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4/30/13 9:25 P


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4/30/13 3:36 P

I started CrossFit this January and I love it, I am totally addicted to it! I started at 250 and 4 inches larger, and a lot less confident in myself and now... I attribute Crossfit to many of my achievements that I have reached since.... such my time at the 10k I did this past weekend to CrossFit, if I had not been doing it my time would have been much longer. My body overall is so much stronger, and I can not wait to go again tonight!! Make sure that the gym you try out makes sure you have good form, and that you enjoy your workouts, those two things are the most important!!

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2/14/13 12:38 A

I tried it for the first time on Monday and absolutely loved it. We had people with a variety of fit levels and everyone got a lot out of it and a good gym will have modifications for people with less ability or strength and are quick to critique your form and have ways to help you improve! The place I went to was focused on the first class getting the form right rather than speed, which to me said a lot because good form means less injury! It's not for everyone but certainly worth trying out to see how you like it!! I personally have been working out for over a year now, do a lot of running and been lifting for the last 6 weeks but need a lot of help with my burpies but another person who doesn't work out very often had no problem doing the burpies - so I did it with a modified burpie and they did a regular and we all did the same circuit - just at different speeds and different things modified!

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2/14/13 12:23 A

I personally LOVE Crossfit, but have to say that it can vary GREATLY from gym to gym. The first gym I visited didn't pay attention to form, and the fact that the owner was out of commission the entire time I went spoke volumes about their technique. However, the second Crossfit gym I joined was amazing--it focused on stretching before the workout, had some lessons solely dedicated to gymnastics, and ALWAYS kicked my butt. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a tough workout and a sense of community, but I'll reiterate that it really depends on the gym.

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2/13/13 2:31 P

I have been doing Crossfit for a year and I'm completely addicted. I've always exercised but Crossfit is by far the best workout I've ever gotten. A 12 minute workout can leave you absolutely exhausted. Plus, the entire shape of my body has changed, I'm much more lean and sculpted and my cardio stamina is through the roof. Some people mentioned that Crossfit sets you up for injury. I'd like to add that doing any exercise incorrectly can cause you injury. Learn the basics, work at your own speed and one that you can do safely, and I bet you will love Crossfit. It's competitive and makes you challenge yourself. By far the best workout I've ever gotten.

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2/13/13 1:36 P

I love my Crossfit gym! I started crossfit at 225lbs I say if I can do it anyone can. The workouts can be scaled to any fitness level. Crossfit boxes are like all other businesses some are ran better than others. I would look for a location that has been around for over two years with coaches that have been certified and have plenty of experience. With the popularity of Crossfit booming since they teamed up with Reebok and have the Crossfit games televised on ESPN new Crossfit gyms are popping up everywhere. In the last 2 months 3 new locations have opened up in my town with inexperienced trainers. So be careful, any coach that tells you to sacrifice form for speed should be a huge red flag.

you can read more about my crossfit experience here

4/19/12 11:11 A

I've watched ALOT of crossfit videos on Youtube just to get the sense of it. Yes, it does look intense and probably gives you a huge feeling of accomplishment but I don't think it's for me. For one, the cost in my area is UNREAL. Over $200 a month just for a 30 minute workout each day. Two, I don't like to think of exercise as something grueling and killer. Some of those people look so out of it when they finish. Not my thing, by far.

Maybe check out of the Crossfit gyms in your areas. Some may offer a free trial or discounted first class to see if its for you.

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4/19/12 9:22 A

I tried a fundamentals series for $20 but found the daily workout schedule confusing. I also felt like they kind of rushed us through some of the moves. Also, it's very expensive and I can get a similar workout at home with my sandbag and chin-up bar.

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4/18/12 8:40 P

im considering's kind of expensive

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4/18/12 6:29 P

I joined crossfit at 270lbs. The first month was all about the fundamentals and proper form. It really kicks your butt but is well worth it. The support from the group and encouragement from the trainers makes this the best gym I have ever been a member of.

Since they are all run differently you might see some variation in the amount of skill training that the trainers require but it is pretty strict at my location.

I beleive that they all have a free workout with a trainer so I would check that out and see how you feel about it.

Good luck!

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4/10/12 12:02 P

Love, love, love crossfit. Have been doing it for three weeks and am hooked.
I have worked out with free weights for over three years. Both my cardio and st is intense.
I wanted to shake it up and this fits the bill. Our coach is fanatical about form and we often do a series of "building up" for specific exercises.
A couple things that are different...

It's in an open garage type area so unlike an air conditioned gym, you deal with the weather, particularly heat. I will be very careful about that this summer and may even suspend for a while. Our last summer was brutal.

I'm the oldest by far...60 years old but everyone is extremely supportive of everyone. You really are competing with yourself and push yourself hard. Guess what? I am definitely stronger than I was three weeks ago and my mood has absolutely changed.

I was an early AM work out person but have had to switch to a 5:30PM class which is very different for me. My sleep habits have improved and when I go to bed, I'm out like a light

As with all things, it depends on the gym or coach. Yeah, there might be some idiots that ignore form but I am so pumped to go to crossfit classes. At the same time, I am intimidated before I start. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I am done.

I do think you shouldn't jump in if you have had little or no exercise. I was in very good shape when I started but it pushed me to further limits.

Good luck.

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4/10/12 11:30 A

I use crossfit workouts to train for an upcoming sprint triathlon. It's a lot of fun, keeps you engaged and excited, and best of all reduces the stress on your body!

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4/10/12 11:11 A

Yes, I love crossfit. One of the things I like about it is that all the exercises they do can be scaled, so if you are less fit or less strong than others in the class, you can still get through.

I very much like the social aspect... the workout is a class that you are doing with a group, so that keeps it fun and interesting, and over time, you feel like you're in it together with this group.

I certainly haven't heard anyone in crossfit say it is okay to use poor form, as suggested below. On the contrary, in my experience, they make sure to break down any new lift of exercise to make sure everyone knows how to do it properly. Safety is important.

I've been doing crossfit for over 2 years now, and have seen all types of people, across a variety of ages and fitness levels find success.

That's my 2 cents. If you want to know more, go try it out. Most gyms will let you participate in a class or even a week without paying.


3/11/12 9:52 A

CrossFit and any exercise done improperly will result in injuries, it's not exclusive to CrossFit, you can name any other [program and put it in the hands of someone careless and BAM! Injuries.

People need to read up on any and all exercises and like Redshoes promotes, do them CORRECTLY for the best safety and best results.

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3/10/12 5:20 P


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3/10/12 4:53 P

Redshoes2011, you're not the first person who has told me that about crossfit. I've seen some of my fittest friends get injured from doing the sport. Thanks for the heads up.

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3/4/12 2:29 A

I dislike crossfit because it wavers some of the basic safety precautions.

Safety first- let idiots with good insurance companies risk their health and bodies.. Great results are achieved doing exercise correctly and safely.. But now people are saying it is okay to speed up and use terrible form..

I understand humans are confused..

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3/3/12 7:46 P


While some may argue that any level of exerciser can do a crossfit workout, the articles that I have read in the fitness journals state that one should have a solid exercise background before taking up this workout. Proper technique and form is essential to get the most from your workout, but more importantly to keep you injury free.

If you not there yet, use this time to build a solid base and then maybe give it a try.

Coach Nancy

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3/3/12 5:32 P

Has anyone here tried Crossfit or know anyone that has tried it? I'm interested in checking out the introductory/fundamentals class that one must take to start the program...I don't know if I"m in the best shape for it ( yet ) but it's always been on my list of things to try!

Thanks everyone! emoticon

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