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SWIMOM Posts: 366
7/2/13 10:03 P

Born January 3rd 1959.

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
7/2/13 8:50 A

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP. emoticon

SVANESTER SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
8/26/12 4:38 P

Hello, I got married three years ago this December. Hubby is a GREAT cook. He can eat anything and not gain weight. Me, on the otherhand, breath fat air! I had gained 10 pounds the very first year. I am now, on the way to reaching my "pre married " weight . I bought Sean T's rocking body dvd's and they are helping. I also am really watching what I eat. Biggest hurdle ? DINNER-- Hubby always cooks.

DSTINCHCOMB1 SparkPoints: (40,480)
Fitness Minutes: (12,532)
Posts: 192
8/26/12 1:13 P

I hear you on the peri-meno thing:} Harder to get off now too. Ah, life:}

WHITEDOV1208 Posts: 2
8/26/12 9:41 A

I'm born Dec of 1959. Since my 40's peri-meno has added a lb each year. Now I"m looking to lose 12 lbs. Trying low-carbing again with some modifications with lowering calories.

BWILSON6805 Posts: 21
8/3/12 5:29 A

I was born September 1959. Coming up on my next birthday soon. Grateful that I "woke up" this year and made the commitment to be fit and healthy.

KTRUELAND SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,044)
Posts: 12
8/2/12 10:06 A

I was born the last week of 1959. Makes me feel younger when I say it that way:)

EBONYSOL Posts: 2,384
8/2/12 4:17 A

Born in Dec/59

DSTINCHCOMB1 SparkPoints: (40,480)
Fitness Minutes: (12,532)
Posts: 192
8/1/12 7:45 A

Congratulations. I, too, like seeing the success stories. I actually added a couple of pounds after I started this program but am headed back down to my original weight. I have to say that I feel very good on the program. Plus, no hot flashes. Not sure if there is a connection but I'm good with it:}

TAROTLADY SparkPoints: (47)
Fitness Minutes: (242)
Posts: 33
8/1/12 2:30 A

21 lbs is GREAT! Keep up the good work. I have not been on SP long but I sure enjoy getting on and meeting people like you. I get inspired hearing other people's stories. emoticon

TEALHAWK Posts: 2,254
7/31/12 3:43 P

Hi, My Name is Lorie, And I am from Michigan, and was born in 1959, November 14.
A deer season baby, lol, I am new here and am on a goal to lose near 100 pounds.
I have since Jan this year 2012, Lost 20 pounds, and hit a big stand still, But as of today Yea!!! I have lost 1 more pound for a new total of 21! emoticon I like animals, crocheting cross stitching, and meeting new friends, Happily married 31 years past March, Have 3 now grown children and 3 sweet grandbabies twin boys ages 15 months, and a baby girl 8 weeks old.

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TAROTLADY SparkPoints: (47)
Fitness Minutes: (242)
Posts: 33
7/27/12 3:01 A

I have just started using SP and I am finding all sorts of neat thing on here.
So far I have lost 70 lbs with my lap band and then 30 lbs with WW and now 5 lbs with SP for a total of 105 lbs.
I too was born in 1959 in May and live in Ontario, Canada.
If I can be of any help, please let me know.

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CARATAL Posts: 3
7/22/12 7:20 P

I was born in Feb 1959...weighed 4 pounds then...Oh those were the days....need to lose ast least 100 pounds... emoticon

GRAMARAY Posts: 156
7/22/12 3:36 P

April 10

CSEEMAC1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 7
7/22/12 10:13 A

Born March '59, been here about 10 days. Doing Low Carb and have lost about 7 pounds, easy to lose in the beginning, I am speaking from experience. Done this a few times since the 70's actually. I AM going to stick with it this time, new way of living, not dieting! I have those hormone and thyroid issues going on as well, also dealing with major knee problems. I WILL figure it ALL out, new way to EAT and new way to MOVE! Sparkpeople is my new tool. emoticon

DSTINCHCOMB1 SparkPoints: (40,480)
Fitness Minutes: (12,532)
Posts: 192
7/22/12 7:01 A

I was born in November 1959. I started SparkPeople 4 weeks ago. Been a bit discouraged as I've actually gained 3 pounds but have changed some hormone therapy too. At least it's not continuing to go up and I feel great. Have 15 pounds to lose. Plan to lose it even it takes a while. Hoping the scale next week is going the opposite direction:}

7/20/12 3:18 P

Feb 1959 here...

