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4/24/13 3:59 A

Thankfully I don't have to deal with the same type of nonsense of "eat whatever you want" (isn't that what got me where I am today?). I do however have to deal with the husband that will ask me, "Aren't you on a diet? Why are you eating that? You ate the whole candy bar?" Seriously... I am limiting my calories all day to allot those calories of the candy bar, duh! My husband doesn't fully get that a calorie is a calorie, it is simple math. I'm glad he manages the bills and checkbook better than my caloric intake. @_@

4/17/13 8:14 P

Aren't enablers usually bad? Yes, my husband hit up the Easter candy discount rack at the grocery store. I let him know that I wouldn't have bought any of it. He also knows food makes me happy so he lets me swing wide, either really healthy or an Easter egg Snickers on top of ice cream with caramel syrup. No one else puts the food in my mouth though... emoticon

4/17/13 7:47 P

I totally get the unsupportive husband. Mine refuses to eat new foods, and only likes two vegetables so the repetition is old. plus, with a new adventure in his career, the balance of who does what has shifted, and I seem to have lost my work out time. All I can say is hang in there, ultimately it's up to ourselves.

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4/17/13 11:29 A

Ah, the jackass husband. I used to have one of those myself. :)

As for the first part, keep doing what you know is best for YOU. Cook the meals you want. I'm lucky, my husband loves the meals I cook. He also can eat anything and not gain weight. Drives me insane, because LOOKING at a doughnut makes me gain five pounds, all in my ass.

Explain to him ONCE how you don't have six hours a day to go exercise, which is what you would need if you ate like he did. As for him calling you stupid, well, that's something that can't be fixed without violence, so I'll leave that up to you to decide what you want to do to him. :)

Just keep doing what you know is right for you, and he will learn to deal with it. If he doesn't.....well, there's always more violence. :)

4/16/13 4:25 P

Here's the husband doesn't believe in limiting yourself. I mean that literally. He DOES NOT BELIEVE IN IT. When I count calories he scoffs. When I drink water even though I want pop he tells me I'm being stupid. If I refuse to have a late-night snack while we're watching a movie because I've already maxed my calories for the day he gets all huffy because he thinks he can't have something if I'm not having it. And don't even get me started on when I try to cook healthier foods for the family. He acts like I'm trying to kill him.

The problem is there are two things about my husband:
1. He's one of those people who can eat whatever the hell he wants and not gain weight. He's 5'9 and about 160 lbs, and that's where he's been for the past two years that he's spent eating everything in site, noshing on junk food constantly, and drinking nothing but coffee and pop.
2. He honestly believes that you should eat whatever you want and just exercise however much you have to in order to work it off. He genuinely doesn't get the concept that if I eat a Big Mac it means I'll have to go running for, like, two hours to work it off. He refuses to understand that there aren't enough hours in the day to exercise off the foods he wants (and encourages) me to eat. Hell, the other day while we were out he bought $40 worth of discounted Easter chocolate. Now I have that stuff in my house, taunting me all day, and he can't understand why I don't just EAT it if I want it.

For the most part I just ignore him, but it can be extremely frustrating and sometimes he does, in fact, affect how I eat in a bad way. The thing is, he's not an un-supportive guy...most of the time he's the peak of support. But his views on good diet are FIRM. Trying to convince him otherwise is like trying to convince a hardcore Christian that God doesn't's just not gonna happen.

Anyone else have to deal with this kind of nonsense?

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