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9/15/13 9:33 A

For me it is not looking at breakfast as the traditional foods we our accustomed to eating. The word breakfast comes from breaking the fast from sleeping. So to get some nutrition's or fuel in our bodies so it work and handle the tasks we ask it to do:can run grab some crackers, and some fruit or veggies so the body has something to work with. We don't drive our cars without gas or oil. Even if we can only put in a few dollars to get from A to B and do more later. We need to look at our bodies in the same function. Otherwise it breakdown and we get hit with a huge repair bill.

JULESELLEN Posts: 1,710
9/15/13 7:13 A

Only to make sure it is a healthy one and not overdo the fat calories in traditional breakfast choices. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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9/14/13 9:13 P

I've was a non breakfast eater my whole life. About 2 months ago, in an attempt to increase the amount of fruits and veggies I eat every day, I started eating a piece of fruit after getting to work. An apple, a pear, a banana or a kiwi. I'm even eating on the weekends ... And, I think this has also helped me cut down on all the coffee I was drinking as well.

BEULAH45 Posts: 779
9/14/13 7:54 P

I just read an article about health myths and the necessity of eating breakfast, especially to lose weight, is one of them. I am not a breakfast fan and only eat a small, protein-packed breakfast if I am working early in the morning. Otherwise, I am usually good until 11A or noon, drinking coffee. I usually don't eat after supper--maybe a small snack right before bed, especially if I worked during the evening.

KAT321123 Posts: 203
9/14/13 6:35 P

I'm going to echo those who say that breakfast isn't necessary and that it's okay to skip. One of my family members usually skips breakfast and lunch and eats most of his calories in the evening and has probably lost around 100 pounds that way and is at his goal weight.

I never used to be a breakfast person and used to respond poorly to food first thing, but I now eat a small meal about 2 hours after waking up, after exercising and getting to work. It's usually overnight oatmeal (sometimes savory, sometimes sweet), but I switch up with vegan breakfast burritos or smoothies sometimes. For me it would be hard to reach my calorie minimum if I skipped breakfast altogether, which also isn't good for you body, so I've trained myself to at least tolerate a small meal. If you are determined to learn to eat breakfast, you *will* be able to achieve it, or at least I did after around 30 years of skipping breakfast =)

So I don't think there's a right or wrong when it comes to this as long as you're getting your nutritional needs met at some point in the day. We're all different people.

ICANONLYTRY SparkPoints: (37,870)
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9/14/13 4:56 P

I cannot eat breakfast. When I eat in the mornings I feel sick for the whole day. On the very rare occasions I wake up hungry, one waffle with no syrup is pretty much all I can stomach for about 3-4 hours after waking up.

CUPCAKE1237 SparkPoints: (11,444)
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9/14/13 4:12 P

The fact that you need to eat breakfast is outdated information, as a matter of a fact, skipping it can do you a world of good! I am a 43 year old old mother of 2, and have lost 20 lbs by eating low carb, lifting weights instead of so much cardio (that is huge!), and skipping breakfast when I feel like it. it's a type of intermittent fasting that is really good for you. Google it :). I also learned a lot on a website called "leangains". Hope this helps!

2WENDYDENE Posts: 715
9/14/13 3:20 P

No problem here. Hungry is how I wake up. Love, Love, Love breakfast. Recently, we acquired a NutriBullet. Could become your best friend. I usually have 2.5 oz of fresh spinach, 1 cup frozen fruit/or fresh, and a scoop of soy protein powder (that is my problem, never get enough protein so, I resorted to powder emoticon ) and ice cold water. Few seconds later a very yummy shake! Satisfying, filling, sweet and good for you food! Good Luck!

9/14/13 9:36 A


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9/14/13 5:35 A

I am the same. I tend to eat my breakfast 2-3 hours after waking. (When my kid and husband eats theirs I usually only have coffee.) I work part time, and rarely early mornings, so I have the luxury of being able to eat when hungry. If I am stressed I tend to skip breakfast, not good, but I find it impossible to force food down when I have no appetite.

You could try to pack two lunches? Or eat a more substantial snack closer to dinner-time? Make sure it has some proteins and fats, fruits just tend to fuel hunger rather than curb it.. (Or at least that is my experience.)

