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9/27/13 12:54 A

No, there's not a way.

In general, you're very unlikely ever to find a free (or even pay) software program that can give allergen-free menu plans. The main reason is that the programs don't have access to a full ingredient list of the different items, so they could only be programmed to avoid foods with "milk" or "cheese" in the name, not the ones that contain those ingredients. So your "dairy-free" menu might suggest, say, Brand X Tomato Bisque, because computers are too dumb to know that bisque has milk or cream. If someone new to the program had checked the "no dairy" box, they might logically assume that the food they're being recommended doesn't have any milk in it. They could be forgiven for thinking, "Wow, how nice; the site owners found a brand of tomato soup that doesn't have milk so they could put it on their dairy-free list." Also, a food brand that's dairy-free in Ohio (where SparkPeople is based) might have milk or butter added in other parts of the country. There's a definite risk that someone could misunderstand how things are set up and end up having a reaction. For the same reason, you won't find "no nuts" as an option.

It's just safer if your human brain makes the substitutions, because your brain knows what's really dairy free, and what foods are available where you live, and which ones you like. Computers are much faster than people, but they're pretty stupid. When it comes to avoiding foods that make you sick, intelligence is far more important than speed.

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9/26/13 10:42 P

I would love this option as well. I have a dairy allergy, and can only substitute with non-dairy products. Some recipes just don't taste right or have the right texture with direct substitutes.

Is there a way?

6/27/13 1:43 P

For now, you will need to go the substitution route.
You have some great options you are using.

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6/27/13 10:31 A


Currently, I just do not eat dairy at all. I eat lactose free butter, Silk brand almond milk, Lactaid, etc in its place.. as well as Go Veggie vegan cheeses. Substituting is pretty easy, I was just wondering if there was a way to remove them so I wouldn't have to :D Thanks for taking the time to answer!

6/26/13 8:19 P

"No dairy" is not currently an option, but easy for a substitution.
For milk, you can substitute the non-dairy drink you normally use, such as calcium and vitamin D fortified soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, etc

For cheese or yogurt, you could use a soy version.

There is also low lactose milk.

Aged cheese and yogurt are also low in lactose; can you tolerate these versions??

Do you ever use the enzyme when consuming dairy to help with digestion?

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6/26/13 6:49 P

Hello folks :) I am new to spark, just started this week :) I am enjoying it so far and love the ease of entering things, but I have a small issue. I am lactose intolerant and am having problems understanding how to take the lactose suggestions off of my nutrition guide. I know I don't have to eat what they suggest ( and I don't, in this case ) but being able to remove them totally or have them substituted with lactose free options would be great :) I tried putting in lactose intolerance/vegan/vegetarian in my about me, to remove meat suggestions as well as dairy, and it did take out the meats.. just not the milks and cheeses. Any ideas would be so appreciated! Thank you!

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