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12/2/11 2:23 P

I was on a Sparkteam called "The Knees." I'm sure you could get some answers there. My right knee is messed up, but all I've had is an arthroscopy, and Supartz injections.

Do you know how to find teams, under the community tab? I can't cut and paste links.

11/25/11 6:33 A

I am 60 years old and will be having knee replacements beginning in 12 days. First the right knee and then the left hopefully in January. If you have been through this please pass on any advice, How did Spark help you through this? I know I will spend a few days in the hospital and then plan to go to rehab - I want to recover 100% and learn to do things correctly. Did you go to rehab? Did it help? I don't want to stop using Spark while I am in the hospital and in rehab, assuming both have wireless I feel that this will be possible. Do you think so? As the surgery date gets closer I am anxious to get it over with it and begin a pain free life of walking in the neighborhood. Living in South FL makes this possible almost every day. Once you have knee replacements can you get down on the floor and still do things like core workouts or does the word improvise come to mind from now on? As you can see, I have lots of questions and would really appreciate your input. Thanks.

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