FLUFFYBUNNY81 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/14/13 1:48 A

NO problems here!!! I just LOVE breakfast! My favorite meal of the day!

9/14/13 1:36 A

some times I don't feel like eating right away.... on days I exercise first thing I go without and eat right after that works out good for me but I am slow to get started if I have to eat first when I don't know what and I try for it to be low carbs

FIFIFRIZZLE Posts: 2,148
9/14/13 12:59 A

I really prefer to eat at 11 am. But to start my day I like to have a lovely juicy orange, apple, or kiwifruit. I cut it up Into segments so it is easy to eat, and sometimes take it back to bed with me. Then I Make sure my 11 am breakfast is filling and has plenty of protein. In fact I try to make that a brunch, then eat again at 3.30 -4 pm, just a title snack, maybe a hardboiled egg, some cottage cheese and a piece of fruit. That sees me through my after work exercise session then all I feel like is soup, because at 8.30 at night, it feels too late to eat.
Perhaps if you make sure you have a protein snack in the mid to late afternoon, you can have a lighter dinner, then that might help you feel hungry for breakfast?

BLINGQUEEN:O) Posts: 249
9/13/13 11:38 P

I sometimes have problems with breakfast. If I over indulge the night before, I usually wait until I feel hungry and sometimes that can be mid morning or even noonish. When I make my evening meal smaller and no snackn before bed, I usually can have a good breakfast. Also, I found that if I watch my coffee consumption, I will want breakfast. Yeah, I could live on java in the morning. emoticon So these days, I watch that. I am not too excited about breakfast and usually eat the same thing everyday.

I.M.MAGIC Posts: 13,164
9/13/13 10:10 P

Breakfast doesn't have to be huge, as long as it's balanced... if the muffin has protein, you're fine-- but plan on having a "real" or repeat breakfast an hour or so later, the way farmers used to in the old days. My grandfather was a railroad man but when he retired he returned to the way he was raised: a light snack to tide him over, then feed the animals, milk the cow, collect the eggs, then return to the house to eat his "real" breakfast.

After that, he began the "chores"... mucking out the stalls, cleaning the coop, working in the garden,, etc. I had the privilege of helping him with that for several weekends during the summer--my dad wouldn't take me on the family camping trips any more because I got car sick on the mountain logging roads! LOL

It's a good schedule for that lifestyle--It might work for you too... just sayin'...

Kathy emoticon emoticon

9/13/13 8:28 P

If you eat less at night you WILL be hungry in am :) promise!
It took me a while to figure out

9/13/13 8:25 P

I like to get up a earlier. I usually get up 2 1/2 hours before I need to go to work. That way I relax and my body has time to wake up and get hungry. I have a dvr so I can watch shows on tv that I miss if I go to bed a little early. I usually have a bowl of oatmeal or a chicken breast sandwich for breakfast with a glass of metamucil and water.This will hold me over until my mid morning snack.

TENS_GIRL75 SparkPoints: (8,317)
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9/13/13 4:57 P

Breakfast is my nemesis. I hate eating when I first get up and I work nights so "breakfast" is usually at 3 in the afternoon. After my shift I am starving so I'll pick up some Chick Fil A chicken minis from the cafeteria or my new favorite an egg white sandwich.
If I'm really not feeling breakfast (like when I first get up) I'll just eat a yogurt. That at least takes the hunger edge off so I don't binge later. I think I may get some protein shakes to try also.

NEWDEAL4ME Posts: 84
9/13/13 2:56 P

I have grown to like breakfast over the years. I realize that if I don't eat breakfast I am spent by noon. One of my favorite breakfast meals that I love that is quick and easy---- cottage cheese with pineapple. It keeps me filled until noon. It is so easy. It is quick. I am getting a good amount of protein quickly. I can go on.......

DAVISHJD SparkPoints: (0)
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9/13/13 2:48 P

I hope you don't mind me e-mailing you, but we are the same age, about the same weight, and I am having a very hard time getting truly motivated. I found spark smart over a year go, and have gained weight...I just don't stay motivated. A friend and I started going to the gym, but she stopped after 2 months, and of course so did I. My e-mail is, and I would truly like to learn your secrets. I also work and have a problem eating breakfast.

