.

@ 4:48 There is the Met Mile with rocking Palace Malice meeting Goldencents, Normandy Invasion, Moreno and Vyjack, etc.

Whew - then there is the actual Belmont Stakes!!!!

Here are the full entries for today:

Race coverage starts (eastern time) 11:35 on TVG channel, 2pm on NBCsports channel, 4 pm NBC or stream live: post time for Belmont Stakes 6:52

Now, as far as California Chrome....if California Chrome has a chink in his armor, it’s up to these 10 colts to discover it:

PP#1: Medal Count: (8th Derby) His Dynaformer breeding means he could go the distance, but is he only a synthetic track specialist?

PP#2: California Chrome

PP#3: Matterhorn: Lost his last 3 races, this Tapit colt is out of his depth, possibly entered by trainer Todd Pletcher as a rabbit for Commissioner.*

PP#4: Commanding Curve: (2nd Derby) Out of Master Command, he’s a good stalker, but can he go a mile and a half?

PP#5: Ride On Curlin (2nd Preakness, 7th Derby) This stalking son of Curlin is possibly Cali Chrome’s biggest threat, and is bred to go the distance.

PP#6: Matuszak: This Bernardini colt is on a 7 race losing streak. Why is he entered?

PP#7: Samraat: (5th Derby): This Noble Causeway colt is a plucky stalker, with Belmont as his home track, but is a mile and a half too much for this N.Y. bred grinder?

PP#8: Commissioner: This son of A.P. Indy has had a lot of excuses and not a lot of wins, but the Belmont Distance shouldn’t be a problem for him.*

PP#9: Wicked Strong (4th Derby): floundering a bit since his Wood win, this talented colt out of Hard Spun Colt is well rested, and could come on at the end with a burst of speed.

PP#10: General A Rod (4th Preakness): His Roman Ruler/Dynaformer cross breeding means he can go the distance, but he will need to get a good trip and a bit of luck in order to make it happen.

PP#11: Tonalist: With Tapit as his sire, he is certainly bred for speed, and he is fresh; but can he handle the monster mile and a half?

* The Matterhorn / Rabbit question: A rabbit is the speedball who breaks out of the gate and runs like the wind with one mission in life: to set up the race for a stablemate who does his best running late in the race.

The rabbit does this by firing a burst of early pace that forces the other speed horses in the race to run faster and longer than they'd like, thereby setting the stage for his pal to execute his customary finishing kick with drama and effect and with dwindling opposition.

Although Matterhorn and Commissioner are not stablemates, they are both Pletcher trained, which makes this an interesting possibility.

( racing is my hobby, so I write about it a lot online ha ha ha)

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6/7/14 10:58 A

I'd like to say is anybody NOT watching the Belmont!?! but I was raised in the industry, so it's just inconceivable to me that others are oblivious.

Naturally I'm rooting for Chrome. What a story, and great proof that you don't have to have a million-dollar pedigree to be good. He's an inspiration. I hope he makes it... and that his owners can stand the excitement! LOL

Of course, I will never get over Secretariat's Belmont. It still brings tears to my eyes. He was an aberration. A marvelous miracle. So many good horses to remember fondly... but Secretariat was just something "other".

I hope Chrome will join those ranks today.

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6/7/14 10:45 A

The whole story behind California Chrome is like a Cinderella story. With all the grief and dirty politics going on this race just seems like a breath of fresh air. It would be so exciting to see the triple crown won again for the first time in decades.

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