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2/19/14 6:48 A

Joel Furhman is one of the experts I adore. I am currently in a Master's in Holistic Nutrition and between studying for that program and reading books like Dr. Furhman's, T. colin Campbell's, Dean Ornish's, and others I'm pulling together my own plan for life. I figure I have nothing to lose as each of the programs I am following is healthier than anything I would do without a plan.
My ultimate goal is to have all whole foods, plant-based but, given the real world I live in (a city with restaurants and a life-style that involves a lot of travel) I am unlikely to attain the ultimate secondary, more realistic goal involves coming as close to that as possible each day. My foods are starting to simplify and I find that my palate is changing. I realized two weeks ago that I was actually addicted to salt (which I am learning in my holistic program is even worse for us than I previously thought) so I have cut out as much salt as possible. Within a few days I noticed a kind of tongue was aching for some salt...when I didn't oblige, the sensation went away and now my palate is more sensitive and tastes my fresh foods in a new and wonderful way.
By the way, have you seen the documentary Forks over Knives? It is available on Netflix and was my starting point a year ago...I believe everyone should see it.
Happy eating!!

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2/17/14 11:19 P

I've got some firm tofu in the fridge that I will make according to your directions. I thought I would just crumble it into a greek salad and have it look like feta cheese, but your suggestion sounds way yummier. Thanks again. Today I made an asian soup with vegetable broth and shirataki noodles and tossed in mushrooms, broccoli and carrots. I also had leftover meatless loaf from the night before so I only had to put together a mixed vegie salad and that was dinner. I had some wasabi sauce on the side just for an extra kick. Loved the heat but it tasted a bit too sweet for my liking. I'm having an off day today, lethargic and unmotivated, and can't seem to figure it out?? I took a bath in the middle of the day (something I NEVER do)...Oh well, this too shall pass. Perhaps I'm detoxing???

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2/17/14 1:14 P

I learned a technique for cooking tofu that I really like: cut the firm tofu into cubes that aren't too thick. Put on a plate and top with a paper towel (or two). Put another same size plate on top of that. Put a few heavy books on the top of THAT plate (you can salt eggplant slices and use the same technique to lose moisture from the eggplant...) Leave for a few hours (I have left it overnight) and then drain off the moisture from the plate. Wrap the cubes individually (I use that sticky paper that's called Press n' Seal - Glad makes it). Freeze. After the cubes have frozen (I keep a supply in the freezer now), take out what you need, unwrap and then press them again the way I described. If there's any moisture there, you can drain that off.

The tofu will have a texture that I like much better. I dust it with cornstarch, fry it and then put in the oven (350 degrees) while I'm making the rest of the meal. It will never be browned, just golden. And it will be slightly crunchy outside, firm and almost crumbly inside. Tastes great in a stir-fry. My daughter likes to take the fried tofu and braise it or add it to a substantial soup or a soupy Asian sauce.

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2/17/14 12:03 A

Hey Algebragirl. Thanks for the tip. I checked out the Whole Foods Superstore site and I found a few recipes that I will try. Tonight I made a mushroom and black bean meatloaf and used chia seeds instead of egg and loved the results. Next time I will use this same recipe and make meatballs for a pasta dish. Even my meat eating husband said that it was delicious!! Thanks for the suggestion.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
2/16/14 2:04 P

At one time, Whole Foods Supermarket had some sort of rating system or labeling system that helped identify good Eat to Live foods. I don't think they do that anymore, but their website (google 'Whole Foods supermarket') has great vegan and vegetarian recipes.

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2/16/14 11:24 A

Thanks Renataruns for the suggestions...I think that to be successful in this venture will mean that I have to add variety in my eating plan. I'll search those web sites that you posted and go from there. Thanks again for your reply. emoticon

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2/16/14 10:01 A

Yeah, tons. :)

The single best way to get ideas though is probably to scour vegan and vegetarian recipe websites for things that look appetizing and easy. There are so many of them out there these days that I'd think just about anyone would find lots of options perfect for them. It can be very hard for a person who's used to eating in the meat plus vegetable plus starch paradigm to adapt to a low-meat diet -- as you are perhaps finding, after plain vegetables, salads and the occasional soup, where do you go? You can't exactly just replace the slab of meat with a slab of seitan or tofu after all; that would be dire.

