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9/29/14 3:59 A

I just started on WW today and am doing it on my own. I'm not going to meetings, I didn't sign up online for their e-tools or any of that. a) Because I don't have the money. b) I have (officially) been on WW at least twice in the past and the meetings never did a thing for me, except bore me. c) There are plenty of sites to find what you need to do WW on your own. At least that's what I believe.

Here are some sites that have lists of points

I am using this app to calculate how many points things are

This site has a link to a calculator to tell you how many points you get per day

This site has a food calculator too, plus has some other WW tips.

There are also websites that are full of recipes with their points value listed.

For me, I've tried adding my foods here on Spark People in the tracker and it just takes forever. Even if I locate the same food I'm about to eat entered by someone else, the nutrition info is wrong 99% of the time so no matter what I usually just add it as a new item automatically. Takes forever. I am using a brand new notebook to keep track of my points so that I can take it with me if needed (as opposed to keeping track online).

I'm disabled and cannot stand up long enough to cook a meal. I can barely stand up long enough to fill my water jug with ice and water. So it is a lot easier for me to sit in a chair after coming home from the grocery store with a Sharpie and my points app, calculate the points on an item, write the number on the item, go onto the next item, then put everything away than having to bring everything to my laptop (or bring my laptop into the kitchen) and pre-enter everything I bought (that I have not already bought and entered before) into the tracker, then put everything away. I know people who as they are going through the grocery store, before they put something in their cart (when they absolutely know they are going to buy the item), figure out the points and write it on the item, then when they get home all that's left to do is put it away.

I agree that people should go with what works for them though.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
8/18/14 10:13 A

I don't have a problem with WW low points - but going to WW did illuminate an aspect of dieting that surprised me: your points go down as you lose weight. This is not only shown to you when your points are recalculated as you go along, but it is discussed in meetings. There's just no way of beating it - if you want to eat more, you have to match it with more physical activity and I mean really a lot more! That is also discussed.

As I lost weight and my points plus allowance went down, it felt like a rude awakening. There is the benefit of being able to eat veggies and fruit freely (somewhat) but still...

There were two guys with a weight loss podcast who dieted together (unfortunately, their podcast run ended) and simply counted calories with a balanced diet - and exercised. Their simple diet plan was to figure out the calories you should be ingesting at your target weight with your level of activity and just use that limit right at the beginning. If you would be ingesting 1800 calories a day and maintaining that goal weight you set, you would start at 1800 calories and stay at 1800 calories until you got to your goal weight, at which point you were going to stay at 1800 calories.

All the 'calorie reduction' took place up front. No lowering the calories as your body got smaller (which it makes sense to do, but it's an incremental downsizing of your caloric intake, ouch!)

Their diet worked. It took time (no surprise - WW will tell you that same thing). There were constant updates and also, no surprise, one guy 'fell off the wagon' for a short time but weight comes back on quickly and he had to go just climb back on. It was fun to listen to these guys - because they were guys and they had the same problems everyone has losing weight!

WW taking your points away is painful! But it is necessary, IMO.

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8/17/14 10:46 P

Weight Watchers has gone completely crazy! I shouldn't be surprised because how rational can a weight loss program be that insists you eat 26 points a day even if you are a female over 70 years old and only five feet tall. One of the best leaders has been advised to embrace her stocky short self rather than tell the truth about how little some of us poor souls have to eat to lose weight.

I have been on Weight Watchers over ten years. I have been a lifetime member for a couple of months. I have lost 70 pounds. However, I plateaued for three years and only after I found SparkPeople was I able to get a real analysis of my problem. I can't eat much. Period. Since I joined SparkPeople I have lost another fifteen pounds and I have 20 to go.

Just for the fun of it I went over to the Weight Watcher eTools to start tracking my points as well as my calories here on SparkPeople. You CANT do it! They don't have enough foods for you to calculate. For example, one of my staple foods is Flatout Flatbread Lite at 90 calories for a huge piece of flatout bread. They don't have it listed.

How about a nice 50 calorie tortilla that it took me years to locate? Nope! They never heard of that either. Okay, so you are supposed to be able to set up your own foods and calculate from scratch. Nope. No can do. I tried it a couple of years ago and I had a few foods listed but since the points system turned into the points plus system all of those foods come up zero points and there does not seem to be any way to recalculate them.

Oh, they SAY there is. They recommend that you do it but the truth is that you can't.

I finally figgered it out. Their lies, deceits, and down right cruelty towards the more challenged of their lost (folks who really can't eat much without gaining weight) has cost their their sanity. They have driven themselves insane.

5/20/14 1:06 P

Thanks! This is very helpful! I’ll just try to follow WW recipes and track using SP tracker.

