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ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,733
3/4/14 2:15 P

There are a lot of good points made here, especially seeing a dietitian, face to face, that is what helped my husband and myself. We kept track of our daily foods on sheets, and she checked them and made some suggestions to switch to healthier versions of foods we liked. She never told us we could NEVER eat this or that again, either. You can't buy motivation though, or read about motivation, it has to come out of your own gut. Because, when you are faced with food choices, no one else stands next to you and picks it out for you. And it takes time, and will always be on your mind, even when you lose the weight, or part of the weight, you will always have to "choose", even when you are old. I hope you can see a dietitian, you don't have to eat "organic" in order to lose weight, either.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
3/4/14 1:37 P

MRJASON - I'm the same age as you. In 2006-2008 I lost 100 lbs. I've kept most of it off (not all -- it is extremely rare for someone to keep ALL lost weight off, in part because there is this drive to lose as much as possible just to see if you can... but at some point most regain some to reach a more realistic place). For me my highest weight was around 250 and my "happy weight" is around 160. I have had to re-lose weight from time to time. It is a lifelong effort really. But it's worth it. I did it by tracking food (digital kitchen scale is essential!) and making exercise part of my life. One day at a time.

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3/3/14 8:41 A

Well once again Anarie has hit the nail on the head....start with tracking everything that goes in your mouth. It cost nothing but time to keep these records. Also food diaries come in very usual for pinpointing emotional eating and help your Dr. find the best course of action!

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ANARIE Posts: 13,185
3/3/14 2:01 A

I'm going to say the opposite of what the previous poster said. It is NOT an all-or-nothing, today I turn my life around type of thing. It's a matter of getting up every morning and saying, "Today I will do one thing better than I did yesterday." Start by logging everything you eat, even if you don't immediately change what you eat. After about a week of tracking, you will see that you eat a lot of things that you don't even care about. Chances are that you can cut 1000 calories a day without even missing them. Once you cut out the junk foods you don't like very much, the weight will start to drop off. That will give you the encouragement to start cutting out things you sort of like, but don't absolutely love. You'll start to feel better, and that will make you want to try eating healthier foods that you've always assumed you wouldn't like (especially new vegetables.)

And it will snowball from there. Just remember that you can lose more than half the weight just by making easy changes. Yes, eventually you will have to do some hard things to lose the last 50 pounds or so, but by then you will have learned enough from hanging out here so that those hard things won't seem quite so hard.

One last thing; remember that you don't actually have to lose it all. What if you "only" lose half of your excess weight? Is that a failure? Considering that you will have cut your risk of stroke and diabetes by about 75%, I would say it's a success. What if you lose 250 pounds but then gain 50 back? Is that a failure? Considering that it means you lost and kept off 200 pounds, I would say you have to call that a success, too. Part of the reason we've all bought into the "diets don't work; everyone regains" myth is that someone who loses 100 pounds and gains back 5 is counted as a "diet failure" instead of a maintainer of a 95-pound loss.

So don't think you have to change your whole life tonight. You just have to change *something* most days. Tomorrow doesn't have to be perfect; it just needs to be a little better than today.

3/3/14 1:56 A

I haven't beat it yet but I'm half way there. I started at 352, 343 since I became an active Sparker. I am down to 247. This is still incredibly big but I have lost 104 pounds. If I can lose 100, I can lose 200, and so can you. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/3/14 1:23 A

I know many, many people in the 100, 200, 300 lb club. It is possible but you have GOT to want it. It needs to be a no turning back, I'm taking control of this train kind of decision. If you make a decision to live clean, then your weight will lose itself. Organic natural food, filtered water (at least a gallon of water per day), and staying active (whatever you enjoy... you must enjoy your activity!) will take you where you want to go. Trust the system, it's proven. Message us if you want support, MRJASON!!!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (565,740)
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2/28/14 11:08 P

Indygirl will certainly be your inspiration!!! Check out her blogs.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (247,264)
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2/28/14 10:01 P

MRJASON80 - yes - Indygirl is the SparkMember's page and blogs that you need to go to. It all starts with that first step ..... Babysteps!

