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ROSENKAV1 Posts: 8
1/6/14 3:34 P

OK, I'm not over 50 (I'm less than a year away, though!), but I wound up here doing a search for Tabata and HIIT. Based on a recommendation from a (very fit) friend, I got the 12 Minute Athlete iPhone app, and I'm planning to try it later today. Has anyone on this thread (or this board) had any extended experience with these short burst workouts? There's a wide range of formats on the app -- from intervals of different exercises (18 sets at 30 seconds per set with 10 second rests) to just doing as many as you can of a given exercise (burpees, say) for 12 minutes. I'd be interested if anyone with experience has advice on how to distribute these across a week?

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1/19/13 9:08 P

I read about this on SparkPeople (see Fitness Articles, Focused Fitness) and it's a 4-minute workout, although they suggest an 8-10 minute warmup. I'm going to try it tomorrow and see what I think. They recommend you can use it for 1-2 cardio sessions each week, and no more.

It's 20 second as hard as you can go (90-95% of your max heart rate) at whatever you're doing - swimming, running, biking, etc. - then 10 seconds of slower rate; repeat 8 times. Hence, 4 minutes. With the warmup part, that's a 15-minute workout.

I'm sure there are variations on Tabata, but I got the impression that the idea was a faster workout, but only 1-2 times weekly if you're doing 5 days a week cardio. Doesn't sound the same as what everybody is discussing here.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,104
9/27/12 2:42 P

Dr. Mercola talks about TABATA work outs, but he teaches slow work out exercises. He does the 12 Minute work out that is HIIT. He is so worth listening to for good information. He is a medical doctor.

Roby Mitchell M.D. has great exercise information on his web site He is sensible.

JUSTMAGPIE SparkPoints: (0)
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9/27/12 12:26 P

I actually did this yesterday with my trainer. It was incredibly hard. She had the cd and switched up each excersize with static resting. Incredibly hard. Anything that I do already - was the same workout just without rests between, 1 hour of hell. Weights ect, planks as resting, Really difficult.

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8/27/12 11:35 A

I just did a tabata workout with a ladder warm up. This is a workout I learned from a great gym that I used to belong to. The ladder consists of 3 exercises that you start out doing 10 reps each, in the next set you do 9 etc... the tabata is a great workout that raises metabolism throughout the day burning calories when you are not working out. Sad thing is I have no idea how to log this. I guess I will log as cardio. Any ideas?

DELHSI Posts: 1,622
6/25/12 11:10 A

There are Tabata exercises on Comcast On Demand. I've been able to do them. You get a great workout but the ones on TV are not as intense as P90X. Also the Cardio Kickout Biggest Loser video as a 15 minute Tabata workout on it. I just don't know how to log it into SP, any ideas?


MENO10 Posts: 14
3/13/12 8:41 A

Thanks for your comments. Luv your positive, cheerful posting on your SparkPage, btw!

3/12/12 6:55 P

I only recently heard of Tabata training & had no idea of what it was so I looked it up in Google.

From what I read, it seems like a really efficient way to work out but only if you're already fit. I seriously doubt I'll ever be in good enough shape to attempt it.

MENO10 Posts: 14
3/12/12 9:35 A

Ewww, that does not sound appealing at all. Thanks for your honesty and input. I'll stick with my hula hoop class and Tai Chi which start tonight! emoticon

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3/11/12 2:19 P

I got a ninety day workout similar to P90X. One of the discs was called Tabata Inferno. It's an extremely high intensity, fast paced workout DVD. I did 45 minutes of that and felt like puking. I got so sick to my stomach I had to go outside where it was forty degrees and cool off. I'd rather have my eyeballs grated than do that again.

MENO10 Posts: 14
3/9/12 9:47 A

Hubby is a runner and has done 1 Tabata workout. Any of you tried? How did you like it?

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