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ZUEPEA Posts: 112
3/21/12 5:51 P

I just have to say, YOU ARE AMAZING! My mother was also a mom of five. She had to balance work, school, us monsters and an abusive husband. She strove through it all. I know she must have had hard times where she could have used some sort of support. And I'm sure every inch of support she got she clung to like a grasshopper to a blade of grass in a hurricane. So don't listen to the ones who tease or humiliate you. Instead listen to yourself and to those who support you. You are doing this to better yourself and be the best You that you can be. I think that makes you AMAZING. The fact that you are so good with your kids and trying so hard to raise them to the be their best shows even more so that you are deserving of better health. You DESERVE to be happy. And I may not know you, but I am so proud of you! Keep pushing forward. Don't give in! And most importantly do what you have to do to make yourself feel better and live up to the AMAZING that you are.

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3/19/12 12:41 P

Have you told them you are not on a diet. I have said this often (see recent blog), Spark People, to me, is not a diet. This is a life changing journey, I am changing my relationship with food. I am no longer letting food control me, I am controlling the food. Once I reach my goal, and I will, I am not going back to eating the way I did before. My family is making this change with me. My husband and two boys (9 and7) are having to eat what I eat. We are all changing how we eat, MUCH more veggies. When I make a new recipe we all eat it. No fast food, not healthy for any of use. This is a day by day change. You are changing old habits and ways. Once you reach your goal you will still need to drink your water. Hope you get the support, advice and the tools you need to succeed. Please do not let others decide if you are going to be healthy. Sorry to sound preachy, this is just such an important decision you have made and to not get the support you need at home makes me a little crabby. You can do this.

3/19/12 9:48 A

I understand your feelings. Just keep focusing on your plan and when your family sees your successes they will change their tune. Use all of us at Sparkpeople as your sounding board and we'll be your cheerleaders and support.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
3/19/12 9:39 A

Have you tried talking to your husband and daughter? I'd start there. Explain to him that it's important to you to make healthy changes so that you can be an active mom, and you'd appreciate it if he'd be supportive. Then, both of you should talk to your daughter and tell her that dad realizes that it's not good to put someone down because they are trying something new. Tell her you're doing it for her and her siblings so that you can be healthy & be around for a long time and do fun things with them. Try to get her involved in some new activities. Go for walks more, etc. I am very lucky that I have a "gym rat" for a husband, so even though our goals and "diets" are vastly different, he respects my training and eating habits and "gets" it.

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3/18/12 12:24 P

Stick with it for yourself, you are important and being happy and healthy matters, there is lots of support to be found here. emoticon

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3/17/12 7:39 P

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They're making fun of you because you're doing something different.

And to be honest, if you quit, you give the haters more fuel for hating. "haha, mom can't even stay on a diet for more than 3 days!"

As the PP said, SHOW THEM WITH ACTION. Say to yourself, I will make every single person who doesn't believe in me eat their words.

BOOGERDOO SparkPoints: (76,530)
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3/16/12 10:47 P

howdy! I am a fellow newbie and I know EXACTLY how you feel I have twins who are 8 and a 4 year old. I also have a worthless husband! He does nothing but belittle me and flat out laughs in my face if I even look really hard at that cookie or piece of cake. I am a big girl at 227 proud Iowan corn fed girl. But not for long. i have decided to turn the sneers, offensive comments, and down right hatred into personal motivation. #1 - I absolutely hate water! since I hate how they (family) make me feel more, every time they make a mean comment, i drink a really big glass of cold water with a squirt of Mio Lemon in it just to kill the taste. This way I can't comment because my mouth is occupied and I am fulfilling one of my goals by having a glass of water. Hang tough and you have probably already sacrified enough for your family don't sacrifice your health too. You need to have something you can take ownership of too!

LRIDDLE05 Posts: 8
3/16/12 9:07 P

I'm new to this site & to dieting really. I have never even tried to diet but I'm tired of having to buy new pants cause they are getting to small & I want to stop wearing my pregnancy pants. I have 5 wonderful kids ages 11yrs, 5yrs, 4yrs, & twin 4months on the 21st. I decided to start this diet like 3 days ago & I found this site to help me get started & to keep track of everything. Knowing how I get when people makes funny of me, joke about something I'm doing, or anything like that I usually stop doing it. Well ever since I decided to go on this diet to lose all the baby weight from my twins my husband & oldest daughter keeps bringing it up, making jokes, & I feel they are making fun of me in away. I just started but I want to quit already. Does anyone else have to put up with stuff like that or is it just my family? What can I do to keep going when they are bringing my spirit drown?

Thank-You for taking the time to listen

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