ABOLIN7 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (766)
Posts: 1
6/24/12 1:57 P

Yes, I was born in July of 1959. I know what you mean about it being harder to lose weight. Last year, I did lose 63 pounds, but have struggled to keep it off. I am currently working on losing 12 pounds to reach my final goal and an additional 2 pounds that I have gained back. I have been as much as 5 pounds over the original 63 pounds lost. I could use a buddy to work with, so if you are looking for a buddy to do this with, i would be happy to. It always seems easier when it feels like you aren't doing it alone. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

KATHLEEN593 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (220)
Posts: 1
6/20/12 1:41 P

I just started with Sparkpeople too (last Thursday. ) And my name is Kathleen (kathy) too. I was born in January of 1959. Seems to be very hard these last two years trying to lose weight.

Fitness Minutes: (12,240)
Posts: 464
6/16/12 7:56 P

March 1959

LADYBIRD82 Posts: 1,700
6/16/12 11:22 A

Born in Seattle Washington, March 2, 1959.

LIZVAUGHN59 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 11
6/13/12 11:40 P

By the way, today is my first day. It hasn't been too tough but I'm really, really hungry right now, so I think I may have to go to bed before I attack the fridge!!!

LIZVAUGHN59 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 11
6/13/12 11:39 P

I was born October, 1959. I pointed out to my youngest son this year on his birthday that he was born in 1989. 30 years apart!

MARYWIG Posts: 6
6/13/12 5:29 P

I was born in April 1959. And all of a sudden (last two years) everything went to hell in a hand basket with new thyroid med and other stuff. Trying to get a handle on it before it gets worse.

BTW there's a great success story for a 52-year-old woman getting fit here: "

Check out the slide show at the bottom.

MISSDAISY23 Posts: 16,370
6/11/12 10:19 P

I was born in November 1959.

LISAWRITES1 SparkPoints: (4,899)
Fitness Minutes: (20)
Posts: 10
6/6/12 7:57 P

You've come to the right place. Everyone here is fighting the same battle and there's strenght in numbers. emoticon

LISAWRITES1 SparkPoints: (4,899)
Fitness Minutes: (20)
Posts: 10
6/6/12 7:54 P

I was born in March of '59. I actually used to have the same bathing suit you're wearing in your photo except mine was white. I guess that means we have a few things in common. I need to lose 20 pounds. I lost 17 with weight watchers last year but I've put 7 back on. I've got that middle age spread thing going and I am not going to let it get out of hand this time. A 20 pound weight loss goal sounds so much better than 30 pounds. I plan to reach my goal before the end of September.

MOM2HANDE Posts: 67
6/6/12 7:30 P

Born October 1959. Been here a while, been struggling, for a long time....I am back to make another valiant effort.... emoticon

GEORIAL Posts: 8
6/6/12 5:42 P

Born November 1959. Just started SparkPeople last week. Want to lose 40 lbs.

6/2/12 1:47 P

Born in June 1959. I've been using sparkpeople since December of last year. I've lost 25 pounds, am down to my goal weight and can wear the same size jeans I did when my wife and I were married in 1983.

KGULLETT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 3
5/24/12 11:29 A

Hi today is my first day on Sparkpeople. My name is Kathy and I was born February 1959 and I am interest in losing weight and feeling great!!!

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5/10/12 6:10 P

Those elementary school hair cuts in black and white look so funny now to me. rural New Mexico

MEOHMY11 SparkPoints: (4,131)
Fitness Minutes: (5,408)
Posts: 30
5/10/12 12:16 P

Born July 25, 1959 Live in Farmington Utah... Loving it


KCWIND SparkPoints: (43,727)
Fitness Minutes: (37,590)
Posts: 725
5/10/12 10:21 A

Born June of 1959 .I live in STL, MO. Been doing Spark People since June. Have lost 40 pounds!

5/10/12 7:10 A

I am on the tail of the baby boom emoticon I live in Atlantic Canada.

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