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KARA623 Posts: 727
1/21/14 11:43 A

I love my Ninja. I don't know if what I have is the Kitchen System. It's a large blender with a smaller food processor. I use the blender 3 x a week and love it. Takes no time at all to blend frozen fruit. I used the food process to chop nuts for a recipe at Christmas and had no complaints about it at all. I had a cheap Hamilton Mill smoothie blender that went belly up after a few uses, and I think the Magic Bullet is too expensive. I think my Ninja was $50.

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1/21/14 8:14 A

It's a blender. It's a good blender that can make excellent frozen drinks for a crowd. I've also used it for batters for cakes, cookies, etc. I use it about as much you would use both a blender and stand mixer. I only wish that I had gotten (it was a gift, btw) the version that had the individual cup base so I could make smoothies for one person.

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
1/21/14 12:24 A

I don't have the big one, but I recently bought the Ninja Kitchen System pulse, pretty much because I did not want a big blender and I wanted something easy to use. It comes with 3 individual cups and also a larger blender cup that can be used for food processing, etc. (comes with a paddle and a dough blade too) but the whole thing is pretty small. I've only used it for smoothies so far (but every day since I got it) and it's been great - everything is really smooth and it's easy to clean.

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NIRERIN Posts: 12,706
1/20/14 5:26 P

my mom had one but replaced it with a magic [? or a nutri? something] bullet because of the space issue [it took up about a 12"x10" space on the counter plus attachments stored elsewhere]. hers had a full sized blender cup and a half size. she used the half size more, but they both took up so much space. had she been making something for two, three or a studio audience it would have been great. but for one person it's a lot of system. it was also a little difficult to clean because of all of the blades. it did a good job blending, but with the cons she swapped to the smaller bullet

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1/20/14 4:56 P

I'm so tempted to buy the Ninja Kitchen System, but don't want it to be a bulky item that will just sit on my counter unused half the time. Of course the infomercial makes it look like you'll use it on a daily basis. I know I won't use it that much, but I do like what I see that it can do other than drinks.

What do you like and use it for? Or what don't you like?

Thanks so much!

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