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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
9/16/13 12:39 P

I have a couple friends at work that pay for a gym membership and don't use it (and frequently being up a laundry list of excuses), and I just can't wrap my mind around it. You're paying to have access to something - so access it! Or stop paying for it! Paying for a gym membership helps remind me to go when I don't want to. I want to "get my money's worth".

Seriously, set a deadline for yourself (I feel like 2 weeks is too long and will get away from you - I would do 2 days) and GO. If you don't like it, or even can't drag yourself to go, cancel your membership and stop throwing money away.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
9/16/13 8:51 A

I'm just theorizing here, but it seems to me like you felt you needed to lose some weight and/or get into shape BEFORE you could let yourself go to the gym. No one ever believes this before they actually step through the doors, but there are all types and sizes there and THEY'RE ALL THERE FOR THEIR OWN WORKOUT. You do get the occasional gawker, but most want to get in and get out.

Since you've already spent quite a bit, I'd say pack a gym bag and go TODAY. Ask for an introduction to the equipment, and if they offer a free session with a trainer take it. If you can, go during a less busy time so they'll have time to focus on you. Put your workouts on your calendar and then GO!!!! If they have classes, try them. If you don't like the gym routine after a few months (or whenever your current membership expires), then cancel and spend that money on something else that will help you reach your goals.

CAROLINAGIRL69 SparkPoints: (116,830)
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Posts: 2,723
9/16/13 8:13 A

This is why I haven't gotten a gym membership yet. I know I'll never go!

KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,479
9/15/13 10:36 P

Stop wasting money if you aren't going to use the gym membership. It seems you are making progression on your own. If your work offers an incentive by all means get your tail to the gym but otherwise do what you're doing it seems to work.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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Posts: 4,787
9/15/13 9:22 P

It seems to me as if you don't need a gym membership. You are doing fine on your own. Unless you really want to go because you enjoy that sort of thing ... why not save the money and invest in something that will help you for real (because you will actually use it?)

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,344)
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9/15/13 7:28 P

I hate wasting my money..once I bought an unlimited month long bootcamp pass for $20 and went once and didn't go back because the class was terrible...and never got over the guilt.

If you aren't using the membership, for crying out loud, cancel and find something that works better for you.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,760
9/15/13 5:40 P

you should just start going right away, procrastination may lead you to not go at all

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,194)
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Posts: 27,079
9/15/13 2:20 P

Lizzie, why are you waiting two weeks ? why not start tomorrow ? Don't procrastinate. You may find yourself making another excuse in two weeks. Why not go tomorrow so that you don't have an excuse ? If you like to workout in the mornings, go first thing. If you prefer the evening, go in the evening.

Why pay for a service you don't use ? If you're not going to go to the gym, I'm sure there are other places you could spend that money. Don't waste money like that. If you're not going to go, cancel your membership.

You can workout at home and still get just as good a workout.

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LIZZIE138 SparkPoints: (81,776)
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9/15/13 2:02 P

I am 1 1/2 yrs into having a planet fitness membership and STILL HAVE NEVER GONE! I first signed up cuz of a really low special rate and thought that would get me going. First yr passed and I never darkened their doorstep. Then came another really low rate to continue my membership so I signed up again. Now that I am down 32 lbs and feel more confident in myself I'm planning on going within the next 2 weeks to get started. Hopefully they emoticon me with open arms.

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