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2/3/14 7:08 P

From the most recent post; the original poster is not "juicing" rather the original poster is doing a "smoothie" diet. Sounds like the machine includes the pulp/fiber. It also sounds like yogurt is also used in the drinks as well as protein powder. So that is why I refer to this as more of a smoothie/protein shake type program; "not" a true juicing program.

To the original poster: Thanks for providing greater detail on your plan. Since you provided more info; it is easier to determine that more of your nutritional needs are being met. However, do check the accuracy of the protein content in your veggies. I looked up raw spinach and broccoli in the USDA food database...
1 cup chopped raw broccoli only has 2.57 grams protein
1 cup spinach, raw only has .86 grams

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When you say you are blending...are you using a juicer that extracts the pulp and only drinking the actual juice? Or are you basically making a smoothie with all the peel and stuff, too? I just bought a juicer that extracts the pulp and am loving it like crazy. I have made some fantastic juices and some interesting say the least. It is very healthy and if I make a veggie juice then I use the left overs for a soup...freeze it each time in a container and I have stock for soup!

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As a dietician, you should be aware that 1 cup of broccoli gives roughly 4-5g of protein. I use a lot of spinach in my juice recipes as spinach contains about 5-6g of protein per cup. Kale, watercress, collard greens and turnip greens are also veggies that have a decent amount of protein in them. Many fruits such as peaches and strawberries also yield protein. Calcium is included inthe yogurt used in the huice,. On days when I work out, I add a scoop pf protein powder if I feel the need. I also include a multivitamin daily with an added zinc.

People who juice are actually ingesting more fruits/veggies then the normal person on a regular diet, therefore in a far better state of nutrition.

I blend the entire vegetable and fruit and drink it for all meals. I also include any type of juice/liquid on the side including milk for the calcium....

I did ask if anyone else was doing a juice fast, not for advice on starting one, but Thank you anyway :/

2/2/14 2:43 P

I am not sure what you mean by "juicing"---but juice does not contain the needed amounts of so many nutrients; such as protein, iron, zinc, calcium, B-vitamins, fiber, etc, etc.

60 days is a long time to be in such a state of poor nutrition.

As a Registered Dietitian---I would not suggest this to anyone. It could be very dangerous.

I encourage you to talk to your health care professional about your planned diet.

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2/2/14 1:12 P

I actually have thought about doing this. I am not a big veggie lover so I thought that this would be a good way to get some of the ones I don't care for but that are good for me into my diet. If I do it, it will only be like as 1 meal replacement. Maybe for lunch.

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2/2/14 1:01 P

Good luck to you! I do juice, but just as a supplement, and to get more fruits and veggies in.

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2/1/14 3:08 P

I certainly have, Thank you :)

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2/1/14 2:47 P

I hope you've done a lot of research. Sixty days on nothing but liquid produce could potentially be extremely unhealthy.

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2/1/14 1:35 P

Nice! I did it a while back for 2 weeks, felt great. I am aiming for 60, but will be happy if I can get through 30 days then see how I feel :)

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2/1/14 1:32 P

I'm juicing as well! I'm probably only doing it for two or three weeks though, not 60 days :/


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2/1/14 1:27 P

Started a 60 day juice fast today! Looking for anyone else in the same boat to share goals and updates.

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