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10/7/11 9:27 P


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10/4/11 8:06 A

My barber is a big boxing fan. A walking boxing encyclopedia if you will. He rewound the 4th round to show me what all the controversy was. It was legal in my eyes, but Mayweather is still a ghetto punk.

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10/2/11 11:12 P


9/25/11 6:31 P

I know I know guys lounge, but I had to peek in and then I saw this topic and had to weigh in. Watched the fight and have to admit I was disappointed in both fighters. Ortiz was doing pretty good, getting in some great hits had Mayweather on the ropes then in typical young bruiser can't have my way fashion he cheats with a head butt! Had he not done this I believe he could have bided his time just a bit longer and taken Mayweather down (hard pill for me to swallow and say since I have been a fan of Mayweathers boxing for a long time).
Then Mayweather (realizing I think, that Ortiz was indeed a threat) took those two quick punches, knowing the ref was distracted (yeah I know I know the Ref was clearing the fight), and knowing that Ortiz wasn't guarding himself so he was an easy target....hence the knockout.
I wanted the fight to go a bit longer, I wanted to see what would happen if they both fought fair, the points were weighed etc....guess we won't know though unless they do a rematch (which I am not sure I will pay for anyway).
I keep wanting him (Mayweather) to fight Pacquio...but wishing for that may be equivalent to me believing in things such as Santa, the Easter Bunny and Cupid again....

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9/24/11 7:42 P

I did not see it, but I wish I would have. I heard what happened.

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9/22/11 8:37 P

Yep Unbelievable

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9/18/11 1:18 A

Wow what a fight .. Never seen an ending like that..

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