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2/11/14 7:03 P

Try Spark's Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center for some ideas for seated workouts.

Take it easy and don't push yourself too hard during these workouts. There's a balance between staying active and keeping a routine of regular exercise, and pushing too hard and derailing your recovery.


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2/11/14 5:27 P

thanks a bunch guys that means a lot. im the type who doesnt like to sit still for very long however thats true about doing upper body work outs...

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2/11/14 4:32 P

Being on crutches is a good sign to sit this one out.

It's OKAY to rest; focus on healing, and getting better, and worry about getting active again after you're not hobbling around on three legs. :)

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2/11/14 4:21 P

have you considered upper body strength training while seated? It's not aerobic but at least it's something and most of us could use more work in that area.


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2/11/14 4:02 P

I'm not the pro you are asking for but have had an ankle injury. If you can get in water which would mean going to the YMCA that would help a lot.

When exercising you have to just keep moving one foot at a time.
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2/11/14 3:36 P

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I'm not an expert and don't really have any idea what you could do but I just wanted to say I hope you recover quickly!

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2/11/14 2:04 P

I recently had a knee injury I pulled the big muscle in the knee area, doc wants me to be on crutches for a few days, although i'm trying to stay active its not easy, i'm wondering if there is anyone on here that is professional on things like this that could give me tips of different workouts i could possibly still do?

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