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1/7/13 7:58 P

I've never tried it out myself, but the idea is pretty sound. It probably won't replace actual exercise, but it IS something that will increase overall activity levels, because instead of just standing, you'd be moving. If $70 wasn't "expensive" to me right now, I probably would get it... especially because I can get a $60 voucher for only $30 for Gaiam (which btw, if you end up wanting the stepper, you can sparkmail me and I can send you the details for how to get one of those vouchers if you want), plus they have that 15% off sale :P

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1/7/13 1:40 P

Hello.....Just wondering if anyone has ever used the Gaiam Stepper. I thought it would be good
to use while watching tv or even doing dishes because it's small and can be lifted in and out of a cupboard easily. Reading mixed reviews. It's only about $70 but don't feel like wasting even that amount if anyone knows for certain that it's no good.

Thanks for any input!

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