GMAMA2013 SparkPoints: (2,530)
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9/13/13 1:51 P

NEVER was a breakfast person (unless on vacation!). But at 61, with a slow thyroid, my endocrinologist said I had to eat something to kickstart my metabolism. I'll have my coffee at home and then when I get to the office (about 8am) I'll have an Atkins bar with 15g of protein and between 160-210 calories, depending on flavor. As soon as I added breakfast, I started losing weight. For variety, I'm going to alternate with a protein shake. As long as I continue to lose pounds, I'll have something for breakfast.

GOALMOTO SparkPoints: (61,918)
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9/13/13 11:43 A

I used to not eat breakfast but now I do and found out I have more energy in the morning. But the problem I have is trying to decide what to eat that is not high in calories so I can balance out my meal plan and daily calorie intake so that is what I am having problems with.

BEINGFIT26 SparkPoints: (1,262)
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9/13/13 11:15 A

i used to hate breakfast. i overeat during lunchtime. what i did is to plan my breakfast ahead. also, try eating it early on so you don't get too full before lunchtime.

YOUDUNN SparkPoints: (3,677)
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9/13/13 10:10 A

I have a problem with all the conflicting reports regarding eating breakfast. I believe it depends on the individual's circumstances, as to what time to break fast, how much to eat and what food choices to make.

BETHGRO SparkPoints: (16,227)
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9/13/13 9:51 A

Uhhhh...breakfast...I force myself to eat it. Mostly it will be liquid (peanut butter and banana shake), rarely it will be actual food. I've never been a breakfast eater. I don't even drink coffee either. Breakfast to me was always for special occasions like Christmas Morning and your birthday. But atlas I'm trying. The shakes help and I hear that if I keep it up it should stick!
Good luck everyone!!


BETTYMSG Posts: 1,025
9/13/13 9:15 A

emoticon Good Morning everyone, I can relate to what all of you are saying. Now at 77 yrs young, I am still not a breakfast eater. I like at least 2 cups of coffee before I make myself get a piece of whole grain toast, then put peanut butter or apple butter on it. My DH is a breakfast eater so about 3 times a week I do make eggs,scrambled or fried with some turkey bacon and or oatmeal. Then I do eat a little of that. If I lived alone I know toast would be it. I do have to say though if I don't eat something after 2 cups of coffee, I start to feel nauseated. For a snack or breakfast, I like to dice an apple and add it to Greek yogurt, blueberry is good. Sometimes that is breakfast. It's light and not too filling. That's my thought for today. Have a good one and track your food. I am battling getting under 150. It is not easy, but we all can do it. Never give up! emoticon Betty

PLUMBER430 Posts: 202
9/13/13 9:12 A

I abhor breakfast. Mornings are for coffee. ONLY. I have tried over the years to change this, including waaaay back in the day when my metabolism was different and I didn't have a weight problem. But it just nauseates me. So I make sure that my first meal of the day has some serious protein in it. And then I don't sweat it.

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
9/12/13 9:35 P

I do fine now, but it was different when I was working.

9/12/13 4:57 P

I do. I had absolutely no appetite in the morning. Just get it down anyway. Habits take time to change and my appetite is growing in the morning. . .

9/12/13 12:20 P

sometimes, on those days I make a shake, with milk, protein powder, kale, fresh spinach, green apple, banana, and other fruit

82NORTH Posts: 119
9/12/13 11:19 A

I used to, until I informed myself on the importance of eating within 30 mins of waking. I adjusted my dinner to an earlier time and made a point of having breakfast everyday.

DGRIFFIN782 Posts: 20
9/12/13 11:10 A

What is the last time you are eating the night before? I find that if I keep to my rule of no eating after 6PM, I will be plenty hungry in the morning!

BITSNPIECES38 Posts: 981
9/12/13 11:07 A

I despise eating in the morning. Absolutely hate it. Didn't like it when I was a kid, still hate it 3+ decades later. Don't enjoy most breakfast foods, don't like smoothies (and with spinach in them? Sorry, to each his own, and go you!! - but it made me blanch), the process of chewing, especially anything crunchy, literally makes me cranky and can put me in a bad mood the rest of the day.

