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You might find some useful info on how to increase your metabolism.
this online website focuses on that topic
click on the link below

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2/12/13 12:11 P

The only thing that worked for me was completely changing my weight lifting/cardio routine. Nothing changed diet-wise (as I was eating within range on everything, lots of veggies, etc) but something about that change seemed to kick weight loss back into gear.

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2/11/13 8:30 P

Jillian Michael's 30 day shred videos are working for me right now. It's circuit training.


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2/11/13 5:02 P

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Change what you are doing! Whether it is with eating or with exercise, change it.

If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.

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2/11/13 1:50 P

The most important thing is to just keep trying. Most "plateaus" are just giving up too soon.

I know we all want the scale to reward our efforts right away. However, it rarely works that way. I know that Weight Watchers does not consider you to be on a plateau until you've followed the plan for 3 to 4 weeks with no weight loss.

Some things that help: increase protein/decrease carbs for a few days; change what you eat - different fruits, veggies, and lean protein; change up and/or increase cardio exercise; eat at the top of your calorie range for a couple days if you usually eat at the bottom -- or vice versa; use an electronic scale rather than measure your foods (my 1/2 cup of oatmeal weighs 45 grams when the box says it should weigh 40 grams); weigh and track foods diligently; eat fruit, not juice; eat whole grains and give up refined grains; drink lots and lots of water; get adequate calcium from dairy products; use healthy oils/fats like extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, nuts, avocado, seeds; eat the best you know how to eat!!

You can do it!!

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2/11/13 12:54 P

Also be sure to check out our three article series to help you find what might need to be adjusted to begin the scale moving again.

Plateau Busters - Part 1
Eat the Right Nutrients at the Right Times

Plateau Busters - Part 2
Include Adequate Rest in Your Exercise Program

Plateau Busters - Part 3
Add Variety to Your Workouts

Coach Tanya

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2/9/13 10:55 P

To break a plateau I will change my routine by adding some different exercises.

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2/9/13 10:31 P

I take a similar approach. I eat a little above my range for a day or two -- imagining that I telling my body, "I am not starving. So there is no need to hoard energy and store fat."

Then I take a "spa weekend" at home -- in which I eat very light (and low carb) and pamper myself a bit. Throughout it all, I maintain my usual exercise routine or step it up a bit.

It usually helps me get back on track.

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2/9/13 7:32 P

Calorie cycling, most definitely.

MamiSheli53 is my MOM!!!

Abi~Rochester, NY

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2/9/13 7:11 P

That's a very systematic approach that intrigues me. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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2/9/13 8:10 A

I calorie cycle it works for me but try eating more protein especially the carb/protein combo.

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2/9/13 6:17 A

Keep plugging away and change things up

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/9/13 6:07 A

bearing in mind that weight loss rarely happens in a straight line, and to look at the overall trend, still when I want to force weight loss, I double my calorie intake for one day and then sharply reduce it for the next three days. I usually eat 1300 calories/day, so I would eat 2400, then 1000, 1100, 1100, then go back to 1300. I'm not sure why it works for me but it has worked for the past 7 years almost every time I've tried it.

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2/9/13 6:05 A

I have read some tips written by dieticians and trainers about busting plateaus, but I am wondering for those who are on or been on weight loss journies- what tips do you have to bust plateaus?

I have at least 12-15 lbs more to lose, I was consistently losing 1-2 lbs per week since October, and for over 2 weeks now I am not seeing any changes. No weight loss, no inches.

I am eating within range, even at the low end of my 1250-1450 calorie range. I don't eat alot of sugar, watch my carb intake, eat 3 small meals a day and 2 healthy snacks, plenty of fiber and I drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and take my vitamins.

Any other tips you have used that helped you, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

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