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1/24/12 9:07 P

I'm not a huge water fan either. I do like it hot (boil it) with a slice of lemon/orange/lime (or all three!). Of course... it's also cold outside so that makes this seem even better!

NEPTUNE1939 Posts: 16,990
1/24/12 8:24 P

No, I have a 2-1/2 cup container by my bedside. By the time I eat breakfast it is nearly empty. If your water taste in preventing your drinking, purchase a water filter. Drinking H2O is a major issue in shedding fat and retaining muscle. It also helps your liver from doing double duty by helping your kidney's process waste. Doing so your liver does not do all it's capable of in protecting your health.

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1/24/12 8:16 P

I don't have much trouble through the week at work, but I do have trouble on the weekends.

LISAWMI SparkPoints: (50,169)
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1/24/12 8:16 P

I don't care much for water but luckily I like the crystal lite. However I like the taste of filtered water much better than tap water or some bottled waters. Maybe try a brita?

JAZZ20 Posts: 1,035
1/24/12 8:13 P

Water is about the only thing I drink.

CAREFREEME Posts: 1,867
1/24/12 8:09 P


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1/24/12 7:55 P

I drink a lot of green tea every day. I know it has some caffeine, so I usually cut myself off before 3:00 pm. I love brewing my green tea way longer than recommended, so that it is strong and bitter. If you don't like fruity drinks, you might like a strong green tea! One of my favorite blends is Kyoto Cherry Rose, which is carried by lots of loose tea retailers. The rose flavor is stronger than the cherry flavour, by far.
I also like genmaicha, which is green tea blended with roasted brown rice. This is about as far from fruity as it can get- brewed, it's rich and earthy and well, it has a great undertone of rice.

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1/24/12 7:43 P

I have a hard time drinking the 8 glasses mostly in the winter. I found that if I heat the water and add a slice of lemon this helps alot

MICHPELL2 Posts: 8
1/24/12 4:23 P

I used to have trouble getting all the water down but mainly because I was a diet pepsi addict! try drinking it with a straw also sometimes when it is room temp it helps ,I drink about 5 litres a day now and find if I dont I just dont feel right ,good luck getting it down

1/24/12 3:49 P

So what do you drink?
What beverages have you been using to quench your thirst and meet fluid needs?
Dietitian Becky

GOPINTOS Posts: 6,263
1/24/12 1:49 P

I use to drink a gallon of sweet tea each day. Now I drink only water. Well mostly water. I might have a cup or two of coffee, and once in awhile a green tea. There's green tea in one of my supplements so I don't worry so much about drinking it anymore. The straw trick is what did it for me. I also drink them iced, which I have heard your body works harder to warm it up. I do start my day with a cup of warm water so that I don't shock myself too much w/ice cold water :) I just have a glass with a straw in it all the time. Sitting here at the computer, it is always in front of me. My favorite glass is 1.5 w/4 ice cubes. I keep track on the tracker how many times I fill it. Then at the end of the day, I take that number and multiple it by 1.5. I drink alot of water now, well alot for me. Most days 15 but I have gone up to 22 or 24. So it is helpful for me to not drink any thing else after supper, so I dont have to get up during the night.. I am trying hard to work on my sleep also :) The other thing, we have a Reverse Osmosis on our well water, so we are drinking the RO water.

JOSIEBON Posts: 244
1/24/12 1:08 P

At this time of year, I like my water hot. I fill a coffee mug with tap water and put it in the microwave for 1 min 20 seconds. It sounds strange I know, but I find it very comforting. On dark cold days like we are having today I will likely have 2-3 cups of hot water while I'm at work.
Normally I hate drinking water, but when it's warm I find it goes down smoothly.
It's cheaper and easier than flavourings too!

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/24/12 12:30 P

I don't dislike it, but I had to get used to drinking enough.

It can take practice, but everyone can get used to drinking water. Just stick with it and gradually increase your intake, if you need more fluid. You don't have to drink it in huge quantities all at once.

You can add things to your water that don't make them taste like fruit. Try cucumber slices in a pitcher in the fridge. It gives the water a clean, fresh taste that isn't at all fruity. Or do you like herbal teas?

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1/24/12 12:20 P

I used to, but I've found if I drink it ICE COLD and only through a straw, it really help me. I'm on my third week of only drinking water, and it's so easy now!

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1/24/12 12:18 P

Drinking water gags me. I can't stand the taste of it. And yes I am aware that there are powder flavors that you can put in it, but I don't like fruity tasting drinks either. Actually I dislike them more so than the water by itself. Anyone else have this problem?

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