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BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
2/9/12 8:51 A

It "works" in that it helps a person reduce overall calories (unless they get so hungry from eating nothing but vitamin-fortified chocolate milk all day that they over-eat at dinner). I don't consider it an effective plan, though, because it's really not sustainable.

The shakes are decent as a meal replacement when you honestly have no better option, but they don't taste great. I didn't try them a decade ago, though, so the recipe might have been revamped at some point, although I agree about the metallic taste. The bars are even worse, IMO.

LAURA121212 Posts: 130
2/9/12 1:27 A

A decade ago, I was told by my recruiter that I had to lose weight before shipping off to basic training. So I embarked on a three-week tour of the Slim-Fast diet, you know a shake for breakfast, another shake for lunch, and "a sensible dinner."

That was back in the day when the shakes still came in the tin cans and they were as nasty as all get out. (At least the "chocolate" flavor. It tasted "tinny.") Still, thanks to that horrible, horrible diet and some hardcore running, I lost the weight I needed, 15 lbs, by the end of the 3 weeks. I was constantly hungry, though, hungry as a half-starved wolf. Looking back, I'm amazed I wasn't sprinting for the McDonald's drive-thru every night...

Anyone else try it? Anyone else hate the shake in the cans? That stuff was so gross it could take paint off of walls...Uggh....My dad had a theory that those shakes were pretty much the same stuff they put in the weight gain formula if that was true...

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