I think it's because I have a sleep disorder and my body's natural circadian rhythm is to sleep from 4/5 a.m. to 10/11 a.m. and I am always forcing my body against that rhythm for my job, and I'm getting up at 7:00 a.m. (and no matter what time I go to bed, I normally don't fall asleep until 3/4ish) - it's the equivalent of people waking up in the middle of the night and having a meal.

JENNKFIT SparkPoints: (64,761)
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9/12/13 9:39 A

I love all of you for making me feel normal. I too get pretty sick in the mornings if I try to eat, but I know how important it is to get some protein in me. I'm awake for several hours before I can get something down, getting ready for work in the morning just knots up my stomach and I just can't eat.

On my drive to work I've been trying to eat an organic string cheese to start off my protein. When I get to work I have a Greek yogurt and fruit for more protein and some carbs to get my blood sugar going again. I always try to bring a nice sandwich to work everyday with olives to eat as a snack and more fruit.

I hate that anyone else feels like I do in the morning (I'm under a gastroenterologists care to manage it) but I'm glad I'm not the only one with a weird tummy in the morning. I used to drink slim fast shakes in the morning, but they got expensive and took away the high protein version after that old massive recall. Now the plastic bottles cost too much for fewer bottles and I've been more conscious about ingredients I eat...I don't like these chemicals in these shakes and don't want to eat them anymore.

KITTYCAT64 Posts: 599
9/12/13 9:27 A

8t is not the breakfast I dislike, but the time it is eaten. I choose to eat it mid morning and that helps. If you work maybe you could eat you stuffing, th hen at morning break have a larger snack.

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RLEEGIRL Posts: 530
9/12/13 8:57 A

a carnation instant breakfast shake will get you protein in the morn

LYNNIEV Posts: 394
9/12/13 8:36 A

Well if you're not eating lunch, regardless of whether or not you eat breakfast, then of course you're going to be famished by dinner.

Sometimes I eat breakfast, sometimes I don't. Most of the time not because even though some mornings I *am* actually hungry, I just don't feel like eating. In those instances, if my stomach is really rumbling, I just drink a glass of skim milk.

Eat what you can in the morning. If it's not a lot, don't stress over it. But try and eat a little more throughout the day. If you have time, have an actual lunch. It doesn't have to be huge, but make sure you add in good protein, as a high-protein meal will keep you feeling fuller longer. Since you're vegan, you can have a nice big salad with chick peas or edamame or something of that nature.

9/12/13 8:04 A

I have never been one to eat before 11 am. I used to keep a jar of peanut butter on my work bench for a mid morning pick me up if my sugar crashed.

But these days I have started making a smoothie in the morning. This morning it is strawberries, kiwi, low fat yogurt, and carnation instant breakfast powder and a hand full of spinach.

the instant breakfast was originally designed for bariatric patients and is pretty balanced stuff. I use the vanilla flavor.

9/11/13 10:53 P

Breakfast is always hard for me too. I usually don't feel like eating at all in the morning. I have found that I lose more weight though if I consistently eat breakfast. I think it's okay to have a small breakfast in the morning just to get your metabolism going but maybe you could increase your calories at lunch? Then you may not be so hungry at dinner time. Your snacks will help too.

9/11/13 5:42 P

I enjoy a light breakfast, too. Listen to your body.

NANAWILDCAT SparkPoints: (3,777)
Fitness Minutes: (1,741)
Posts: 16
9/11/13 4:01 P

Diabetic here too. Breakfast is usually Greek yogurt for protein and some fruit for carbs. I try to eat slowly, because rushing will result in tummy upset. Works most days.

STITCH4EVER SparkPoints: (37,673)
Fitness Minutes: (56,956)
Posts: 4,033
9/11/13 3:40 P

Yup! I'm diabetic and it is imperative that I not skip meals. But eating breakfast has always made me nauseous. So I started slowly with a cup of tea first. Then I get dressed and sit down and eat some yogurt and fruit. It's enough to keep my sugar steady but not so heavy it makes me sick.

