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Anyone used a good cream for loose skin/cellulite?

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2/21/13 12:36 A

I used nivea good bye cellulite cream, I only used it for a short time and it didnt help with the cellulite (maybe if i used it longer, im not sure) but it did make my skin a little firmer and really, really soft.

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2/16/13 7:04 A

I don't know of any creams but if you find one, share it with us on Spark!

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2/16/13 5:17 A

I wouldn't have thought cream would help with cellulite OR with loose skin. It CAN help with itchiness and soften scaring. I wonder if it was more 'mind over matter' as in the power of suggestion?

As a word of warning, IF you are trying to lose a lot of weight fast, you will find that the BEST recipe to have TONS of loose skin. The slow weight-losses are better, along with the exercise. It took 16 months for me to lose (just over) 50lb. As a result, the only loose skin I have is around my stomach area, but that isn't much, either - more soft and squishy that responds very well to one of those light-weight body trimmer undergarments.


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2/16/13 2:29 A

I am eating a low calorie diet and exercise and recently added strength training.

One of my patients had gastric bypass and her doctor prescribed her an exepnsive cream to help with loose skin, and she said at first she didn't use it, and when she started seeing sagging, she started to use it and it worked well.

This was over 7 years ago, she doesn't remember the name of it, and she thought it was by prescription only.

I am wondering if anyone has had success with creams that have helped their cellulite or loose skin? I am not looking for a miracle, but maybe just an improvement.

-Thanks for your help!

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