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4/22/13 3:18 A


Trev, Kent Southeast UK

How can you know that you can't unless you have tried and failed.
Join the 10 minute exercising challenge and get exercising.
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4/22/13 2:47 A

My Husband and I are talking/trying about starting a family. In my head i'm like i'm too out of shape to keep up with a little one and im not wanting to have the extra added weight etc etc. Its more then that though. I'v talked to a few Doctors and they all say It would be easier for me to conceive if i lost some weight. Something about my menstrual so forth and so on. We have been trying for 6 months now and is getting pretty frustrating. So good luck to you my friend and if you ever need some one to talk to please let me know.

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1/10/13 4:29 P

SYMPATHYDATE: I was 39 when I conceived my son. I am 41 and am trying again. Good luck to you!!

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1/10/13 3:56 P

my friend is trying to get pregnant only she doesn't seem to care about her weight and everytime I see her she is looking bigger and bigger and it upsets me quite a lot. I don't want to say anything to her in case I upset her but it's not good to see at all, she is at least double the dress size she was when I first met her. I won't be trying for a few years yet but one of the reasons I'm trying to lose weight now is so that I don't struggle with my weight in the future and so I don't need to worry about these things closer to the time. Good luck to everyone trying to conceive emoticon

Sarah, UK
1/10/13 2:01 P

I just started trying this month (had to wait for the end on the Mayan calandar! LOL) started taking prenatal vitamins two months ago. I'm 37 so I'm getting off to a late start but the nurse assured me I am by no means the oldest of my Dr.'s patients. Good Luck to all trying!

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1/10/13 1:36 P

I am trying and there are many teams in Spark as well as sister site

Loads of good info there.

Good luck!

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1/5/13 12:38 P

If you do a SparkTeam search, you'll find a number of teams for those trying to conceive.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/5/13 12:23 P

I started taking Prenatal vitamins back in July.

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1/5/13 11:54 A

I am going to start trying August. I also want to get as fit as possible before I get pregnant. I actually just had my anual on the 4th of Jan and the Dr told me to start taking prenatal vitamins now to get my folic acid.

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1/5/13 11:19 A

I was just wondering if anyone else on SparkPeople was trying to get pregnant. I joined sparkpeople to help me lose some weight and get into better shape before we get pregnant with our first baby. We have also had some problems getting pregnant. I would love to meet some people on here who are possibly going through the same thing. Sometimes its nice to have a friend who isn't pregnant but trying. Maybe help each other through the tough times of trying to get pregnant while eatting right and getting into better shape.

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