DWILBORN2 Posts: 2
5/19/14 7:46 P

If you get a WW Points Plus Calculator, you can input your stats and it will give you what your daily points should be. Then you would use the calculator to input the info from food labels to find points. You can even use the calculator to deduct points as you go through the day. You'll also want to buy a basic points book. I'd suggest ebay.

I just left WW for financial reasons. I did well on the program at first, and lost 35 pounds. I've kept it off, but am looking to get the weight moving in the downward direction again here on SP. I've still got all my materials, so I might keep an eye on "points" from time to time. But it's really not all that different from tracking calories on here - you still can see your carb/protein/fat breakdown.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
5/19/14 2:54 P

Whichever you choose, if you want to 'get the nutrients you need,' you have to stay right on top of that. WW already weights in protein and fiber to make that a better choice for you, nutritionally. Those are things that people have a hard time getting in their diets (and don't even count fiber - that's a custom nutrient in Spark people, but maybe I'm wrong about that?).

But you can eat low-fiber, low-protein foods and lose weight anyway, whether you're counting with Spark or with WW, because it's calories in and calories out that matter in the end.

You do what you can manage to do without eating calories over a limit. Whichever plan works for you and that you can manage, that's what will bring you success.

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5/19/14 2:42 P

Having done both SP and WW, I can honestly say that using SP is easier to follow (not to mention cheaper.) With WW, I was not getting the nutrients I needed.

Since WW is out of reach monetarily, maybe you could try just tracking cals/nutrients with the SP tracker and see how you like it before jumping through hoops to figure out points?

5/19/14 2:07 P

Or you become rigid with your choices and fall to the same foods just for the ease and get bored.

I find it just as easy to use the tracker here and not worry about points.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
5/19/14 2:02 P

The Weight Watchers points formula is copyrighted, so you'll never find a non-WW website that does the calculations for you. (Or if you do, it will likely get a cease-and-desist order and disappear overnight some night.) The information about how they do it is out there on the internet because people have figured it out, so you can find that info and do your own calculations.

If you can get the points from another source, you can track them here. Go to the tracker and scroll down to "Change Nutrition Goals." Find the button for "Add another nutrient to track." You'll get a drop-down menu with the usual nutrients, then a list of crazy things most people have never heard of. Choose one of those, like beta-sitosterol or serine or something. Add it, and in your mind, re-label it as WW points. Since the information on those nutrients is never on labels and very rarely in any other database, it will pretty much always show zero, so you can edit the nutrition info for all your custom foods.

Another approach is just to create a custom food called "WW point." Then whenever you enter a food, enter the proper number of "servings" of WW point right after it.

I'm going to predict, though, that before long you'll hear yourself say, "Well, if I'm inputting the foods and getting automatic tracking of calories, fiber, and all these other nutrients, then doing the points is just extra work for the same information." WW points are great if you want a simplified summary of what you're eating, but only if their system is doing the simplifying for you. If you have to work it out yourself, it's not simplifying anything.

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5/19/14 1:39 P

Why not just use SP's nutrition tracker? It's free, accurate, and calculates how much to eat based on your BMI and weight loss goals. Kind of pointless to try to do WW when you aren't going to pay for their service, IMO..

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
5/19/14 1:28 P

You can also sit down with your WW points guide and plan your meals for the next 3 days (for example). Then follow your plan, knowing your points are reasonable for your weight loss plan. You can put the foods in spark people at the end of the day and have any reports available to you that spark people tracking offers, and any nutritional information.

One awkward thing about any diet is having to look up things because you're facing a lot of new situations, eating in different restaurants, people's houses, etc. But it's an effort most people make and it's a beneficial exercise. This is true of any diet, unless it's a restrictive diet (no foods from x group) in which the drawback is saying 'no' to foods over and over again.

You'd still want to know how you are doing nutritionally and that knowledge is something you get from tracking.

Take it a few days at a time and see how planning works out for you. My WW leader lost 70 pounds before becoming a group leader. She has every food diary from those days and falls back on menus and information contained in those pages - even though it was in the pre-points plus days.

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5/19/14 1:03 P

The easiest way is to know how many points you get a day and and then use the calculator for ww and determine how many carbs, fat, fiber and protein you should have a day and then just stay within that amount.

For example, the min for spark is 25 points on ww.

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5/19/14 11:10 A

You can add custom goals so one could be to stick within ??-?? points a day?

You can also find recipes on (yeah I don't get the name either), they have a search function for finding recipes based on how many WW points they are. Learning recipes that you already know the point value of could make it easier to keep track.

5/19/14 10:59 A

I am doing WW by myself. I can't (so sadly) afford to join Weight Watchers. I need to keep track of points which is entirely new to me. I am spending so much time looking up each individual food. The worst part is, I can't seem to find a way for SP to track my WW points. Any ideas?

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