You mention no having the money for counseling. I had a peek at your SparkPage/Blogs.
Below are some link that will be helpful:

I think that your first step is to make an appointment with your Dr and tell him/her what you are wanting to do. Ask for a referral to a Therapist who specializes in eating issues (because often depression/anxiety/trauma etc. manifest in a person eating excessively) and also ask for a referral to a Registered Dietitian. At your weight it is best that you be checked thoroughly and you entire health issues be taken into account and monitored.

Good luck,

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/28/14 9:22 P

"So I am trying to find out how to change the way I think I guess."

What is it that you need to change?

MRJASON80 Posts: 11
2/28/14 8:48 P

Yeah, I wish I had the money for counseling but don't. I have been getting a lot of revelations about myself though (like the one I just blogged about). I know all the reasons I should do this like you said...I know what to do AND I know how to do it. I just have a problem with follow through. I start and stop. I believe it may have to do with some of my upbringing because of things I learned as a kid...again I wrote in my blog about it.

I truly believe it isn't about the need for motivation. We all have the motivation that makes us want this. We may even know how to do it...but I think most of our problems (speaking for myself mainly) is not a lack of will power or laziness or anything else people like to say about overweight people. I believe it is more about our beliefs and the way we have been trained to think.

So I am trying to find out how to change the way I think I guess.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/28/14 8:03 A

That's who it is!!! Thank you, I couldn't remember her name!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/28/14 4:04 A

Indygirl has lost 240 pounds, and has blogged extensively about her journey. Check out her page, it really is inspiring.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/28/14 3:08 A

Hunny, there are people here who have.

There is one specific member here (I can't think of her name) who lost a couple of hundred and blogged about it, too.

There are two Community Leaders in the Panic Button thread who sometimes give that person's link out -

Ask them for the link to that person's blog.

I know Russel in the Diet and Nutrition thread also has lost a lot - but there are others who

The more you spend time here reading the boards, the more you will get to know people and read successes.

Good luck!!!

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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2/28/14 2:46 A

By deciding I didn't want to die before my children because I was too fat too live.

I had some serious health problems and my Dr. asked me if I planned to eat myself to death.

I decided I didn't want to die, that I really wanted to feel better.
It's not easy. The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is admitting that even though we all know WHAT to do, the HOW to do it is unknown.

Get some help. Go see a cognitive behavior therapist. Get help with the psychological issues involved with being overweight. (No, I don't think you are crazy) I was at a lecture earlier this week on obesity and the psychologist discussed best treatments for obesity. One of which was cognitive therapy.

Go see a registered dietician, preferably one associated with a weight loss program. Get a diet based on what foods you like and what your body needs. Read about nutrition, learn how food affects your body.

See your doctor. Make sure your blood sugar, blood pressure etc are okay. That your healthy enough to exercise.

Enlist the help of your family. If they can be supportive by keeping junk out of the house that would be great.

Make small changes. Do not try to cut down to 1500 calories a day and swear you will exercise for an hour a day every day. Be realistic. If you add up the calories that you normally eat every day and decrease that amount by 1000 calories you will lose weight. I was eating 3000 to 5000 calories a day before I got scared. You probably are too. Cut 1000 calories a day for 2 weeks, that's 14000 calories you did not consume.

Add fruits and veggies to every meal. Cut out 1 fast food meal a week. You don't need a special diet just a healthy one.

Turn off the TV and computer and practice mindful eating. Don't eat in the car. Be aware that you are eating.

Keep coming back here for encouragement and support. You can do this, you just don't have to do it alone.

MRJASON80 Posts: 11
2/28/14 12:58 A

Is there anyone here that has beat large amounts of weight? More than that, is there anyone who has fought and failed MANY times and still ended up beating it? I am 33 and isn't that I haven't wanted it bad enough. I just want to know from someone who has been there and beat it how they did did you stick to it?!

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