Mostly you'll find a lot of "all in one pot" meals, with the bulk of the calories coming from grains, beans, lentils, quinoa and so on (or depending on the cuisine also stuff like tofu or seitan, though I personally can't cook that stuff for my life and save it for restaurants), plus the cooking oil.

Here's a couple of sites to get you started:

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2/15/14 10:54 P

Hi all. I'm new to this forum and after watching several documentaries, Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead, Vegecated, Supersize Me, I came across The China Study, and then stumbled across Joel Fuhrman's Eat To Live PBS series. I've also seen some other great and inspirational speakers on Ted Ex all promoting the value of a plant based diet, and it makes sense. I realize that this information has been around a while, yet I didn't find it until now perhaps because I 'wasn't ready for it. But I am now and I have committed to eating this way, and introducing a predominantly plant based diet to my family. I've made some changes fruit in the am either a piece or two or a blended smoothie with berries and other fruit, lunch is bean and mushroom soup and raw vegies, and dinner has been 'the salad is the main dish' with steamed vegies and a handful of nuts or seeds. I'm looking for easy entree ideas that don't take a lot of time to prepare and that are appealing to my whole family, any suggestions??

JAIZWAYS Posts: 2,266
12/8/13 10:55 P

DearKaty I am glad to have your company on this journey. I too do not believe that this is a restrictive type of diet. I generally eat whole foods and lots of fruits and veggies and I mainly eat vegetarian. I just need a framework to get me back on trac.
I have made a list of the things that are usually in my diet but are off limits in these 6 weeks.
Milk - I will try soy milk in my tea(decaf)
I will see how it goes - if I really need one of the above I plan to allow myself the item once in the week. I am sure there are other things as well like dark chocolate.
I am going to track but not worry about the numbers - I took so long to get into the tracking habit I don't want to lose it. I don't think you have to track.

My plan for tomorrow
Breakfast - Smoothie including banana, berries, spinach, soy milk and flax seeds
Lunch - large salad (weighed) with garbanzo beans, nuts and balsamic vinegar
Dinner - I made a big pot of vegetable soup with kidney beans and lentils. Fruit for dessert

I will let you know how it goes and I look forward to hearing how you are doing. I know that some days will be easier than others and I am not perfect but the main thing is not to beat myself up and just get back on track.

Good luck

12/8/13 3:18 P

Well, I am going to give it a try also. I have been familiar with Dr. Fuhrman for a long time, and have all his books, but I don't know why I don't just stick with it. I don't think eating nutritarian is necessarily restrictive, except maybe keeping animal proteins down to 6 oz. per week as a goal, most of the rules seem to be to eat more. Eat more healthy foods. I wonder how you track though or if I should even bother.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
12/8/13 12:51 P

No. I no longer do restrictive/special diets, I seem to be ok for a month or two then end up going back to the foods I enjoy then begin to eat to much beginning the yo-yo again. I gave up Nothing and eat All the foods I enjoy in moderation-and losing!.

JAIZWAYS Posts: 2,266
12/8/13 11:45 A

I have just been reading and researching Dr Fuhrman's Eat to Live program and I am going to give it a try as I need to do something different. I would love to hear from anyone who is currently following this lifestyle as I will need ideas and support.

Also would welcome anyone else who is just starting the 6 week plan. Tomorrow is Day 1 for me. Today is a transition day - planning, shopping and cleaning out what I don't want to eat for the next 6 weeks.

I know Christmas is coming and that makes it tougher, but I plan to follow strictly when I am at home and do my best when I am at other peoples homes. That way I know that I will be in better shape than if I don't start now when I am really motivated.

looking forward to hearing from any other ETLers.

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