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7/14/14 8:15 A

Talk to your coach and see if they can modify anything for you to help you not get injured. That is what they are there for. I know we are trained to say NO MODIFICATIONS, but I modify for my sessions all the time. We haven't had an injury yet and going on 6 months :) (Knocks on wood)

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7/13/14 2:37 P

My gym doesn't offer them, but I've had a lot of fun getting into his Body Pump!

The marketing is ridiculous, though. *eyeroll*
Really? Pulling steel cables out of concrete?

7/12/14 9:17 A

You're right it is intense. I am 46 years old in great shape recently lost 40 lbs. Everytime I do Grit I seem to get injured. After cardio GRIT yesterday my Achilles is on fire. Maybe it's not for me. even though I thrive in HIIT classes, I love them.

RUBYREDSTAR19 Posts: 6,642
7/9/14 11:37 A

GRIT is suppose to be intense, it's not for everyone but I coach it and have all different fitness levels in my sessions. I have people that I thought would never come back, but have come back and FLOURISHED!! Amazing athletes have come out of this. Just keep remembering that it is tough for a reason. You are allowed to take options, but don't take them for everything! Get the moves then push past your limits!! Listen to your coach, they know what they are telling you. They go through intensive training to be able to help you get through it :)

7/9/14 7:32 A

What are your thoughts about these classes. I have taken the Strength, Plyo, and Cardio. Every time I finish with these classes I feel like I need to take 2 days off. Very intense. I like that you get a lot in in 30 minutes though.

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