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MIZKAREN Posts: 37,236
7/10/13 9:16 A

i use a soft chew called TriFlex from GNC. It is really helping me alot and since it is a chew my mind thinks it's food and lost weight with it.

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NCAPONI Posts: 5
7/8/13 6:55 P

Depends upon the quality of the pills...we use Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Joint. Liquid tends to get absorbed easier, obviously, but sometimes the taste leaves little to be desired. The 3-in-1 capsules are on the large size, and not everyone likes that either. The tart cherry juice will either be in the juice aisle or in the organic section.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
7/8/13 5:11 P

Hmmm, sounds like I should take this too! Is Liquid better than pills?

NCAPONI Posts: 5
7/8/13 2:25 P

Both my husband & I have been taking this with MSM for over 12 years. We also drink tart cherry juice (4 oz/day...this is a natural anti-inflam. food). My husband has arthritis in his hip, and this keeps him mostly pain free. About 7 years ago, he had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee. He was 52. His surgeon commented that due to the glucos/chondrotin/MSM that he had the knee of a 30-year old and to continue taking it. We're sold!

7/6/13 2:47 A

Yes, my regular doc and a chiropractor both recommended it and I, too, take the kind with the MSM added it. Can really tell the difference in my knee joints and hope to keep the steroid injections to less than once a year just with the addition of glucosamine condroiton ! Good luck! Several brands on the market and usually good sales at CVS and K-Mart for buy one/get one!

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GRAPHICS2 Posts: 7,648
7/5/13 9:51 P

I take it with MSM added. My doctor recommended it after I started getting knee pains. I feel it is helping me

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7/3/13 10:56 P

Yes I do feel better

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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
7/3/13 10:54 P

My husband and I both take it. Since it is a neutraceutical, it's something you have to stick with for a while to see its benefit. He has a degenerative lower back problem, and while he never said it was helping that pain, he definitely notices he's not feeling especially well if he misses taking it for a few days. I have scleroderma, so I'm taking it as preventive. I don't know if it's helping or not...but I don't really want to find out the "not"!

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6/22/13 4:33 P

Hi there,
Yes, I have taken both Gluc. Chondroitin and Gluc. Sulphate; I had better success with the Sulphate for knee and wrist pain and inflammation.
An added benefit: really improved my fingernail strength and growth rate!
Be sure to get a HIGH QUALITY brand; ask your chiropractor or a knowledgable health food store worker. Good luck!

GRACE1054 Posts: 605
6/22/13 9:51 A

I've been experiencing occasional knee pain lately and am considering taking glucosamine chondroitan. Do any of you take it and have you found it helpful in relieving/eliminating joint pain?

Thanks for your input.

Ann emoticon


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