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MARYLOU2010 Posts: 16
12/28/09 9:45 P

My grandmother always separated the bananas and washed them (don't peel them, just wash them). Then she would wrap the bananas individually in plastic wrap. She swore that this method kept them from getting too ripe, too fast.

I've tried this, and it seemed to work. But for me, it's just too much preparation work for as fast as we eat bananas.

12/28/09 8:01 P

yes, actually!
1. don't touch/handle them too much. just put them down and let them rest.
2. keep them AWAY from other produce- especially apples. if you have a fruit bowl- bad idea to keep apples/bananas/oranges together. Apples release a gas that makes bananas ripen faster.
3. Also- keep RIPE bananas separate from UN-RIPE/GREEN bananas. The ripened ones cause the green ones to ripen faster, but, the green ones ALSO slow down the ripening process for already ripe bananas. nature's great isn't it??
peel, enjoy, and repeat!! :) (with some peanut butter too!!)

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12/28/09 5:32 P

Mmm... I'm envisioning that banana dipped in chocolate first before it's frozen. Probably not as good for the diet though.

SUSAN20855 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/28/09 4:45 P

yup .. the fridge! (Black akin but never soft!)

LOSINGFTW SparkPoints: (0)
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12/28/09 4:32 P

I store my bananas in the fridge - it was a tip from Eat This, Not That. It definitely has the effects from the text below...the outside may be brown, but inside it stays good for a couple weeks.

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12/28/09 4:13 P

I've frozen whole bananas before, but it's not very convenient to randomly want a banana and have to wait all the time it takes for them to thaw out. The refrigerator method is kind of hit and miss for me, though. Sometimes I'm better off just leaving them on the counter than in the fridge, but it's worth a try.

According to this (
) site:
"Bananas may be stored in the refrigerator. The cold will turn the skin brown but will not damage the fruit inside. This will also slow down ripening. This is the only way you can keep them for any length of time.

Dip bananas in lemon juice right after they are peeled. They will not turn dark and the faint flavor of lemon really adds quite a bit.

Ripen bananas fast at room temperature in a paper bag."

MELANIEC. Posts: 910
12/28/09 4:03 P

You probably could slow down the process in the fridge.

Remember that the more ripe they are (not to the point of being too overripe where the banana breaks down nutrients), but the more ripe the more nutrients.

Also - When my bananas start to get too ripe I unpeel them, and chop them into smaller pieces and freeze. I use the frozen bananas to make smoothies as well as Banana Ice cream (just frozen bananas pureed in a food processor).

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12/28/09 4:00 P

Everyone in my family hates bananas that are totally ripe (brown freckles). We all like them a little green. I buy them as green as possible but they ripen so fast. Does anyone have any secret to keep them greener longer?

And for the record, yes I do use them in banana bread, smoothies, Vitamix ice cream after they are riper but we want to eat them plain. Also, we live in the country, so driving to the store every 2 days for more bananas is not really an option either.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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