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5/10/14 8:22 A

Of course I'd recommend your doctor give you some recommendations, but I did have a lot of the issues with breathing problems you did. I thought my diet was good and it really needed improvement (not saying thats the case with you, but it was with me). I now eat a huge amount of fruits and vegetables, etc. I have not had an acute asthma attack in about 3 years and only had one low-level flare up last year when everyone at the office had a bad chest cold (they all missed days of work though and i did not!)

The reason I'm bringing this up is my doctors all sort of said 'well this is how it is, you can take these medications and thats about it and its always going to be like this' and once i really improved my intake of vegetables and fruits i have had big, measurable improvements. good luck!

5/10/14 2:03 A

Thanks everyone for your responses. I am sorry I have not responded before now, its been a very busy week.

I have been trying to take the stairs more often (i live on the 8th floor) and take extra steps where I can. I know that going to a doctor to get a physical therapist is best but to be honest it is simply impossible for me right now. I live in China and am learning the language but things like therapy are very new concepts in many places. I live in a small city and have never even heard of a PT here even with severe injuries.

So I will do what I can on my own and try to count calories. I would cook more but the place we have does not have a sink so its a huge pain to cook on a regular basis. We are hoping to move to a bigger city soon (a few months) so we will see how that goes.

Oh I am going to try to get back into yoga, i Used to do it and loved it. :) Thanks everyone!

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4/30/14 2:57 P

I agree with Coach Jen, definitely check with a doctor to get referred to a physical therapist. Also, just tracking your nutrition and keeping your calorie count in check should help. Walking extra steps when you can. Also, what about checking out Yoga? It's not a huge calorie burner, but it can help strengthen your muscles. I have loose rotator cuffs and I have done some isometric strengthening using therabands to help strengthen the muscles around the joint.

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4/30/14 1:30 P


Based on your medical history, I don't know that we'll be able to give you specific exercise advice. I'd recommend talking to your doctor about it, and they might even be able to give you a referral to see a physical therapist who can create a set of exercises specific to your needs (to address your joint issues).

The good news is that when it comes to weight loss, the majority of your progress is going to come from diet, not exercise. So even if you can't be as active as you'd like, you can still lose weight consistently if you're tracking your food and staying in your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges daily.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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4/30/14 11:05 A

If I were you, I would only focus on getting three hours of exercise per week. I would do more weight training on machines, with all your joint problems I would not be using free weights. I think you are doing a lot more walking and if you move like you are late that should be good enough for cardio. Add more protein to your diet and less carbs while you are in calorie deficit. This will help you retain your muscle while giving you the opportunity to burn fat. Finally, get enough sleep. If you exercise too much during the week your body may just end up using muscle to make up the energy that it needs. One last point, do not reduce your caloric intake more that 10% of your daily needs. So if your caloric needs are 1200 per day do not eat less than 1080 calories. It just does more harm than good.

4/30/14 10:30 A

Howdy Everyone!!

Ok so I am wanting to really get in shape, loose weight and get as healthy as possible. I have some difficulties though. I have been doing the best I could but would like some input from some other people. :) There are several things that make exercising difficult and while they were excuses in the past they are things I am trying to work around now.

Ok so I am a married 28 year old female who has never had a child but would like to in the future. Our plans for a family got put on track by moving to China. So we just moved here and I am trying to learn how to cook again (taught myself a little before) but it is difficult without knowing very much about the culture or the language.

I am trying to eat as healthy as I can and am trying to eat processed foods, soda, candy, bread, etc as much as possible but still allowing for a treat now again (ie one pop per week or 1-3 small pieces of choc per week). Anyway, I have also trying to exercise daily on top of the normal walking just about everywhere you need to go lol.

So my limitations are mostly health however i do have some......concerns about my joints, mostly my knees. I know being overweight is bad on your knees so i know that is a huge problem which as stated I am trying to remedy, but I also have double jointed or loose joints in my knees, shoulders, elbows, and hands. My main concern there is my knees as they are most prone to injury especially being clumsy and over weight. I do experience painful twinges (not constant pain) sometimes and fear this might indicate a possible future problem. I have always had a problem with my knees dislocating as well. For instance I can not kneel on the ground and sit on my calf/ankles, like so many do, for more then a couple of minutes before my knees start to pull apart. I have pulled my right knee completely out of socket before. All i was told was to rest and loose weight. Nothing more specific.

So my major health issue is that I have an undiagnosable (the doctors words) seizure disorder. My triggers are stress, loud noises, tiredness, flashing lights, and rapid increases in heart rate. Which of course makes cardio and other exercising very difficult. So lately I have been trying to do low intensity cardio or stretches for a few minutes at a time a 2-5 per day in order to stair step my way up to more consistent things. Today i was able to do a 10 min mild workout with little problem!! I know it doesnt sound like much but it is an accomplishment I am proud of! :)

So the other problem I have is chronic bronchitis and chest colds. A doctor diagnosed me as having "reactive airway" disease. I dont doubt it because I have a huge amount of scarring from repetitive bronchitis and pneumonia. It would be a normal year to have 1 or 2 cases of pneumonia and 6-10 cases of bronchitis. I also went to the same doctor and he never seemed to think anything of it so I just thought that I inherited my father's horrible immune system (which is still true).

Anyway, thank you for reading my novel of an introduction and for putting up any input you may half. Please feel free to ask any questions you want or need and I will do my best to answer them. :)

Thank you everyone!!

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