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10/2/11 6:26 P

I wash fruits and vegetables more carefully than I used to, and try to buy meats that have been raised without added antibiotics. It's scary to realize how little control we have over the safety of the foods we consume.

10/2/11 6:11 P

In some sense, yes. But for the most part no.

With so many literally dying from the cantelope grown in this very area, you would have to be nuts to not take precautions. From just cutting into a lemon without washing it first. Whatever is on the outside will be knifed thru into the fleshy part you will be ingesting.

just sayin~

wash those veggies, cook those meats, read up on what are the dirtiest of fruits... buyer beware, no?

10/2/11 6:08 P


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10/2/11 2:59 P

We have had E-coli breakouts in denmark and we have problems with siberian slugs that carry it on their bodies.. They crawl all over rotting stuff including road kills, then when they are falling into our water wells, they alsoslim our organic food that is then "directly dangerous" if you don't keep these slugs out of your salad vegetable garden using a ton of road salt making a strong hold around your garden.. ... The authorities check the water wells regularly and if they get reports of a out break are checking local area for the source faster than 911..
Airports are clamping down on people importing vegetables because these slugs just need transport and they infect everything in their path..
Genetically modified foods have been around for years, soya and beef have been played with for years and years, pencillin to avoid our cows suffering from infections in their milk glands, and vacinations to transmitting illness that can make humans very sick, and general problems with pesticides have been around for years. No one complains about their junkfood and how it is kept fresh by wagon loads of crap..

Actually it is a little late to worry about facts that have been common knowledge for over 10 years..

Variation and rotation is one way of avoiding eating too much of anything dangerous for us.. People have hammered the poor Tuna fish for years being filled with heavy metals, research shows this fish is unlucky enough to product heavy metals in it's body naturally.. Again if we listen to eating tinned fish 1 to 2 times a week nothing to worry about..

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10/1/11 9:34 P

I made myself sick worrying about all the reports out there. Now I watch for recalls, get the most toxic in organic, and try not to think about the rest. Stressing about it will kill us faster than worrying about everything we put into our mouths.

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10/1/11 9:29 P

yes I think about it everyday

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10/1/11 8:53 P

Since we eat a lot of cantaloupe I am a little freaked out about the listeria scare. I just hope we did not get one of the ones effected.

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10/1/11 8:50 P

I work with both Iranians and Indians, as well as other countries. We are vastly ahead in terms of public health and food issues of most countries, based on my interactions with these folks and first hand experience traveling in China and Mexico.


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9/29/11 9:27 P

Yes I do. I always buy organic when it comes to the dirty dozen and wash everything and watch the news for recalls and receive emails from even more vigilant food news watchful friend.

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9/29/11 9:16 P


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9/29/11 5:43 P

I do not plan to eat any more cantaloupe this year.....don't care where it comes from. Call me paranoid??? I say I am "careful".

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9/29/11 5:37 P

I think that, overall, our food supply is very safe. Yes, there are occasional outbreaks of things like E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria that occur due to contamination at the farm level and where the food poisoning will occur despite the foods being washed or prepared properly, but this is the exception, not the rule. These sorts of outbreaks have always, always, occurred. We just hear about it more these days and it's sensationalized by the news media and we're overly fearful about it as a result.

The vast majority of cases of food poisoning are a result of improper food storage or preparation within the home or at restaurants. Food poisoning is also way, way more prevalent than most people realize, and it has ALWAYS been prevalent. Most cases are mild and people think they just have a little bit of an upset stomach or aren't bothered to think too much about an occasional bout of mild diarrhea. Or, people think they've got a "24 hour flu" or something, but they've actually got food poisoning.

Genetically modified foods? Well, I do worry that we're losing a diversity of genetic material within our food supply (more and more of our crops are exactly the same, genetically speaking), but I am not at all worried that these foods are going to hurt me in any way.

Overall, I think we're just way too paranoid about some things. Just store and prepare your foods correctly and you will be very unlikely to get food poisoning. Clean (wash hands and surfaces often), don't cross-contaminate, refrigerate promptly/don't leave foods sitting out and cook to proper temperatures.