VARELSE Posts: 69
9/11/13 3:34 P

Try spreading "breakfast" out over about a 2-3 hour period in the morning. Eat whatever works for you right after waking, even if it is only a muffin, then have a larger 'second breakfast' a couple of hours later when you're more awake. That's what I had to do to get started on 'bigger breakfast' because I had the same problem. Gradually it got easier to eat more of the food at the first meal (5:30 AM for me because of my schedule).

9/11/13 3:30 P

I was never a big breakfast eater until I started thinking outside the box. I am also vegan and I don't generally like cold foods (so smoothies and cereal are out) and if I eat something sweet first thing in the morning (like muffins or frozen waffles), I am virtually guaranteed to be grazing all day. So I started eating a bowl full of grains, beans, and veg for breakfast. Everyone who hears about it thinks it is weird (I get a lot of "That's not breakfast!"), but it is filling and provides a nutrient balance that keeps me full until a small late morning snack. My go-to bowl is 1/2 c. chickpeas, 1/2 c. barley, a handful of kale, and enough frozen mixed vegetables to fill up the 4 c. bowl with a little salad dressing or gravy over top. I boil up the beans and grains on Sunday afternoon and then steam a couple handfuls of kale each morning. In the winter, I swap in roasted veg (also prepped on Sunday), and the bean and grain changes as my pantry and/or mood does.

As others have pointed out, though, this won't be much help if eating in the morning makes you feel sick. Good luck finding an eating pattern and breakfast that works for you!

KELLYK1027 SparkPoints: (7,570)
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Posts: 236
9/11/13 2:06 P

I don't like to eat in the morning, it makes me not feel well. Instead, I make a soy protein shake. I use EAS vegetarian protein with almond milk, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a banana. I get about 25 g of protein, but its close to 400 calories. It keeps me full, provides good fiber, and tastes really good.

ALLEYCATTUS SparkPoints: (32,366)
Fitness Minutes: (13,397)
Posts: 1,935
9/11/13 1:52 P

I ahve never been a bear for breakfast, but it is necessary to kickstart your day and your metabolism...I do have a regular breakfast now, but it is not always wanted...

JBAILEY1122 SparkPoints: (18,666)
Fitness Minutes: (23,239)
Posts: 821
9/11/13 1:25 P

Try oatmeal or cereal with any number of toppings - fresh fruit, shredded coconut, nuts, chia seeds, etc.

Or make a little breakfast sandwich - toast an orowheat sandwich thin and throw some leafy greens and whatever else you have in the fridge on it - top with 1/2 an avocado. YUM!

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
9/11/13 11:52 A

There are a lot of folks who don't eat breakfast at all, or who have very little for breakfast, just because they are not hungry early in the day or they find that eating early makes them nauseated. If that is the case for you, then don't worry about it but plan the rest of your day to get the right balance of calories and nutrients in when you are hungry. You might want to plan on larger snacks throughout the day instead of putting all of your calories in to dinner, for example.

If you really could eat more calories in the morning, but aren't up to a lot of volume, then you might want to consider adding a couple of Tbsp of nut butter on top of your muffin. This will give you more calories, healthy fats, and more nutrients without having more volume. You might also want to consider adding more nuts to your muffin recipe, or adding some hemp hearts to it for the healthy fats and additional protein. If you're ok with drinking more calories in the morning, then you could start making your smoothie a bit larger and make sure that it includes some fats in it so that you are more satisfied.

Hope you figure out what will work best for you!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/11/13 11:52 A

perhaps a light breakfast and a larger snack or lunch?

I don't always eat immediately upon rising; but I do usually eat something.

Like you, if I've short changed myself through the day; I am famished for the evening meal

SWIMMERGIRL0222 Posts: 785
9/11/13 10:52 A

I'm a fairly active person. I've always had a good size appetite. I just can't seem to eat many calories during breakfast. I'm vegan. I usually make banana nut muffins for breakfast but they only have about 100 calories in them. I really have to force myself to eat anything more than one muffin. I usually try to have some fruit or make a small smoothie (with protein powder) to go along with it. Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions for me? When it's dinner time I'm famished and have to eat a bigger sized portion to not be so hungry. I do have small snacks throughout the day. I would love to eat a bigger breakfast and a smaller dinner but my body doesn't like it. Advice/suggestions would be more than appreciated!

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