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10/27/13 4:00 P

Welcome to I sincerely hope you find your Sparkpeople experience to be as wonderful as I do. That said, most of us have no issue with friending big people so put those thoughts aside and save them for the judgemental jerks of the world.

You will find this will be way more than a weight loss journey. This will be your path to a healthier and happier you! Here are My tips to YOU: I suggest you log in everyday. Acquaint yourself with the tools because they are key in helping you form healthy eating and activity habits. I love the articles and they have helped me more than I could ever say.

Have a blast making your page as it is your fingerprint. Change it up & make it your own. Most of us use it as a form of expression and a major source of motivation for ourselves and others.

Definitely use the Nutrition tracker because it is demonstrative in forming healthy eating habits. Be sure to run a report it will give you valuable information to make choices in the future. Don't cheat yourself out of this vital information and the behavior modifying effect it will have on your eating. THE NUTRITION TRACKER REPORT IS VERY POWERFUL STUFF DON'T UNDERESTIMATE IT! Should you ever need support or have any questions, speak up we have more than our share of people who can help you.

Personally, has had a very powerful influence on my eating habits. The improvement is profound primarily because of the articles and nutrition tracker. I really enjoy my Spark friends and teams also.

Enjoy your journey and getting healthier each time you Spark and Congratulations, HiketoHeights

"A reminder to walk comes from one heart to help another." Me
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10/26/13 6:45 P

Welcome to SP!


"The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his/her life will be."
Horace Bushnell
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10/26/13 4:22 P

hello - spark gives more health advice then love - :) maybe the wrong website?

ABRANNEWME2014 Posts: 51,125
10/26/13 3:51 P

emoticon to the Sp family

If You're tired or starting over stop giving up

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"Tenacity is the quality displayed by someone who just won't quit -- who keeps trying until they reach their goal. Anything really worth doing takes persistence, perseverance, and stubborn determination! I AM a Tenacious Jungle Tiger and these are my survival skills!!"
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10/25/13 7:36 P

Hi and welcome. So glad you are here to make a change! Get familiar with everything here, make a sparkpage and join some teams. Teams are good for motivation, support and accountability. I have added a team to get you started but you should use the team search bar and type in things like your interests/hobbies and/or maybe some health problems/risks you may have, good luck on your journey.

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10/24/13 8:34 P

I'm 49.... fat people need loving too. Lets be friends.

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