You are MUCH, MUCH more likely to die in a car accident than you are from food poisoning. You are much, much more likely to get food poisoning from Aunt Sally's egg salad sandwich or from eating out at a restaurant than you are to get it from a cantaloupe that was contaminated at a farm with bacteria that can't be washed off. Yet, people aren't giving up driving (and I'm not going to give it up, either)... People aren't giving up eating out... So, if we don't all run around terrified of driving and cars and eating at restaurants (and of food preparers who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom), why all the fear about the safety of our food supply (and certain other, selected, things that pose each of us, as individuals, minimal, minimal risk of serious harm)?

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9/29/11 5:01 P

I worry more about the genetically engineered food. They make up the rules for those as they go along. I would hate to hear that a generation later they discover that it is causing something very serious in humans. I am just always skeptical of anything "new"

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9/29/11 3:44 P

The reason we need the regulations is because our food system is so broken to begin with. It's a vicious cycle. All this mass production of food using tons of chemicals and trying to fit more animals into less space for cheaper and lends itself to disease and super bugs. The problem is that most people don't want to pay for real food from real sources. I get it, buying local produce from a reputable farm is going to be maybe 50 cents to a dollar more a pound for most fruits and veggies at the grocery store or super Walmart. But that can add up quickly when you're buying 5-10lbs or more of fruits and veggies every week. And boyfriend buys local pig meat on occasion. It's 3-4x as expensive as what's in the grocery store. But you know what? He eats meat 3-4x less now. And seriously, less bacon is a good thing, especially since he says its the best bacon he's ever had.

I try to buy from local diversified farms as much as possible. When I can't do that I buy organic food from local co-ops. If there's something I really want and I can't find it from these sources I wash the crap out of it before using it.

I also think there's a lot of media hype about this stuff. Sure, Listeria is bad news. But more people die of all sorts of other obscure causes every day. You can't let fear paralyze you!

Regarding eggs in London: Most Europeans I've talked to think us Americans are over paranoid when it comes to eggs. Also, a lot of eggs people buy there come straight from the farm without having their protective coating rubbed off. Eggs at the grocery store here have been "washed" which actually makes them more prone to infection.

Regarding food in developing countries: Have you ever noticed that many of their traditional foods are highly spiced? This is because many spices have naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. So they are able to make up for imperfect food storage with smarter ways of preparing food. You never see the locals get sick on the food either, just westerners with overly paranoid anti-germ habits that make them more vulnerable to a minor infection because of a weaker, unpracticed immune system. And people wonder why my friend lets her toddler eat food off the floor.

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9/29/11 3:13 P

MULEDOGGIE, do you have any actual experience with food in India or Iran?

Probably not.

Yet, you've had food poisoning 3 times outside those areas.

And you call that safe?

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9/29/11 3:03 P

You know, when I was a kid, we didn't seem to have problems with food contamination that we do now. My mother would routinely leave frozen ground beef out on the counter to thaw. We didn't get salmonella. My mother used the same cutting board for meat and veggies. We didn't have contamination. Today, I have a board for veggies and a board for meat.

When I was in London (last year) shopping at a local supermarket, I noticed that EGGS were kept out on the selling floor, not the frig !! Wait ! Aren't eggs supposed to be refrigerated ? Not in London.

I've been reading about the cantaloup listeria related deaths and it does make me wonder how our food supply IS getting so contaminated. I could see a small batch of fruit being contaminated pretty easily. BUT the listeria contamination of those cantaloups suggests a wider problem. And that does scare me because it means that all the safety regulations we have in place are being flaunted or down right ignored and that's just criminal.

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9/29/11 2:56 P

I'm 53 and including restaurants, I've had "food poisoning" 3 times that I know of. I would call that safe. Now if you are in India or Iran or ....


MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
9/29/11 2:44 P

I don't worry too much about it - I do stay away from genetically modified garbage but as for e-coli and stuff, well, I pick out the best I can and leave the rest to God

DISLIMPET Posts: 1,041
9/29/11 2:41 P

With all the E-Coli, Listeria, pesticides, and genetically modified foods...does anybody else wonder about what's in what's offered in grocery stores these days?

Is it anything safe anymore?

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